Nerves and meridians

Nerve conduction is the perception of the organization, the meridians is the dominant regulation of human “blood,” the popular path, nerves and meridians are two different concepts. A qualitative difference between the two, but are interrelated.
Neural this organ in the body from the animal by different morphology and function in polarized, the body’s nervous system is an important component, it can regulate the body’s various systems, its external environment to analyze all the changes integrated, issued adaptive response control and regulate the function of various organs of the body, which is its essential function.
The basic structure of the nervous system, according to Western anatomy by neurons and fibers, the basic functions of the nervous system is the feeling and movement. Either sensory or motor, are both physical and visceral. Somatic nerve or muscle in the body surface, the management body feeling and bone Way muscles. Visceral nerve (autonomic), Division glands in all organs, visceral sensory and motor management. We are an example to illustrate the movement of limbs, nerve, body movement is the result of nerve to pull the body. Limb muscle movement is accomplished by bone Road, muscle contraction to relaxation is dominated by the nerve. Regulation of the nerve under the freedom to make physical activity, when people on the spinal nerve or because of a sprained time, although a complete skin and muscles, but the body can not move, that is, nerve is the dominant body to complete the all kinds of sports, there is no nervous people can not exercise. Then the nerve of this organ is under what conditions regulate the role? We go from the meridian points on the break, the intention is the blood vein, the “Dictionary” interpretation of popular place for the blood. By another path, the upper and lower body through the meridians is the communication within and outside the network is the “network” means, the “spirit to pull the vein degrees chapter,” said Meridian is collectively known as meridians and collaterals, is the pulse further explanation. Blood is driven by gas, gas is the raw material composition of all things, gas is invisible organisms can not do without things. The blood vessels running, only it is inseparable from the gas to run the promotion. “Ling pull the” Will of Meridian, said gas is a kind of power, blood is material, gas is running to promote the blood vessels, so that the function of blood is the meridian.
Since it is the function of blood meridian, it is shown in the circulatory system, blood vessels run in, then it has the vein of the points, the blood cycle, circulation, blood flow weeks of whole body, so that is the meridian cycle.
From the point of acupuncture and anatomical acupuncture points of view, three yin meridians, such as by hand, from the chest hand, the process, the meridians and blood vessels do not kiss, but the capillaries throughout the body, then it is consistent with the capillaries.
Speaking from the meridian, the meridian is the twelve meridians. It is the human body through the upper and lower contact, communication inside and outside, from the chest hand, from the hand coming to an end, from head to foot, from foot to foot, cycle, drawing a circle to infinity.
In summary, the ancients said, the main gas lung, heart for the Lord of the Palace of the home team, the brain is Geming of the House, the House is smart as a nerve that the wind is no doubt the truth. Activities into the lives of all in the adjustment of blood in order to have vitality. They consider that the three blood meridian nerve is indispensable, is relative to the blood out of the question is not whether the multiplication A pair of 6 meridian with God, no blood and nerve meridian out of the question. All in all, I think the nerves of this substance in the blood meridian organs are nourished, through the meridians to play a regulatory role, the three missing – not that they are mutually follow each other according to the bar do not give up a track who talk about the other two who can see through the nerves of the sub-Yi is not a physical organs and meridians. So nervous is the meridian and organs of two different materials, can not be confused.

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