Chronic diarrhea

Male, 49 years old, prime suffering from tuberculosis, through improved governance. Diarrhea in two years ago. When committed when issued, in February to nearly every afternoon, conscious of bowel. Abdominal pain, moved for diarrhea, faecal material without red blood and pus, urine clear, after a hospital diagnosis of “intestinal tuberculosis,” is to vote anti-TB drug treatment, and services of the Four Gods of Chinese medicine balls, the result is not significant, then come to our department treatment. Charles: normal development, poor nutrition, face pale yellow, thin white fur, two feet of the pulse was weak and weak, no significant changes cardiopulmonary, abdominal tenderness without, refused to press, liver and spleen does not touch. Diarrhea is a kidney certificate. The proposed rule Warming spleen and kidney.
Prescription: ① Mingmen, tian.Dadu, Tianshu 2) taixi, daduan, Lingdao. The second group selected time points.
After treatment: According to two feet Shen pulse weak weakness, abdominal pain, bowel, kidney suspected lack of Mingmen Huoshuai, resulting in loss of temperature dependent spleen caused by diarrhea, spleen and kidney treatment to Warming Law, is taken from the Gate of Life Kidney fire Yiyang gas, plus most of spleen, stomach and gastrointestinal raise Tianshu to adjust. Help temper, through the rule of four times the result is not significant, the patient is still as before.
Determined by examination of the kidney shortage of diarrhea, not temperature dependent Pitu, is not close due to diarrhea caused by close. Switch to open stream dry sodium injection point. A time when Japan had GuiYou, the proper kidney shu points Taixi value, with the needle to take 28, with reinforcing method of acupuncture for 15 minutes, still with Gate of Life. Most, Tianshu, stool the next day 2 hours in advance, and then when the attending G-Japanese Yiyou no point can be opened by the liver is a large London meeting, Xin Ding heart on opening point by Ling Tao, Wang points on Ji You can not open, use Most of the spleen through the fire hole, after the the 4th time with acupuncture, rest three days later diagnosis, diarrhea, general stool were around 9 am, forming stool.
4 times before the disease by the general method of selecting points, symptoms did not improve. 4 use time after opening point, you receive good results. So, on time and acupoints of the law, can not be abandoned.

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