Pregnancy dizziness

Pregnancy, late leader of dizziness, or with edema, high blood pressure, known as “sub-halo. Is often sub-pain stage of aura. If the child is tired and sub-halo, suggesting a more serious condition, but has not yet developed to the stage of the child pain.

[The cause of pathological
A yin deficiency liver Wang ferrite hyperactivity, after pregnancy, blood poly child care, more Yin and Blood, liver-yang hyperactivity, disturbance in the orifices Erzhi.
Spleen liver Wang spleen deficiency transportation of stolen Division, wet stop polyethylene; because less Spleen blood, liver failure the Ruyang Erzhi liver yang, issued for the sub-halo.
Liver stagnation and phlegm stagnation usually depression rely on phlegm, air-lift after pregnancy blocked, obstructing phlegm, Qing Yang l, while the sub-halo.

Diagnostic points.
According to the pregnancy, late vertigo syndromes, with high blood pressure or mild, moderate edema diagnosis.
(2) to identify hypertension, sub-tired.

The dialectical type].
Late period of pregnancy. Yin liver Wang dizziness, heart palpitations, hot flashes, high blood pressure. Red or purple, smooth pulse string or strings.
2 Spleen liver Wang trimester dizzy head is as heavy as a vertigo-like surface limb edema, pay less, loose stools, Xiong Xie pain, high blood pressure. Thick and greasy fur, slippery pulse.
3 liver stagnation and phlegm stagnation trimester, dizziness, chest tightness, upset, threaten inflation Pan evil, swollen addicted to lying. Greasy fur, slippery pulse and slow.

A. Liver Yin Wang Governing Law: Yuk Yin and Yang only faint.
Recipe: three Fumai Decoction.
Large white peony root 9 g 12 Yasar plastic (molten red) Sunburn turtle version of 12 g (Xian Jian) 10 g abalone 12 grams of Radix 12 grams of Rehmannia 10 grams of Uncaria (fry) selfheal, 9 gram Less: constipation Canadian hemp seed 9 g, 10 g Bozi; edema, Gase spilled 12 grams, Polyporus 10 g or 10 g Poria.
2 Spleen liver Wang Governing Law: Spleen qianyang, vertigo.
Recipe: Atractylodes Decoction.
Pinellia 6 grams 9 grams of fried Atractylodes 12 Keming Gastrodia 9 g dried tangerine peel Poria 10 g Tribulus terrestris 10 g abalone 12 grams (Xian Jian) Vitex child 9 Keze diarrhea 10 gram Less: abdominal distention, increased abdominal Paper 10 g; stretching severe dizziness, and Health and Long teeth 15 grams (Xian Jian), oysters of 30 g (Xian Jian).
Liver stagnation and phlegm stagnation Governing Law: qi and phlegm only halo.
Recipe: the Banxiabaizhutianma Decoction.
France Pinellia 10 g fried Atractylodes Keming Tianma 10 grams, 5 grams of dried tangerine peel, Poria 10 g 9 g 9 g Viticis turmeric chrysanthemum 6 Waukesha the the subtilis nine grams of bile Star 9 g Zhuru 9 gram reduction: sputum Yu heat, add skullcap 9 g Coptis 3 g; lower abdominal pain, plus 9 grams of Angelica, white peony root 10 g, 5 g Zhigancao.

[Proprietary Chinese medicine]
Qi Ju Di Huang Wan daily 2 times, each 4.5 g, swallow.
For liver Yin Wang.
2 antelope horn powder 2 or 3 times a day, each 0.3 g, swallow. Used for liver-yang headache than those who play.
3 Tianma film 3 times a day, every 5 to 6, swallow. Spleen liver Wang or liver stagnation and phlegm stagnation.
4 Huoxiangzhengqipian 2 times a day, every four to five, to swallow.

【Simple square】
30 g 1. Tomorrow hemp, duck a Gong Zhu. When the dishes to eat. For the mild sub-halo, by blood pressure slightly.

15 g 2. Uncaria Trigonella scoop 30 grams, 10 grams Atractylodes were fried, 2 times service. Used for the sub-halo with edema. If proteinuria Astragalus 15 grams Tong Jian.