Female, 35 years old. To the left of rage ten years ago that migraine pain, the time when only every exertion or emotional stress at the time attack, attack frequency and drama, day light weight night to head with the left temporal else. Accompanied by dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Thin yellow fur, red tongue, pulse number of the strings. Hot on the wind disturbance syndrome. Xifeng heat treatment to relieve pain.
Prescription: fengchi, Baihui. Taiyang, shuigu, Taichong.
After treatment: the needle hole 1, the daytime had no pain, pain at night after the needle 3 is also only slightly Touzhang sleepiness, needle stop needle 5 times. Year follow-up without recurrence.
This disease is liver and gall of wind-heat, through the interference by the empty, blood and Meridian does not block, Zaichou 2:00 after biliary two nights in season it is very headache.Baihui needle diarrhea, liver and gallbladder Fengchi clear wind-heat, qi stagnation bile thinning, with the rate the Taiyang, there is the role of heat Xifeng pain, diarrhea is the opposite Taichong Pingganxifeng, also cited heat down on the disease under the rule.

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