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Fire Mechanism of Acupuncture Medicine Pain Syndrome

Acupuncture clinic fire significant effect of 209 cases of Bi Syndrome, Ortega to analysis. Syndrome classification Dominated by Feng Xie, pain walk variable, local swelling and heat, that line of paralysis in 47 cases; to the main pathogenic cold, pain has given place, that is, Tong Bi, wet evil based, mainly in the lower limbs, […]

Nerves and meridians

Nerve conduction is the perception of the organization, the meridians is the dominant regulation of human “blood,” the popular path, nerves and meridians are two different concepts. A qualitative difference between the two, but are interrelated. Neural this organ in the body from the animal by different morphology and function in polarized, the body’s nervous […]

Wind dried up (cerebral thrombosis)

Wind dried up (cerebral thrombosis) Male, 43 years old, four days ago, suddenly fell to the ground, conscious, and soon right hemiparesis, aphasia, into an epigastric, diagnosed as cerebral thrombosis, motor aphasia.The use of Chinese and Western medical treatment, the effect is not significant. Zheng Jian right hemiparesis are parts of speech, lack of appetite, […]


Male, 30 years old, patients with no obvious incentive to burst seven years ago, the right side of headache, Qianche the side of the head and forehead, since the service painkillers to ease.Each subsequent value that is at the right side of headache, services Cinnarizine, no such injection Tianma Injection alleviate the symptoms. Headache every […]