Life After Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients after surgery to prevent metastasis and recurrence of residual tumor? The face of long-term radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the patient how to deal with unbearable? In addition to surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy in addition, can with other treatments to increase the patient’s energy? Now, in line with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment, is being more accepted.
In general, cancer mortality rates for two reasons: early diagnosis of low and high rate of recurrence and metastasis. According to statistics, death within one year after surgery 80% of cancer patients died of recurrence and metastasis Therefore, Increase the body’s own immune system, which can effectively remove residual tumor cells in vivo, will help cancer patients live long-term health after cancer.
Today, effective anti-cancer understandable way, while by surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, tumor eradication, while from the immune, endocrine, neurological, metabolic and other point of an integrated intervention force with the body’s own cancer cells or cause cancer cells to clear, or minimize the possibility of carcinogenesis. The best treatment of the cancer is cancer prevention, should be following the surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy after traditional treatment. Efficacy through a comprehensive, effective way to boost anti-tumor immune response, killing tumor cells; reduce bone marrow suppression, elevated white blood cells, reduce chemotherapy induced ulcers, inflammation and other side effects and improve tolerance and effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy; etc., to improve the quality of life in patients after cancer and prolong survival.

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