Pregnancy Aphonia

Trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women, the sudden appearance of hoarseness, and even then not a sound, called “sub-Yin. The Yiming pregnancy Aphonia “.

[The cause of pathological
Sub-Yin disease, and lung, kidney and are closely related. Due to Shaoyin renal vein, curing and on through the throat, the Department of the tongue, lung sound.
Kidney essence depletion, or gas Piansheng tire, deter Shaoyin renal veins, kidney essence is not on the Order of Nourishing, audio mute, not Young, Suizhi sub-Yin. This card is generally deficiency more common.
1 qi deficiency ferrite Qi and Yin deficiency, Kidney essence within the loss, lung deficiency and qi is weak, complex because of the pregnancy, the carcass older, Yin and Blood child care, Yin Jinyi virtual kidney essence can not deck the stone does not woo.
2 gas solid tire air Piansheng, deter the renal vein, the body fluid can not be on the tongue measured sound dumb, not Young.

Diagnostic points.
. To pregnancy Aphonia-based disease, and occurs mainly in late pregnancy, the general deficiency more common.
(2) of the disease to be exogenous due to the sound Yin who identify exogenous cause the sound of Yin, there must be exogenous table cards, such as fever, chills, headache, sore throat, cough embolism. Child Yin no the exogenous facie evidence of production to be full-term, self-normalization.

The dialectical type].
Qi deficiency and pregnancy hoarseness, dizziness Shenpi, backache limb soft, dry mouth and throat, scanty dark urine, dry stools. See the red moss flower peel or crack vein smooth bands.
Sturdy 2 gas solid body, sound Zhongzhuo low or unable to pronounce the sound of throat phlegm, chest discomfort, and constipation. Thin fur, normal tongue, slippery pulse.

1 qi deficiency Governing Law: Yiqibushen, Nourishing open sound.
Recipe: bamboo Ophiopogon Decoction and Liu Wei Di Huang Decoction.
Bamboo 9 grams of Zhuru winter oats 9 g 9 g North Adenophora raw Rehmannia 9 g dogwood 9 grams, 9 grams yam, Poria Kedan Pi 9 Keze diarrhea 9 grams almonds, nine grams Campanulaceae 6 gram reduction: pulmonary folder pyrophlegm, both cough, sore throat, cough, spit yellow phlegm to Alisma, dogwood, Trichosanthes Ren 12 g, reed rhizome 15 g, like the shell 12 grams.
2 Air real Governing Law: Shun open air sound, phlegm pharynx.
Recipe: thin tire tart gas Decoction.
Almonds, nine grams iris 9 g citrus aurantium 9 g balloonflower 3 grams of raw licorice five the Akzo sub Terrier the nine Kechuan Fritillaria 9 grams Panda Hai 5 g

[Proprietary Chinese medicine]
Liuwei yellow pill daily, every 6 to 9 grams.
Two. Dabuyin nine two times a day, every 6 to 9 grams.

[Simple square
A jade butterfly, rock sugar, put the people to the core of pear and steam service.

Astragalus 30 grams, jujube 5 Jiantang cup of tea.

[Other therapies]

(1) of the disease to deficiency common, mainly lung and kidney Qi and Yin, occurs in late pregnancy, which is characterized by sudden onset, audio hiss is not Young or sound fine hoarse, without exogenous table card. Spirit not to be too nervous, you should pay attention to the meditation resort, less speech. The diet should be light, moisture, avoid hard and hot and sour of the goods in order to avoid disability allowance consumption of liquid.
Of the disease with exogenous aphonia phase identification, such as exogenous due shall banishment of evil spirits to go out in a timely manner. Such as disease-oriented, granting nourishing lung and kidney, Qi and open the tone of the agent, do not have to jump to vote medicine. Term delivery, the self-energy normalization.