The basic method of qigong exercises

Both static and dynamic work, or work, the basic requirements in practice, generally the same, has the following several aspects.

1. Interest rate adjustment, tone the body, aligning

Practice of law, first of all is to the interest rate adjustment, tone the body, mind transfer efforts. The so-called self-aligning, is the sense of conscious control activities, the central part of the so-called Qigong. The basic requirement is to achieve the “ascetic” eliminate distractions, to “Sitting Still” state. Difficult to practice qigong meditation is the beginning of a major obstacle, as with the effects of meditation on, they are often eager to find static, anti-raw impatience, the more practice the more annoying and harder into the static. The so-called “Sitting Still”, is to “keep meaning” change “cranky” to “retreat designed to”, then do “without thinking without thinking”, quiet and pleasant, relaxed posture. The so-called “intended to keep” is to focus on certain parts of the body or some kind of an activity, or imagine some useful things to the body. The most common “intended to keep” approach is intended to keep breathing with Italian defense “pubic region.” Pubic region, refers to a half inches below the belly button of “sea air hole.” Intended to keep breathing and intended to keep the pubic region combined, that is called “gas penetration pubic region.” The general pubic region gas penetration is: abdominal breathing, inspiratory diaphragm down, abdominal pressure increases, the lower abdomen outside the drum, as if inhaling air through the lung pubic region; breath, abdominal retraction, as if out of gas from the lower abdomen, pulmonary . This method is Qigong gas penetration pubic region of the main measures to produce good results, it can spleen, heart and kidney but also traffic.

The so-called interest rate adjustment is the conscious control of breathing, the basic requirement is “small, quiet, smooth and long” to gradually achieve silent. Out of rain, if the deposit if the death of the situation. Beginning of training, find their natural, not forced, slowly from the sound to be silent, from short to long, deep. Best practice “gas consistent pubic region,” Law, as “Great Heavenly Circuit,” “small Zhou” and other methods of luck, until after a certain effort to learn.

Luck is breathing through the long, deep breath and close-to leading Italian gas, open up the meridians, which means with the gas line, run Zhou, which in ancient times also called “breath”, “bleed air”, “Qi”, “luck”, etc. . If luck attack the affected area, treat yourself referred to as “qi”; if luck out, send gas to other treatment, called “cloth gas.”

The significance of the first interest rate adjustment is to improve breathing efficiency, although the decline in minute ventilation, tidal volume but increased lung capacity increases, and alveolar gas exhaled carbon dioxide increase and oxygen decrease, indicating the least energy consumption, to get the most oxygen. More due to the slow breathing exercise, changing the rhythm of abdominal cavity pressure on the internal organs gently massage played a role, thus improving the internal organs of blood circulation.

The so-called tone the body is consciously control the body’s posture and movements. Tone the body common branch, stand, sit, down, do it. Five cases with self-aligning and must match the interest rate adjustment. Stressed the general requirements of the body is the incense burner, comfortable and natural, informal manner. Line, to ping is not shaking, on road, air penetration pubic region, anus breath, inhale relax.

Li, the two feet parallel and shoulder width, knees bend, trunk straight, Hanxiong abdomen, arms held forward in a half, when the Wrist flexion, such as holding ball, two eyes staring nose-closed, then the interest rate adjustment, Italy keep the pubic region, the so-called “three-circle-type Zhan Zhuang.”

Sit, there are two kinds of freestyle and cross one’s legs: freestyle, select the appropriate height of the chair. Stool or bed, two-foot to sit, legs shoulder width apart, hands on your lower belly with Yang palm stacked before the head half closed, as the nose, or hands together in prayer, such as Buddha, head half-open eyes, as the tip of finger . Sitting cross-legged, with a single cross-legged, double-cross one’s legs and the natural cross one’s legs. Single-cross one’s legs is placed on one side the other leg above the calf; double-cross one’s legs is the first leg on the left leg above the right, then left leg lift on the right leg above the intersection of two legs, two-foot lap overturned ; natural cross one’s legs into the two legs of natural cross-eight-shaped, two-legged under pressure in the thigh. Upper body posture the same as those freestyle. Power lines should be prepared cushion, his legs numb, the possible resumption of self massage function.

Lying, for sick or insomnia, this feature may be the line before going to bed. Better to the right lateral position, head slightly forward. The following elbow with one hand placed anterior, palms up, the top with one hand on the thighs, palms down, or put pubic region at the palms by belly. Leg position is straight or slightly below the natural bent, knees above 120 ° put the other leg above.

Do, there are two implications: one is the daily labor, depending on the nature of work, fatigue is not easy to take reasonable position, with the meaning keep the pubic region and abdominal breathing, its essence is always intended to keep the pubic region can be practiced everywhere Dan Gong ; the other is to guide lead, tai chi and other various factions in the dynamic power exercises its gestures varied, and scholars to be elected its kind, carefully implemented.

In short, the tone of adjusting the body shape, so that their body posture consistent with practice. Form requirements.

2. Qigong practice essentials

Well-known qigong masters Liu Guizhen that qigong practice to master these essentials.

(1) pine static complementary, in accord with nature. Pine is closely related with the static, the body can promote relaxation meditation, into the room quiet, too, must show the whole body relax, so the two are complementary. The so-called loose, on the one hand muscles relax, the song loose and hard to grasp the state. Horizontal, relax easier to achieve, but in the future pose, but also a few whole body shaking slightly, to the comfortable lying.Station, take the two type of maintenance, muscles must have a certain tension, but also need to maximize relaxation. Another aspect of relaxation is the sense of relaxation, the first along with the muscles relax, so that the whole body a feeling of comfort Songkuai, the other is intended to keep breathing or is intended to keep the pubic region can not be thinking too concentrated, to eliminate the tension relaxation to spiritual awareness. The so-called quiet, is relatively quiet, the silence in the respiratory and out, leisurely experience, stress the importance of the awareness, intended to keep, eliminate distractions, to meditation. In short, the song’s quiet nature is a key practice to master well, with quick access to good effect, master properly, often out of deviation.

