Hemifacial spasm

54 years old female, left facial muscles in patients with persistent seizures, the left eye, mouth staggering, his left eye as things difficult, ambiguous words have multiple treatment, no noticeable effect. Evidence is reinforced by the disease, “Jinji”, is reinforced from the rule of
Prescription:, Tong Zi liao, Shuigu, Shizhukong
After treatment; surface is full of Tendons gather for Sanyang the Department, so the preferred buccal Tongziliao point, not only local treatment, and follow the three-line network through reinforcement of the adjacent site is also modulated. The tendon disorders for facial disease and syndrome, has a good effect. “Sun is present online, Yangming to-head net.” Access to save the bamboo, respectively, Tong Zi liao, Shuigu. String and wind idle point, can regulate the sun. Yangming meridians, mitigation, eye muscle spasm. Use of acupuncture cents, flat up flat diarrhea, gas was 30 minutes after the needle to stay a day or every other day pin 1 pin 1, 12 times as a course. After three treatments, seizure, has been relatively sparse interval, duration is very short question, visual, speech has no difficulties, and sometimes as ordinary people.

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