Hemorrhagic stroke

Hemorrhagic stroke is the primary or spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage.
The vast majority is due to hypertension, atherosclerosis, small artery disease associated with the brain – degeneration, necrosis and the formation of micro-aneurysms, a sudden increase in blood pressure, the micro-aneurysm rupture and bleeding, bleeding in the brain parenchyma after the formation of occupying an acute injury. Clinical manifestations were headache, vomiting and other symptoms of increased intracranial pressure and paralysis, language and consciousness and other signs of nervous system pathology. Pathological changes can be classified according to their cerebral hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage categories. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs in about 80% of patients with cerebral hemisphere, while the remaining 20% occur in the brain stem and cerebellum. Have common causes of this disease are emotional, climate change, increased intra-abdominal pressure (such as hard bowel movement), etc.Poor prognosis of this disease, the mortality rate is high, leaving survivors of serious side effects. Hemorrhagic stroke is a Chinese “stroke”, “Pianku”, “stasis” and other areas.

[Etiology and pathology]
There are internal and external causes of the disease divided: organs dysfunction, blood deficiency, the formation of wind, fire, phlegm, blood stasis and other pathological product, is the disease of the internal; five emotions too extreme, improper diet, excessive labor injuries, sudden weather change, and so is the result of the disease outside. Both inside and outside because of consistency, against the chaos caused by blood, the blood does not Xunchang Road, overflow in the brain and disease.
Pathological changes of the old and feeble, blood deficiency, yin and yang, blood disorders, combined with melancholy anger, improper diet, cold temperature imbalance and overwork, etc., can cause liver and kidney, liver-yang hyperactivity violence, yang style move blood against the chaos of the pathological state. The wind or against the chaos of red blood on the brain, and overflow in the veins, brain damage, and the emergence of strong language Jian tongue, hemiplegia, or mind darkened and so on.Movements against the blood disorder is a major hemorrhagic stroke pathogenesis, pathogenesis points to blood pyrophlegm wind on the Bay, contact Poxue overflow, blocking soul.

[Diagnostic points
1 Most of the incidence in the 50 years of age, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other medical history.
(2) often when the incidence of emotional or physical; often have headaches, vomiting, paralysis and other symptoms.
3 rapid progression, a short time confusion into a coma.
4 uniformly bloody cerebrospinal fluid, the pressure increased.
5 CT or MRI examination showed a bleeding lesion.
6 patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage may have psychiatric symptoms, the main signs of meningeal irritation is (such as deep coma, but not obvious), fundus examination may have optic nerve edema, retinal hemorrhage.

