A 45-year-old herdsman. Twenty years ago were riding in the pasture, because horses were frightened fall to the ground, then confusion about l hour. After a clear sense of dizziness, headache after the occipital levels were stiff out of lips, tongue outside the aphasia, headache, dizziness and other symptoms after treatment, the gradual roll however has a good strong tongue, aphasia, no improvement can only use gestures or write simple statements talk with their families instead of living. Can not extend outside the lips, tongue, red tongue, thick greasy moss, pulse string. Differentiation: air resistance orifices closed, uneasy. Expelling announced, the machine is awakened, regulating mind.
Prescription: Yamen. Lian Quan, Tong Li, Zhao Hai, Jin Jin, Yu Ye bleeding.
After treatment: first needle Yamen, inexpensive spring and left-ri; supplement the right needle retention according to the sea for half an hour later at the Golden Needle Tianjin. Yuye bleeding two points, a sense of ease stiff tongue, can be summarized in the mouth about moving. Pin 3 times, tongue with ease, good pronunciation, voice back to normal.
[By] strong aphasia tongue, the tongue of their disease, the heart opens into the tongue, heart qi can not go up to the strong tongue, diarrhea Yamen. Lian Quan as me thorn law, these two points are thorn in the tongue have a moderating role in local economic gas. Tongli is the heart meridian points “can not say, as collaterals of the disease Hou, diarrhea of the pure heart by the evil heat, turn awakened.” Up with the cross point selection method according to the sea opposite point, according to Yin Hai Jiao Qi issued vein, the main mediastinoscopy throat phlegm, also by foot Shao shu points. Foot Shao Yin knot with the standard spring tongue in inexpensive, it can lead up the yin organs on the economic side benefits. Kim Jin. Yuye bleeding two points, can also be declared through Consciousness, and the dummy gate. Lian Quan both internal and external synergies. It can govern freely tongue Comfortable aphasia.

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