Mechanism of Qigong

The reason why there are health longevity qigong role, first, because by practicing qigong, you can clear the body meridians, qi and blood circulation, especially in the vigor of the body strong, so there was no disease can be physical, can cure the sick; secondly, because Qigong exercises using a variety of exercise that can help “fine, gas, god,” the three integration, enhance the body’s vitality, life will naturally extend, delay aging, health and longevity.

1. Complement strength training, strengthening healthy evil

In Qigong theory, by running through the “gas-based” arguments, in the method of exercise, but also emphasizes strength training to complement and reinforce the guiding point of view. So Qigong is achieved through what mechanism the effect of strength training make it? “Su asked Elder naive theory” states: “tranquil and empty, infuriating from it; keep within the spirit has never been patient safety.” This is the strength mechanism for Nourishing Qigong incisive exposition and persuasive. Country medicine to fine, gas, God as the body’s internal, it generally reflects the functional state of the human body, is outside the practice of Qigong, “tendons, bone, skin,” firing “fine, gas, god,” the static and dynamic combination of self- exercise regimen. “Fine” after including congenital kidney essence and the essence of Tianshui Valley two parts, both lungs Heart all through the dirty, compresses the body, to ensure the body’s growth, development, reproduction and other physiological activities implementation. Qigong has a significant effect on the precision and function, as long as the practice well, and perseverance, of congenital and acquired Jing Jing has strengthened the role of enrichment. Male patients with nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, fine cold, thin and fine women with vaginal discharge, uterine bleeding, the less pathological phenomena such as amenorrhea, all belong to the pathological range of precision, these pathological phenomena, can be obtained through the different levels of practice effect, namely that the role of Qigong on the sex fluid evidence. Digestive disorders, nutritional disorders in patients with heart and kidney by Qigong intersection of law, kidney due to constipation, kidney and spleen yang have health movement, have to stomach yin, water economy and kidney nourishing to the stomach organs and reducing corruption are good at is satisfied, spleen shipment degrees, subtle filling pulse, clinical manifestations boosted appetite, food intake increased. Strong digestive gland secretion, synthesis and metabolism to enhance nutritional status improved, and so, this is the essence of Qigong on the role of water valley corroboration. These are the effect of Qigong on the performance of acquired fine. Qigong also has the innate essence of the role of charge and benefits. Congenital essence hidden in the kidney, intended to keep the pubic region Qigong Vital of the law, is to enrich the art of fine water. Innate essence of the cable depends on the day after intensive care, arrived summarized by closed suction exercise, both holding full-mold few desires, then sex fluid nature full and Guse, kidney essence have sex fluid Ru Yang, the increasingly strong interest, Yuan Jing Yi-solid, self-sufficient strength, which is “refined gas train,” the inevitable trend.Obviously, Qigong Yijing solid water, which is to make strength training qigong the mechanism. Sufficient strength exercise benefits, you can better stimulate and promote effective internal organs were normal physiological activities, which is of great significance to maintain health. In addition, the qi can further play the role of God. God, including congenital and acquired knowledge of God the God of both. Element in the innate strength of God biochemical, biological and chemical knowledge of God in the acquired essence. Soul, knowledge of God are derived from the material, but also are counterproductive in the matter. “Q refocus Qi” about: “God may prosper, absences will perish,” God pointed out the importance of life events, this is another strength Nourishing Qigong significance.

2. Regulating yin and yang

Experimental research and clinical observations, also confirmed the regulation of Qigong on the yin and yang balance of effects is widespread. Medicine believes that form, can be converted to function fine, which was derived from the yin yang normal physiological phenomenon, but the body hyperthyroidism, you can shape, fine Hao Shang. Qigong meditation, the weakening of the sympathetic nerve, lower gas metabolism, high reaction state can be corrected, Kang strong features can be adjusted, these are the role of Qigong Yin Fu Yang suppression of specific performance.Yang Qigong is extremely broad under the role of “kidney deficiency” theory of classification, observed deficiency who, after practice the limbs by the Jueleng warming, urine ketone steroids returned to normal levels, plasma ATP. CAMP content increased, and the phagocytic capacity enhancement and other changes are a manifestation of the role of qigong yang. Adjust the dynamic balance of yin and yang, the role of qigong, is through the “weak and inhibit excessive” and achieved double-modulation effects, the role and level of performance at different levels out, this is the qigong healing, health, where the mechanism.

3. Through the meridians, qi and blood

Qigong healing, the role of health care, through the “pass by the active” to achieve clinically observed meridian unreasonable, blood does not transfer the patients, their limbs on both sides of the meridian or difference of measured values ranging from a few poor; practice after Where the weak blood, through practice, can have varying degrees of strengthening. Practice the process, was also observed meridian and the gas sensing loop term, the Governor and other collaterals to run and so on, this is the role of Qigong through the meridians of specific performance.

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