[Type] dialectical
1 acute phase (1) closed closed card Yang: liver-yang Zhang storm, wind Sunrise.
Symptoms: sudden faint servant, unconscious, trismus, Koujin not open, two-hand solid, strong body spasm, hemiplegia, urine off, hot naked face, throat phlegm, restless. Red tongue, yellow greasy, slippery pulse string or loud.
Syndromes: liver-yang Zhang storm, wind Sunrise, blood Shangni, Tanhuo folder Mongolia orifices, it suddenly faint servant, unconscious; wind, fire, phlegm off the meridian, so to meet naked hot, mouth silent does not open, throat disease-ming, irritability, two-hand solid, strong body spasm, they smell, etc.; red tongue, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse string or loud, are the signs of phlegm canopy.
Yin closed: phlegm stasis, Mongolian closed orifices.
Symptoms: sudden faint servant, unconscious, trismus, two hand solid, strong body spasm, dark lips and white face, lying still do not bother, limbs not warm, phlegm dampness. Tongue dark, greasy fur, slippery pulse slow.
Syndrome analysis: sputum Piansheng temperature, wind phlegm on the Mongolian orifices folder, inside the closed meridian, so see the servant suddenly faint, unconscious, trismus, two hand solid, physically strong spasm embolism; phlegm is negative Therefore, do not bother lying still; phlegm block yang, not very inviting, it is not warm extremities, face white lips dark, fragrant dark; greasy fur, slippery pulse slow and so the signs are filled with phlegm.
(2) de-cards: RMB real fall, Yang and gas off.
Symptoms: sudden faint servant, unconscious, or permit to close off the card. Card, see unconscious, pale, head hekou open, snoring rate slightly, sprinkle cold hands, sweating more than, urine from the left, limbs flaccid paralysis. Tongue atrophy, weak pulse, or pulse micro-stricken.
Syndromes: floating in the sun, shade dried on, the yin and yang from the decision of the trend, righteousness collapse, mind deteriorate, as yin and yang virtual pole due; or secondary to closed Permit for Wind & Fire on measured Teng, Lian Zhen Yin burning phlegm, battered walls off; so see the servant suddenly faint, unconscious, unconscious, head hekou open, snoring, hands spread, tongue atrophy, incontinence and other internal organs must defeat the risk disease; low breathing, sweating more than the limbs Jueleng, weak pulse, while the micro-and so is the sex fluid-stricken, storm off the yang sign.
(2) recovery (1) blood stasis symptoms: hemiplegia, Kouyanwaixie, language disadvantage, Shenpi fatigue, dark minimalist. Dark tongue or ecchymosis, thin white fur, weak pulse astringent.
Syndromes: gas for the commander of blood, blood for gas mother, Qi can not be taken blood, blood overflow pulse from the blood was bleeding through; illness void of righteousness, Qi is the blood line of weakness and stasis, blood stasis is meridians barrier, context Bizu and Stagnation orifices, so see hemiplegia, language disadvantage, Kouyanwaixie; Qi can not run, promote weakness, blood is not on the wing, it is looking bleak minimalist;
Dark tongue or ecchymosis, thin white fur, weak pulse astringent are the signs of deficiency and blood stasis.
(2) liver and kidney deficiency symptoms: limb Pianku not, insensitive, Kouyanwaixie, sound dark tongue, throat phlegm, or soul dementia, headache and dizziness. Red tongue, little pain, pulse string.
Syndromes: liver and kidney yin deficiency, and blood Hao Shang, missing the Ru Yang meridians, so physical Pianku, insensitive, Kouyanwaixie; essence can not be on the wing throat, the sound dark aphasia; wet sputum resistance, so see the throatin sputum, soul dementia; hyperactivity are headache and dizziness; red tongue, little hard, wiry pulse are signs of liver and kidney yin deficiency.

[Type] treatment
1 acute phase (1) closed closed card Yang: liver-yang Zhang storm, wind yang.
Therapeutic: Liver Xifeng, Xin Liang resuscitation.
Recipe: first fed (or nasogastric) Angongniuhuang treasure Dan or the Bureau to Xinliang resuscitation; Following Liver with antelope horn Xifeng Decoction, Yu Yin and Yang.
Antelope horn powder 0.6 g (blunt) turtle habitat 15 Kedan Pi version 20 g 15 g 15 g mint 6 grams peony Chan Yi 3 g chrysanthemum 9 Waukesha hay 15 grams abalone 30 grams of rhubarb 9 g (later) subtraction with the disease: seizures, plus Scorpion 3 grams, centipede 2, silkworm 12 grams, the Xifeng antispasmodic; phlegm, yellow Tianzhu plus 12 grams of bile Southern Star 12 grams, the Thanh Hoa phlegm-heat; phlegm while sleeping, plus turmeric 9 grams, Shichangpu 12 grams, in order to enhance the power of Phlegm thoroughly awakened.
Yin closed: phlegm stasis, Mongolian closed orifices.
Therapeutic: Phlegm Xifeng, Xin Wen resuscitation.
Recipe: urgently Su Pill fed warm water of the open (or nasogastric) to warm open through awakened; following the use of Ditan decoction.
Pinellia 9 g dried tangerine peel 9 g Poria 12 grams Jhuru 9 g bile Southern Star Iris 15 g 12 g 12 g citrus aurantium 9 g Tian Ma Gou Teng 15 g red peony 12 grams leech 6 grams subtraction with the disease: cool white plastic surface, Yangprominent symptoms, could add 15 grams of astragalus, 9 grams Chuanxiong to Qi and blood circulation.
(2) off the card: No real fall, Yang and gas off.
Therapeutic: Qi Hui Yang, Yin solid save off.
Recipe: Shen Fu Tang Shengmaisan addition and subtraction.
10 grams of ginseng aconite 10 grams (fry) Ophiopogon Schisandra 10 grams 15 grams plus or minus with the disease: such as sweat more than those who can add 30 grams of astragalus, keel 30 grams of oysters, 30 grams, dogwood 12 grams, with sweating solid off.
(2) recovery (1) Qi and Blood rule: Qi and blood circulation, circulation meridians.
Recipe: BYHWD subtraction.
Astragalus 60 grams Angelica 12 grams Chuanxiong 9 g walnuts 12 g safflower 9 g red peony 12 grams to 12 grams dragon turtle Scorpion 3 g to 9 Ke Chuan Achyranthes 12 Sanger worm sticks 12 grams subtraction with the disease: urinary incontinence, Ghassan prostitute octopus 12 grams, 15 grams treating diabetes, Schisandra 9 grams to kidney astringent; leg limp powerless, Ghassan parasitic 12 grams, the kidney strong tendons; upper neglected, plus Guizhi 9 grams, to collaterals; and see language disadvantaged, add turmeric 9 grams, Shichangpu 12 grams, 6 grams Polygala to benefit awakened expectorant; constipation, plus hemp seed 30 grams, 15 grams of Cistanche to relax laxative.
(2) liver and kidney deficiency rule is: nourishing liver and kidney, Ru Yang meridians.
Recipe: Dihuangyinzi addition and subtraction.
Habitat 20 g dogwood 9 Keba overturned Dendrobium 15 g 12 g 12 g of Schisandra 9 Cistanche Winter oats 12 g 12 g Shichangpu Polygala 6 g red peony 12 grams Angelica 9 grams 6 grams of licorice subtraction with the disease: hyperactivitypersons, plus abalone 30 grams, 30 grams mother of pearl, to calming liver yang; tendons Spasm, plus white peony root 12 grams, 15 grams of papaya to priorities meridians; constipation, plus Bozi 12 g , Yuli 15 grams, with laxative.

