Fire Mechanism of Acupuncture Medicine Pain Syndrome

Acupuncture clinic fire significant effect of 209 cases of Bi Syndrome, Ortega to analysis.
Syndrome classification
Dominated by Feng Xie, pain walk variable, local swelling and heat, that line of paralysis in 47 cases; to the main pathogenic cold, pain has given place, that is, Tong Bi, wet evil based, mainly in the lower limbs, painful swollen joints, skin numbness , flexion and extension negative, the case of increased cold and wet, the paralysis in 74 cases, 209 cases of total admissions.
After correct diagnosis and take appropriate action position, doctor index finger to the right hand needle holder thumb, middle finger close to the needle handle, left hand holding alcohol lamp, the lamp flame on the needle till the pale, piercing the selected points quickly and accurately, not be too deep periosteal burns easily. After the needle urgent, pressing with a dry cotton ball for a while. Point Selection: A dialectical-based, combined with the Ashi points. General line of Bi take throttle, wind city, a sea of blood; Tongbi Quchi take, within the customs, Sanyinjiao; the paralysis to take the full three years, Yin Ling Quan. Take days and upper limbs, curved pool, outside off, legs get ischium, ring jump, knee eyes, the full three years, absolutely bone. Treatment: every other day, ten times as one course of treatment. Recovered in 93 cases, 86 cases markedly improved and 26 cases, 4 cases, total effective rate above 98%.
Meridian cold invasion, resistance and can not navigate the blood off, causing pain in limb joints, Ma adverse symptoms such as weight and flexion and extension, was the Arthralgia also. Hot needle acupuncture of the law that the ancients, the modern view is one of warm needle, the treatment mechanism is stimulated by fire and warm acupuncture points to directly stimulate qi, dredge the meridians live blood, to achieve the “General does not hurt” purposes.

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