Sjogren’s syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome is a chronic inflammation involving the whole body of exocrine autoimmune connective tissue disease.Due mainly affects the lacrimal gland, so as to dry eyes and mouth as the main clinical features. The disease has a primary and secondary points, which in addition to dry eye and mouth on the outside, yet also associated with other connective tissue disease, more common in rheumatoid arthritis. Sjogren’s syndrome of any age can the disease, but mostly middle-aged women. Slow progression of the disease, the general prognosis is good, associated with malignant lymphoma, the prognosis is poor.
Sjogren’s syndrome is a traditional Chinese medicine “dry card”, “dry paralysis” and other areas.

[Etiology and pathology]
Sjogren’s syndrome patients because ferrite Yin, complex sense of warm dry hot evil; or eat spicy fragrant dry, dry or too yang service agent; or excessive labor rooms are disability allowance consumption of liquid, caused by deficiency dry even for the dry card.
Pathological changes of the hot dry or warm humid toxin, disability allowance consumption of fluids, the body caused by lack of Yin Ye, organs lost to moisture: liver, then the eye dryness, blurred vision; lung and stomach yin injury, the throat hoarseness,constipation or dry cough. Yin heat measured five upset hot. Hot vaginal injury, stasis purpura network numb the skin test, see, joint pain. Disease course of time extension, vaginal injuries gas consumption, and thus sinister and yang, yin and yang deficiency.

[Diagnostic points
1 dry keratoconjunctivitis, tear reduction, no tears or even outside stimulus response. In dry mouth, decreased saliva. Or have difficulty swallowing solid food, epistaxis, hoarseness embolism, or the Ministry of Non-sagging body thrombocytopenic purpura, joint pain, Raynaud’s phenomenon, and lymphoma.
(2) positive for rheumatoid factor, antinuclear antibodies, antithyroid antibodies, anti-salivary duct cytoplasm antibodies.Positive lip biopsy lesions can be seen.

[Type] dialectical
1 hot yin deficiency symptoms: two dry, oropharyngeal dryness, five upset hot, scanty dark urine, stool dry knot, or with a dry cough without disease. Red tongue, little or no coating, thready pulse.
Syndromes: hot yin deficiency, liver, then the two eyes dry;
Lung and stomach yin oropharyngeal injury measured dry, dry cough no disease, dry stool guitar; deficiency heat, the five upset hot, scanty dark urine; red tongue, little or no coating, thready pulse, are hot yin of the levy.
2 hot blood stasis symptoms: Dry mouth and eyes, the two red red or foreign body sensation, swelling of the cheeks heat pain, skin purpura, or with joint pain. Dark red tongue or ecchymosis, thin yellow light or dry moss, pulse astringent.
Syndromes: hot fluid and, lost in the Ru-run, the mouth dry eye, or eyes of the foreign body sensation; heat into the blood, blood heat in force, the red eyes; blood heat Ecchymosis, swelling of the cheeks heat pain; Xuezao and stasis, excess skin in the skin is purple; Blockage of collaterals measure joint pain; dark red tongue or ecchymosis, thin yellow light or dry moss, pulse astringent, are dry and hot blood stasis of the levy.
3 poisoning caused by the dry symptoms: dry mouth and bitter sticky, gum and more eyes, but a sense of dry, swollen cheeks sore, swollen gums, chest abdominal boredom, poor appetite eat less, bad breath, thirst do not want to drink, urinate short red, loose stools or secret stagnation knot, joint swelling and pain.Red, yellow and greasy fur, slippery pulse.
Syndromes: heat toxin, Cheuk-chun of the dry. Dam u evil eyes in the liver and more gum, but the feeling in the dry; evil in the stomach, swelling of the cheeks sore, swollen gums; evil in the coke, the chest hospital boredom, poor appetite, eat less, bad breath, thirst not want to drink; evil in the next focus is scanty dark urine, stool sugar stagnation or secret knot;
Damp heat evil, stranded joint, the joint swelling and pain; red tongue, yellow greasy a few, are filled with the heat toxin levy.
4 both Qi and Yin deficiency symptoms: tired Shenpi-shaped, less gas lazy words, dry mouth and throat, hoarseness, two eyes dry, blurred vision, dry nose discomfort, dysphoria hot. Red fat, less moss and dry, pulse breakdown or thin.
Syndromes: hot long protracted, sinister gas consumption. Qi, the shape is tired Shenpi, less gas lazy words; fluid and then the mouth in the throat, hoarseness, two eyes dry, blurred vision, dry nose irritation; deficiency heat dam U dysphoria heat; red fat,less moss and dry, pulse breakdown or thin, are both Qi and Yin deficiency of the levy.
5 yin and yang deficiency symptoms: the extension of disease for many years, see the mouth, eyes, nose and dry, pale, joint pain endlessly, dizziness, tinnitus, weak knees, impotence. Red or pale, less pain, the pulse was weak.
Syndrome analysis: disease extended course of time, sinister and yang. Yinkui see the mouth, eyes, nose and dry; yang qi is weak, the blood is not on the wing side of the color white minimalist; blood loss temperature operation, joint pain endlessly measuring the meridian dystrophy; liver and kidney, false positive on the interference, then the dizziness tinnitus; kidney yang is weak, then the waist and knees, impotence impotence;
Red or pale, less pain, the pulse was weak, both yin and yang of the levy.

