Pregnancy edema

Appear simple edema after 20 weeks of pregnancy are called “sub-swollen, also known as” pregnancy swelling. In late pregnancy, just swelling of the feet, no other symptoms appear, this is the phenomenon common in the late pregnancy without treatment, postpartum disappear naturally. Edema, and gradually spread, compared to the calf, thigh, abdominal wall, vulva, or spread to the whole body sick. Such as generalized edema is not obvious, said hidden edema, weight gain 500 g per week should be paid attention. This section discusses the edema is equivalent to simple edema of pregnancy induced hypertension mild in Western medicine.
Pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome (referred to as PIH) is specific to maternal systemic disease, often occurs after 20 weeks of gestation, the main clinical features of edema, hypertension, proteinuria, severe convulsions, coma, heart liver, kidney and other organ failure, and even cause the mother and child deaths. The PIH divided into mild, moderate and severe. Mild was divided into simple edema and simple high blood pressure, blood pressure> 17.3/12kPa (130/90mmHg), or compared with baseline blood pressure to rise 4/ZkPa (30/15mmHg). Moderate refers to blood pressure beyond the mild range, <21.3/14.6kPa (160/110mmHg), proteinuria "+" (or with) edema and mild symptoms such as dizziness. Severe blood pressure ≥ 21.3/14.6kPa (160/110mmHg), proteinuria + + + + + ". Including two stages of the threatened child pain and child pain. Pre-eclampsia refers to edema, hypertension, proteinuria, there are headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, epigastric discomfort and other symptoms, is a harbinger of child pain, is an important stage to control eclampsia. Eclampsia is not brought under control by pre-eclampsia over the surface development, convulsions, and coma, and fetal death due to hypoxia, respiratory distress, but also can endanger the lives of pregnant women. Chinese literature on the sub-swollen sub-swollen sub-gas, wrinkled feet, brittle foot points are pregnancy accompanied by swelling of a class of disease, but occurred at a time, location and extent and the causes are different. Swelling of the child: head, face Bianshen edema, deficient urination, who is the water vapor for the disease, commonly known as the Colored Glaze. Sub-gas: from knee to foot swelling, urination to clear the elderly, sick the next coke, is the moisture for the sick. Appeared in the three months after the pregnancy. Wrinkled feet: two swollen feet and skin thickness are wetlands. Brittle feet: two swollen feet while thin is water. The above neutron gas, wrinkled feet, brittle feet is limited to below the knee of mild disease, but to prevent the upward development. Swelling of the child was seriously ill, need aggressive treatment to prevent the development of a child pain. [The cause of pathological 1 Spleen ferrite temper weak, or after pregnancy too cold food, internal injuries Spleen, the Spleen can not be shipped wet, wet pan-skin Erzhi swelling. (2) the lack of kidney congenital kidney Vital Huoshuai pregnancy, fetal resistance yang, not gas lines of the water, wet pan-Erzhi swelling of the skin. The stagnation of qi depression qi stagnation, pregnant fetus obstruct the air-lift, stagnation of qi, moisture is not based, stay in the skin Erzhi edema. Diagnostic points. 1 according to gestational lower extremity edema, edema gradually to the abdomen and the head and face, overflows may cause swelling, pregnancy-related lesions. Laboratory inspections sometimes proteinuria. 2 parts of edema and the degree is divided into four. A (+): Foot and calf obvious edema after, the rest can not be dissipated, or a little subsided. Two (+ +): edema spread to the thighs, swelling of the skin such as orange peel-like. Three (+ +): edema spread to the abdomen and vulva, swelling of the skin shiny. Four (+ + + +): edema spread throughout the body, sometimes accompanied by ascites. With nephritis, heart disease or liver disease, malnutrition, edema were identified. The dialectical type]. 1 Spleen pregnant women face limbs edema, according to the depression, pale complexion, limbs not warm, chest tightness, abdominal distension, loose stools, pay less. The thin white fur, pale tongue, pulse moisten fine. Kidney of pregnant women face floating limb swelling, dark complexion dark, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, lower extremity chills, backache abdominal distension. The thin white fur, pale tongue, thin pulse. Qi stagnation pregnant women, limb swelling, tough walk, depression, chest tightness, abdominal distension. Thin white fur, wiry pulse, 【Treatment】 One. Spleen Governing Law: Spleen water. Recipe: Atractylodes Decoction. Atractylodes 9 g Poria 9 g dried tangerine peel, 4.5 g 3 g ginger skin Da Fupi nine grams of Radix Codonopsis 12 Sanger white gram reduction; loose stools thin, add nine grams of lentils clothing; the oliguria poor, Gase diarrhea 10 grams. 2 kidney Governing Law: Wenshen line water. Recipe: Wulingsan addition and subtraction. Guizhi 4.5 grams 10 grams Atractylodes Poria 10 g Polyporus 9 Keze spilled 10 grams of yam and medicine 10 grams Dodder 10 gram reduction: low back pain worse, Cabo Delgado Chung 9 grams, 10 grams Loranthaceae; inverse cold lower limbs, listlessness, 12 grams, plus Codonopsis Morinda officinalis 9 g. Qi stagnation Governing Law: gas swelling. Recipe: angel vine powder addition and subtraction. Angel vine restraint Cyperus 9 g 9 g dried tangerine peel 5 grams of licorice 3 Kewu drug papaya 9 grams of ginger 3 g basil leaves 9 gram Less: spleen, add 12 g of Atractylodes; anorexia bulge nausea, Amomum 3 g (after), turmeric, 9 g, 9 g of product shell; swollen feet worse, Polyporus 10 g. [Proprietary Chinese medicine] Shen Ling Atractylodes nine 2 times a day, 4.5 g each swallow. For the Spleen weakness. Jinkuishenqitang nine 2 times a day, 4.5 g each swallow. For kidney insufficient. 3 Buzhongyiqi pills 2 times a day, each 4.5 g, swallow. For qi deficiency edema. [Simple square Astragalus 30 grams, 30 grams gourd Jianshui cup of tea. Governance spleen deficiency, qi deficiency of the sub-swollen. Two. Melon skin 30 grams, 15 grams of Morus alba, decoction of tea. Governance of various types of edema. 3 30 grams of corn, a decoction of tea. Governance of various types of edema. [Other therapies] Spleen and kidney deficiency take the full three years, Yin Ling Quan Sanyinjiao hole, using fill method. (2) the various types of edema to take the spleen, water and other points. Moxa smoke Moxibustion. [Note] One. Mild edema (+), without medication, as long as the rest, low-salt diet kimono some winter melon soup, light (or sweet) milk can be dissipated edema. Edema in the "+ +" or more, need drug treatment, especially in the early stages of the positive control, to prevent the progression of the disease. Pregnant women to ensure adequate sleep. Pregnancy to eat vegetables, the soup should not be too into. After five months of pregnancy prenatal care on a regular basis. History of PIH family members or multiple births, polyhydramnios, chronic nephritis, hypertension history of chronic diseases, pregnant women, more specifically included in the focus of observed cases. 3 found that the identification of the sub-swollen with chronic nephritis, liver disease, ascites, and other diseases.