Period of facial acne

Every facial acne after before or by the line through the net after the gradual retreat, known as “The line of facial acne.Occurred in adolescent women, women of childbearing age may also have occurred. Of the disease and endocrine disorders, common in the high androgen. Containing the androgen class products such as clothing, drugs or high doses of progesterone drugs can also cause facial acne, but has nothing to do with the menstrual cycle, not included in the by-line facial acne. This disease is a Chinese medicine through the line before and after the card.

[The cause of pathological
The disease and the hot and humid yang of physical and eating greasy sweets habit.
Liver and spleen hot and humid hot and humid yang constitution, or addicted to eat greasy fried, sweets, etc., affect the spleen and stomach function, liver and spleen Yun heat, smoke in the face Erzhi.
Lung, the swelter lung skin and hair, such as the lung through the swelter, hot smoked cheek caused.

Diagnostic points.
According to the facial acne and menstrual cycle, premenstrual or by the line of incidence, the net behind the Ministry of acne on their own retreat.
With contact dermatitis, drug eruption, such as phase identification. Taking hormone drugs caused facial acne identification.

The dialectical type].
A damp heat of liver and spleen by protruding skin in front of the Ministry of acne, sometimes scratch the white small lipid particles overflow, Shigemi, pus and blood, he felt uneasy, the stool is not adjusted, or more or dripping menstrual flow without a net, the color red. sticky. Yellow greasy moss, pulse string and slip.
(2) lung swelter by the front of the Ministry of acne, sore throat, zygomatic red, dry cough. Through the line the amount of red color. Thin yellow tongue coating, red tongue, rapid pulse.

Liver and spleen hot and humid Governing Law: heat and dampness.
Recipe: Sichuan Traditional.
The the gentian 9 grams of raw shanzhiside 9 g capillaris 10 grams of raw MI Ren 10 grams skullcap Keze diarrhea 12 g castor seed millet 10 Kedan Nepeta parameter 10 g 6 g of raw licorice 5 gram reduction: facial acne is more than itching , add red peony root 12 g, 12 g, Scrophulariaceae, Poria 12 grams of soil, Kochia scoparia 12 g; constipation TGA, and rhubarb, 5 g (after), 9 grams of honeysuckle; thick yellow greasy moss by the Kagawa Park, 12 grams, 10 grams of Dendrobium; menstrual dripping net, plus Nepeta charcoal 9 g, 15 g of raw Burnet, 12 g of Eclipta prostrata.
Lung swelter Governing Law: Qingfei spilled hot dampness.
Recipe: Liangge San addition and subtraction.
10 grams skullcap and Gardenia 10 g 10 g Campanulaceae 9 g 5 g Zhigancao forsythia 9 grams of Radix approved leaves of 9 grams (to the hair, including fried) 6 grams, 10 grams of Radix Schisandra Digupi 9 g white cover 10 gram reduction of 9 g red peony: dry cough, sore throat by Gaza parameter 12 grams, 9 grams of Aster; acne more, plus the wind 9 g, 9 g fangchi, Kochia scoparia, 9 g; line the amount by 9 g Jiadan Pi, 15 g of Eclipta; dry mouth, drink, Dendrobium 15 grams, 9 grams short bamboo.

[Proprietary Chinese medicine]
A. Longdanxiegan 2 times a day, 4.5 g each, swallow. For liver and spleen hot and humid.
Mannose disinfection pill daily, 4.5 g each swallow.
For liver and spleen hot and humid.
Six God nine three times a day, every 4 to 6, to swallow. For acne scratch with infected persons.
4 Dabuyin nine 2 times a day, each 4.5 g, swallow. For Deficiency Hyperactivity persons.
Solid by nine daily 2 times, each 5 g, swallow. Used for menstrual flow or dripping without a net.

[Simple square
Heterophylla 12 grams, 10 grams of Ophiopogon, 6 g of Schisandra decoction, one post a day, 2 times service. Used for Qi and Yin deficiency, lung deficiency and hot.

Chrysanthemum 3 grams, honeysuckle 3 g, 3 g of dried tangerine peel, decoction of tea. Applicable to the liver and spleen hot and humid. Night with chrysanthemum Jianshui clean facial skin.

Herb 10 grams, 9 grams of Treats, 3 grams of licorice water.For hot and humid.

. Yiyiren 30 grams right amount of green beans, boiled on behalf of soup. For hot and humid.

[Other therapies]

(1) changes in eating habits, the Jifu fried or greasy food, and eat sweets, diet should be light, easy to digest and absorb.Avoid tobacco, alcohol. Protect the spleen and stomach, to prevent heat Accumulation.
Protect your face clean, clean the face, avoid using irritating soap or lotion.
3 by the line facial acne and sometimes itching, the patient will hand scratching or extrusion white liposomes generally scratch does not leave scars, tearing fierce squeeze may damage the skin’s dermal layer, will leave a scar, so try to avoid scratching, such as scratching cause infection when used honeysuckle painted the site of infection.