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Introduction to health – the movement of life forms

As we all know, life is one of nature’s most fundamental activities of the material – gas together, scattered from, the result of joint movement, life is a form of physical movement. Living human body, is a motion of the human body. In the “Yellow Emperor” in further pointed out that the basic form of […]

The basic method of qigong exercises

Both static and dynamic work, or work, the basic requirements in practice, generally the same, has the following several aspects. 1. Interest rate adjustment, tone the body, aligning Practice of law, first of all is to the interest rate adjustment, tone the body, mind transfer efforts. The so-called self-aligning, is the sense of conscious control […]

Rib pain

Female, 63 years old, the right flank before the middle of the night a sense of unbearable pain, breathing, coughing. Zhuance activities increased, pulling back. Go to the emergency legislation, no abnormal chest to chest pain clinics to be treated for pain tranquilizers, gentamicin and other drug treatment, the next day again and again taking […]

Asthma (bronchial asthma)

Male, 34 years old, patients with asthma caused due early flu disease, attack, breathing difficulties, mouth Taijian, not supine, frequent and heavy autumn and winter episodes, each to be injected with aminophylline. Ephedrine to asthma, but can not cure, scarring moxibustion asked to do this. Zheng Jian are coughing, wheezing, not supine, worse at night, […]

Chest Pain (angina pectoris)

Male, 52 years old, patients with history of hypertension, chest pain six months. Weekly attack once or twice, body fat, phlegmatic.Smoking 20 cigarettes per day, fur greasy, slippery pulse, the diagnosis of coronary heart disease and angina. Differentiation for the phlegm type. Governance to expectorant meridians. Prescription: Ju Que. Xinpei, Feishu. Hong Long. After treatment: […]

Diarrhea (chronic non-specific colitis)

Male, 35 years old, the sick from a few years ago, in spring, stool 2,3 times a day, even the 5.6 times, spring and autumn levels were standing on the edge then it certainly blood in the stool abdominal pain, dark purple color, and with small amount of mucus. Had suspected amoebic dysentery and schistosomiasis. […]

Stroke (cerebral vasospasm)

Female, 68 years old, last ten days often headache, dizziness, limb weakness on the right. Suddenly this is not in the right upper and lower limbs. Patients with burnout. Looking a little pale, thick white fur pulse string. Check; God clear clear language fluency, heart and lung liver and spleen were normal. Blood pressure 170/100 […]