(2) training intended to qi, emotional one.

Qigong “Qi”, mainly refers to the genuine qi (vital energy) terms.Chi-training at the beginning, it must be practiced lung (breathing gas) start. Lung exercise, due to the different exercises, using breathing patterns are also different. Even so, no matter what the exercises, most of the requirements of breathing to do: You, uniform, thin, long and slow. Well-established practice of the people, respiratory rate per minute, even up to two or three times, the formation of slow abdominal breathing. Breathing air exercise to be implemented progressively, from fast to slow, gradual practice, can not demand that in a short time to form a complete deep breathing. Beginning of training must be based on ideas induction, reaches a certain level, we can achieve a natural and regular breathing. The so-called training means: one is excluded from distracting thoughts, to meditation; the second is intended to keep the pubic region, so that the whole body more profound changes occurred. Qigong beginners who want to quickly rule out the distractions can be very difficult to practice certain period of time must pass in order to gradually reduce distractions to reach into the static requirements.
Practice the process of how to combine the training means and chi-training? Start breathing exercises, but also intended to keep breathing, breathing as soon as possible to help Enhancing. To be deep. The formation of even breathing, and then pay attention to the abdomen rise and fall with respiration. When the breathing exercise is very skillful, even breathing can not pay attention to the natural gas penetration to reach the pubic region, this time, simply means that you can keep the pubic region. This chi-training intention, the two can be closely integrated to achieve emotional one, so plenty of infuriating, to cure diseases fitness.
(3) emotional balance and mood.

Qigong therapy in the emotional balance that must be stressed, happy, so as to promote health, eradicate disease, and after doing work in each will have a comfort and a feeling of euphoria.

(4) the gradual, not Jiqiu into.

Not anxious for the early practice, requiring a effect with the practice time is gradually emerging out of the process. Practice method, although not very complicated, but mastery of the more skilled, but also by a certain time of practice, can be achieved.Support work within, for example, can first master the postures and deep breathing exercises, deep breathing more skilled at the time, coupled with close-in close-skilled after breathing, coupled with the words silently, and then add tongue touching the palate, in these actions are more skilled, coupled intended to keep the pubic region, so step by step to master, often more smoothly.

(5) training and support phase, closely.

The so-called training phase and support, that is, both practice and reasonable rest. Only practice, pay attention to reasonable rest, victory over the disease would be a barrier, so training, support must be closely linked. Reasonable rest should be included is: pay attention to proper rest, the law of life, optimistic mood, Diet, moderate physical activity. The course content and even practice in the whole life, should note that this is often achieved disease-fighting health guarantee. Each practice should implement the requirements of training and support phase. Such as training or a strong power within the maintenance work, the practicing half an hour later, you can give close-to breathe, to give meaning keep the pubic region, simply relax, supine in bed, resting 10 to 20 minutes.After care can continue to practice, so practice your Yang Yang, the effect is also very good.

(6) a constant power law function when appropriate.

The current exercises around the country are many. Some exercises have been widely used in clinical practice, good results; also some exercises, practice is limited to individuals, not yet fully open, or use one little effect how, it is difficult conclusion.Practitioners should be under the guidance of doctors, according to the disease, physical and daily habits, select 1 ~ 2 power law fit, exercise, this way, easy to master, but also easy to be effective.

(7) sum up experience, to avoid bias.

Is the qigong therapy in patients with major requirements and methods of practice to master their own, continue to exercise.Most of the workout is not easy, can produce serious bias. This situation, the most common cause is anxious, not step by step, breathing force is too large, the blind pursuit of deep, slow, or is intended to keep too much intensity, or the blind pursuit of some sense, resulting in shortness of breath, chest tightness, shortness of breath even the respiratory disorders, headache, dizziness, mental stress and so on.

Deviation, often by the micro to the display, from light to heavy, when began to have performance, relatively easy to correct, a shorter time, if the deviation has been formed, it is more effort to correct. Thus the beginning of practice, we must appreciate the thorough and meticulous, sum up experience, to find enough time to correct, so as to prevent bias.

3. Practice notes

First, select the appropriate practice areas. Quiet is particularly important for beginners. In the outdoor practice, it is best to choose the woods, lawn, garden and other fresh air; in the indoor practice, it should keep the air circulation. Practice should be darker places of light, is conducive to fast into the static. But regardless of indoor and outdoor, are not let the wind blow directly on the body, especially to avoid blowing in the nape section. Second, the work out of trouble before, and I feel happy. In the work that should be stopped 20 minutes before more intense physical and mental activities to ensure that my practice to relax muscles, calm and conducive to adjust the breathing and meditation intended to keep.Loose undress before doing work with in order to facilitate smooth muscle relaxation and breathing. If horizontal, should take off his coat, safety on the bed. Practice but also ruled out before the toilet.

Also note that the frequency and duration of practice. Beginners should practice once a day, exercise 10 to 15 minutes; Skilled practitioners can increase the time of the first practice, each extended to 20 to 30 minutes. Or at home recuperating in a nursing home who can practice 3 to 4 times a day. During the practice, should be the law of life, the diet may be appropriate to increase nutrition, remove the tobacco and alcohol addiction, while the impassioned to avoid interference and maintain emotional stability. After practice, do not rush to stand up, you should wipe face with both hands and gently rubbed his eyes, then slowly rose, activities, events limbs. But to be noted that after the hunger and satiation, are not practice; fever, diarrhea, cold or physical fatigue, the practice should be suspended.

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