Qi Energy

“Qi “, its meaning is too broad, from the ancient philosophical doctrine of Qi is now usually referred to the air, angry, and fatigue, and can be described as ubiquitous in Chinese word. Here I would like to discuss is bio-Qi energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as source of the life, Qigong and martial arts focus on raising Qi energy, and, as I understand the concept of Qi energy between the two should be the same or basically the same.

In order to avoid the meaning of confused with other Qi concept, temporarily referred to as “Qi energy”, is the driving force behind the creation of life is to maintain the most basic element of biological phenomena. Is different from the electric, magnetic, infrared, and radiation instruments can be used as a human have not yet detected bio-energy, the situation is similar to the hundred years ago, the radioactivity of human cognition. Qi energy can only exist in vivo (perhaps also present in the atmosphere of plants in nature, so for many Chinese traditional health practice that under old trees have a stronger sense of practicing qigong), with the disappearance of life forms Qi energy can also disappear, such as trauma and accidents, or with the exhaust Qi energy of life also will be suspended, like the end of the disease and die of just old age.

Qi energy flows in the meridians (or body channels), to reach and supply of energy in the limbs, internal organs, so as to maintain the normal function of organs and systems, such as from the digestion, metabolism, exercise, from reproduction to the nerves, the immune system, have to rely on in the supply of Qi energy and thus be able to play the normal function of various systems.

Meridian is now known to be different from the nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels than the other exists only in the living body, the connection of organs, limbs, blood vessels and neural network systems among the various systems. Nerve signals as nerve conduction and vascular circulation for blood cells, body fluids, and a variety of proteins, meridians as the carrier of Qi energy can be conducted for the exclusive. Meridian, situation may like looking for the understanding of radio waves cannot be in the railway and highway to look through. In the context of skin, muscle, veins and nerve between the carrier and its own path, just the naked eye does not see.

Qi energy and the meridian of the results show depends on a future cooperation zones in chemistry and physics to inventions, the need for new ways of thinking and experimental methods, because it is the living body, have so far different from the existing body specimens in vitro and in experimental methods. If it comes to Qi energy that can be of human cognition, and is able to operate the day, and now those who hope in the future be able to revive the frozen people body, but added that may be revived. Because they theoretically should be the body and cells are not damaged, and only because of the lack of a source of life – Qi energy, as long as they find appropriate ways to enter the Qi energy can on the list. (I wonder if that day is a blessing or a curse, if the world is full of immortality of the body, may leave more space for future generations). That day, nor be divided into Western and Eastern Traditional medicine, only the medical term, because the target is consistent: the treatment regimen (people see a doctor not only for the purpose of medical treatment, many in order to better health). Doctors will use new device to transfer Qi energy, and governance Qi energy, may have to use traditional methods such as acupuncture, qigong and herbal medicine, because this artificial synthetic Qi energy not as good as their original.

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