Rib pain

Female, 63 years old, the right flank before the middle of the night a sense of unbearable pain, breathing, coughing. Zhuance activities increased, pulling back. Go to the emergency legislation, no abnormal chest to chest pain clinics to be treated for pain tranquilizers, gentamicin and other drug treatment, the next day again and again taking the Chinese medicine, twenty days to little effect. See: face red, painful expression, irritability, dizziness, tinnitus, Xie 3-7 ribs obvious tenderness. Show less tongue fur, red tongue, pulse tension. Card is liver qi stagnation.Governance in order to transfer gas pain.
Prescriptions; Zhigou, Yanglingquan. Rugen, Tianchi.
After treatment: Zhigou, Yanglingquan two points, strong coarse needle-reducing techniques, milk kan, Tianchi two points, cupping 15 minutes. A reduction, twice recover from illness. 5 minutes Twist 1 lift and thrust, needle retention half-hour
To the point, with its delicate Delicate, round machine living law, to take follow suit fast. Zhigou co-Yang Ling, flank pain, with the rule, the ancient Ming experience, but its same shaoyang, points with the same name by the essence of law. Said: Good to ancient division, the division of their method, what is called too.

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