[Type] treatment
1 yin heat treatment: heat YangYinShengJin moistening.
Recipe: Decoction Yangyinqingfei.
Winter oats 15 habitat Scrophulariaceae 12 g 12 g 12 Kedan Pi 9 Kebei TGP mother 6 g 15 g 3 grams of licorice Dendrobium subtraction with the disease: five upset hot, less sleep urinate red, plus berberine 3 grams, known female 10 grams chinghsin Xiehuo Yin.
2 hot blood stasis rule is: nourishing yin, clearing heat and cooling.
Recipe: Decoction Qing camp.
Buffalo horn 30 g 12 g habitat Scrophulariaceae Winter oats 12 15 15 Kedan Pi Kdan participate red peony 15 grams 12 grams 12 grams forsythia, honeysuckle, bamboo 6 grams 12 grams plus or minus with the disease: astringent and pain are present, Canadian medlar 15 grams, Dendrobium 15 grams, chrysanthemum 6 grams, to nourish liver-fire; pain and swelling of the cheeks, plus 30 grams of dandelion, silkworm 10 grams to enhance detoxification and reducing swelling; joint pain, Gentiana plus 12 grams, mulberry 15 grams, 15 grams network Ishido, in order to pass the pain on the network.
3 poisoning caused by the dry rule is: Thanh Hoa caused by damp, yin and moistening.
Recipe: nectar disinfection Danga.
Agastache capillaris 15 grams 10 grams 15 grams of skullcap 15 grams of honeysuckle forsythia 15 g white Kou-jen 5 g of talc 15 grams (including fry) the parameters through 6 Shamir reed rhizome 12 g 30 g 12 g Dendrobium TCS 15 g subtraction with the disease: dry eyes and pain, plus chrysanthemum 6 grams, 12 grams medlar, to Liver-run target; I suffer bad breath, plus berberine 3 grams, 9 grams Jhuru to Qingwei Jiangni; largeconstipation, plus habitat health, 5 grams, Scrophulariaceae 12 grams, to Yin laxative.
4 both Qi and Yin deficiency rule is: Qi Yin, moistening tonic.
Recipe: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang by liquid decoction.
Habitat 15 grams Scrophulariaceae 12 Winter oats 12 grams 20 grams of astragalus heterophylla 15 grams, 12 grams Atractylodes Angelica 9 grams of dried tangerine peel 6 grams 15 grams medlar Dendrobium Cimicifuga 6 g 15 g 6 g Zhigancao addition and subtraction with the disease: associated with fever , plus silver Bupleurum 10 grams, turtle shell, 10 grams, 10 grams of Artemisia annua to Qingxudong heat.
5 yin and yang rule is: keep Yin Yiyang, moistening tonic.
Recipe: Zuoguiyin addition and subtraction.
Rehmannia 12 grams 15 grams of yam dogwood 9 grams, 12 grams medlar Dodder Millettia 15 g 12 g 30 Kedu Chung Achyranthes 12 Abu glue 9 grams (molten) antler (molten) cinnamon 2 grams (versus service) with the disease in CanadaLess: limbs not warm, plus Angelica 9 grams Asarum 3 grams, to promoting blood circulation; stool dry, add 15 grams of Cistanche, Scrophulariaceae 12 grams, with moist laxative.

[Chinese medicine]
1 Qijudihuang pills every 6 grams, 2 times a day.
(2) oral ShengmaiYin each 10rnl, 2 times a day.

[Simple] side
Habitat, Rehmannia, Asparagus, Ophiopogon, yams, Cistanche each 15 grams, water decoction to the residue, add milk, 250 ml blunt. For Sjogren’s syndrome, dry mouth, dry skin, constipation by.

[Other therapies]
Food therapy: pear juice, juice, water chestnuts, fresh reed rhizome juice, Ouzhi (or sugar cane juice), Radix juice and mix the right amount, on behalf of the frequency of drinking tea. For dry mouth of Sjogren’s syndrome who.
External: gargle with salt water, Ganyou Run lips, chlortetracycline or erythromycin eye ointment at bedtime, or normal saline drops.
Acupuncture: Acupuncture selections Ze, Daling, three, small business, bearing slurry, finished bone, foreign relations, in the example, Yifeng, buccal cars and other points, every 3 to 5 points, reinforcing-reducing, needle for 15 minutes.

1 a higher prevalence of Sjogren’s syndrome, proper treatment and scientific tone photo life, treatment and rehabilitation of this disease is extremely important.
2 usually not appropriate to use warm dry tonic, not eat spicy food, alcohol and tobacco.
3 to avoid the vicious long-term emotional and workers want to over stimulate.