Features and Applications of herbal tea

Herbal tea prevent and cure diseases , why can continue for several years without failure it? This unique characteristic about herbal tea . Herbal decoction while maintaining complete absorption subtraction flexible, adapt Chinese dialectical theory of governance characteristics, but also to overcome the large amount of decoction , decoction cumbersome , inconvenient to carry and use , waste herbs and other shortcomings .

The first is to take advantage of herbal tea and play the role of the drug. Mostly herbal remedy , such drugs exert beneficial performance while , tea aroma can , many drugs containing a volatile oil , such as orange peel, roses , etc., to maintain an active ingredient to avoid a long fry and failure. Plus broken tea and solvent contact surface , the active ingredient in the drug tea extract large amount of it , but can be added to drinking water repeatedly until the tasteless , natural concoction can all leach .

Secondly raw herbal tea party , drawing simple , easy to use , easy to accept. There are a lot of herbal material from family life and can be self- collected , from the kinds of self- closing , self , such as tea , ginger , onion, lotus leaf , leaves, rhizome , Chinese rose , corn , and some finished drugs Coffee , tea, such as the Divine Comedy , noon tea, can be bought at the pharmacy . These herbal tea party , or bubbles , or red, you can drink. Slightly understand a little health knowledge , self- control can be used. Such as colds cold , ginger , sage, brown sugar, tea drink , suddenly can fend off the cold sweat . Herbal tea can cure general , they can always drink , do both. For chronic diseases, in particular to facilitate the long-term medication ; For the elderly, pediatric patients , but also to solve the problem of medication . Meanwhile, tea party drug , a small little taste , easy to carry, especially the tea bag , tea blocks , more superior. Decoction for treatment but also to avoid trouble . So easy to spread.

Thirdly, herbal medicine can reduce the mental burden , to avoid damage Stomach . Especially people with chronic diseases , long decoction of Chinese medicine , serving Dayton volume, increased burden on the stomach , prone to nausea , abdominal discomfort. And drinking herbal tea , the role of moderate bradycardia , concoction completely absorbed , destructive Stomach conducive to the maintenance and treatment of chronic diseases . In addition, the herbal tea also according to the disease, with the seasons changing , flexible choice , dialectical theory of governance .

Finally, the use of herbal tea , a small amount of medicinal varieties owned , so saving medicine, medical expenses national drug expenditure section , conducive to the development of health services .

Because of herbal tea over these features, advantages , so apply a very wide range of herbal tea , have a wide range of applications in health and sickness , health and epidemic prevention , treatment of disease and so on.

The first is for the health and sickness , old age care. Slow decline in aging , the ancients had to use tea prescription. ” Han Yee Tong “, the slow decline of aging on the record there is the role of the “Eight Immortals tea .” According to the modern pharmacological research , produce ginseng tea, Radix tea, hawthorn walnut tea, but also children tea, longan tea, complanatus tea, two sub- sickness tea, herbal tea party mostly nourish these strong drugs, liver tonic kidney , blood , yin and yang, coordination , Paul fine repose puzzle effect. In the fight against age-related diseases , tea party also very extensive. Tea Party as treatment for high blood pressure , high cholesterol , coronary heart disease , there are as many as fifty . There cassia tea, tea Bozi treatment of senile constipation, lily root tea will cure senile infirmity , persimmon leaf tea cure senile diabetes, have a great effect.

Second, the application of herbal tea prevent and cure diseases . Tang Chen Cangqi “Herbal Heritage” : ” various drugs for the drug for each disease , the tea as medicine of all diseases .” According to legend , Emperor got sick with a hundred drugs ineffective , tea drinking was actually good . Despite this hyperbole, but also shows that tea has high medicinal value. Modern scientific research has found that tea in the prevention and treatment of a variety of human diseases have a role . In the private sector, our people are accustomed to hot tea hot weather. In terms of disease prevention , herbal effect is very significant, as with purple grass Sencha against measles , the protection rate was 90.3% . Radix tea can prevent influenza , meningitis, encephalitis , etc. , others such as diphtheria , whooping cough, scarlet fever , which have prevented the tea party . In particular the prevention of heat stroke , tea party more . Herbal tea is a good way to treat chronic diseases. Chronic disease characterized by longer duration, the condition is not serious , long to see a doctor , medication injections , economic burden, medication side effects . The herbal Smell less easy to use long-term , lasting ease , without the disadvantages of coke stomach . Therefore, herbal tea , supplemented by therapeutic methods , adhere to long-term drinking , slowly conditioning , good effect .

In addition, the herbal tea can also be used as a simple common therapy, adjuvant treatment of acute disease . Such as influenza, is a cold tea with onions drums , coriander tea ; wind-heat with Sang Ju tea, mint tea. Access to convenient , self- preparation and use. In the treatment of certain acute , with drinking herbal tea , the effect is more ideal. Modern tea with Folium , Radix tea with treatment encephalitis , meningitis, with soil hyssop tea with the treatment of severe diphtheria , yellow tea with extinction , Chen tea treatment of acute bacterial hepatitis , are recognized as an effective tea prescription. Moreover , tea is also widely used in the prevention , surgery, gynecology , child subjects sudden illness .