Menstrual period stress

During the period before or by the line appears mind exception, or incoherent, full flight or depression is not the language, after return to normal. The disease can be found in women of childbearing age, Chinese medicine treatment has some difficulties, sometimes required with western medicine treatment at the same time. Category of evidence before and after the disease is a Chinese medicine through the line.

[The cause of pathological
Usually caused by excessive minds, or the situation fail to send or outside impassioned stimulate menstruation or post, fine blood issued Chong and Ren, leading to the heart and brain dystrophy, the emotions out of control, and gradually restored by the net after the blood and viscera, heart and brain may support, and emotions gradually to normal. Common syndromes have liver qi stagnation, phlegm Mongolia minded and heart yin deficiency.

Diagnostic points.
(1) the incidence of abnormal emotional menstrual cycle.Emotional stimulation, often outside history.
(2) for the psychiatric examination.
With epilepsy, dirty noise for identification.

The dialectical type].
Rather then a liver qi stagnation has been the situation or mental stimulation paranoid speculation, during menstruation or premenstrual depression, unhappiness, depression or emotional, incoherent, threatening chest tightness, swelling, menstrual disorders and poor downstream. Moss thin, wiry pulse.
2 sputum Mongolia minded by or before the market Chi abnormalities, dizziness, such as wrap, and sometimes frightened, incoherent, affinities did not know, good suspicion, drowsiness, menstruation dark color, quality sticky, body fat, and throat mucus . Moss thin greasy, fat tongue, slippery pulse.
3 Heart yin deficiency by the line sad Yuku, trance, muttering.Sometimes silence of few words, disturbed sleep soundly at night, nightmares, palpitations Ren. Moss is thin, red tongue, thready and weak pulse.

Liver qi stagnation Governing Law: liver qi stagnation, pure heart and soothe the nerves.
Recipe: Xiaoyaosan together Yueju Pill.
Bupleurum 10 grams of Angelica 9 g fried white peony root 15 g fried Atractylodes 9 g 9 g 10 g 10 g Fu Shen 12 grams of calamus 9 grams of turmeric Albizia Polygala Cyperus the 9 Galouzeau Less: depression reticent, Caulis 9 g g, bergamot piece Agastache 9 g; the stagnation of the fire, irritability, or the rampage by, 9 g Jiadan Pi, Health Gardenia 9 g, Qiu Dengxin to three Sapporo, calcined dragon’s teeth, 15 g (Xian Jian ), live magnet 30 g (Xian Jian), 9 g of the joinery to Atractylodes;
The line of poor, Achyranthes 10 grams, 12 grams of motherwort.
Two sputum Mongolia minded Governing Law: dampness Phlegm Orifices.
Recipe: Cang attached Dao Tan Tang.
Herb 10 grams of Cyperus rotundus 10 grams of dried tangerine peel 6 g Poria 15 restraint Pinellia 12 grams 10 grams 12 restraint Southern Star calamus 9 g Zhigancao 3 g ginger 3 purple Salvia Qiu Dengxin Sapporo Health and Long teeth 20 grams (Xian Jian) night Kodo 30 grams 15 grams spiritual magnet (Xian Jian) addition and subtraction: phlegm, yellow, yellow greasy moss, plus the Tianzhu yellow 10 grams, 10 grams, 1 gram (or Hou Tsao San skullcap swallow), Chuan Lian 1.5 g; phlegm color white, greasy fur, who, add Mustard Seed 9 g 12 g, Pinellia system, 9 grams balloonflower; constipation, add rhubarb, 5 g (after), Green Mengshi 12 g.
3 heart yin deficiency Governing Law: Yin nourishing the heart, soothe the nerves refreshing.
Recipe: Ganmai Dazao flavored.
12 grams 10 grams Zhigancao Huai wheat 30 grams jujube 15 purple Salvia the Polygalaceae 9 grams of hatred Poria 9 g the Bozi 9 grams of Rehmannia 12 grams Shichangpu 9 gram Less: trance persons, plus 12 grams of lotus, amber end of 3 g(swallow), or 3 g (swallow) Jiao Tai Wan; shortness of breath less Tianjin, plus Taizishen 15 g, Radix 10 g, 6 g of Schisandra.

[Proprietary Chinese medicine]
Monkey scattered dates 2 or 3 times a day, 0.2 g each, swallow. For the sputum Mongolia minded incidence of.
2 Mengshi roll disease children daily 2 or 3 times, each 5 g swallow. For the incidence of sputum Mongolia minded or continue to serve.
3 ShengmaiYin 2 times a day, each 20 ml. For heart yin deficiency or Qi and Yin deficiency.
Xiaoyao pill (or Yueju pills) 3 times a day, 4.5 g each, to swallow. For liver qi stagnation,

[Simple square
The magnet 30 grams (Xian Jian), lotus seeds and core 3 g, Xianzhuli 10 g water. For trance, through the night.

Lotus core workers .5 grams, 5 grams of wolfberry fruit, 2 grams of licorice decoction of tea. Used for heart palpitations, insomnia, day trance by.

Sunburn turtle version of 12 g (Xian Jian), calcined dragon teeth 20 grams, 30 grams Caulis, 3 g of tortoiseshell, amber at the end of 3 g (swallow) water. For mental disorders more severe cases, irritability, restlessness, or trance, moody.

[Other therapies]
Body acupuncture take ① Xinshu, triple burner Yu, Shenmen (diarrhea France); clock (fill method); ② small business, the door of God, labor Palace, wind House (reducing method), liver Yu, Xinyu (fill method) Hong Leong (reducing method).

Insomnia when Yi Dauth think, even dreams, love to go rather then or impassioned stimulate, can trigger the disease, it should pay attention to the treatment of insomnia certificate.
Usually more than good suspicion, or introverted, unwilling to alienation, once failing to ring true, depression did not understand all sorts of suspicions, Ikuhisa emotions out of control the Erzhi menstrual organs dystrophy, heart and brain dysfunction and disease. It should take part in group activities and outdoor activities, travel, etc., to open your mind, stretch the mood, the disease has a good role of adjuvant therapy.
The disease through the line before and after or during menstruation, and menstruation, diseases of the organs, qi and blood insufficiency or disorders of the month during menstruation, blood and viscera bet Chong and Ren make organs more inadequate blood The imbalance is more obvious, induced by the disease. Menstrual treatment is only treating the symptoms, treatment is the root of the problem through the guidance of the patient by continuing treatment until cured.