[Chinese medicine]
1 each time I Angongniuhuang pill twice a day. Closing stroke of the sun for those who, Xin Liang resuscitation.
2 Su Pill each time a pill once a day. For stroke Yin closed by, Xin Wen resuscitation.
3 large active pills each time a pill 2 or 3 times a day. For stroke sequelae.
4 Huoxuetongmai every 2 to 4 capsules 3 times a day. For stroke sequelae.

[Simple] side
1 Gastrodia 9 g, Pinellia 12 grams, Shichangpu 6 grams, 12 grams Loranthaceae, dragon teeth 30 grams, Shuijianbi.Treatment of stroke, unconscious.

2. Codonopsis 12 g, leech 10 g, Dan 10 grams of powder, made into capsules, each capsule containing crude drug 3 grams per 3 capsules 3 times a day. For hemorrhagic stroke recovery.

3 leech 10 g, Shichangpu 10 grams, rhubarb 6 g, powder, made into capsules, each and 2 grams per 3 capsules 3 times a day. For hemorrhagic stroke, acute and convalescent.

[Other therapies]
(1) the acute phase: closed card acupoints: people, springs, Baihui, Ojo, Hegu, the customs acupuncture, 10 Xuan bleeding.Phlegm plus Hong Leong, days of the conflict points. Off card acupoints: God Que, Guan Yuan, air sea, with moxibustion.
(2) recovery: upper limb acupoints: shoulder grate, Qu pool, foreign relations, hand three years; lower limb acupoints: jump rings, the Committee, the wind market, Yang Ling Quan, Zusanli, Kunlun. Language does not america dumb door, Kim Jin, Yu Ye prick hole bleeding; Kouyanwaixie plus buccal car, warehouse, Shimonoseki points.
Pillow therapy: the amount of gypsum, broken into the Hang-core, so that patients with pillow for cerebral hemorrhage.
Sticking Law: Trends Wind paste: Red Sea clams piece big ChuanWu peeled 60 grams, 60 grams Zhi Shan Jia, Lycopodium clavatum 30 grams, the drugs were for the end of each feeding 15 g, transferred into a thick, stir onion juice pie, about half an inch, attached soles of the feet or palms limb, tie set, shelter, every 3, 1, 5 times for a course of treatment. Physical activities detrimental treatment of stroke.
Food therapy: celery mixed with kelp: celery, 250 grams, 100 grams of water, fat seaweed, shredded, hot water, add sesame oil, salt and other seasonings. Functional heat Pinggan, Ruanjian phlegm.

1 sign of stroke, such as frequent headaches, dizziness, limb numbness, meat removed and the temporary nature of language disadvantage embolism, Qieyi attention to the need to strengthen prevention and control.
(2) When a stroke, should be kept absolutely quiet, as far as possible to reduce unnecessary move to prevent further bleeding.
3 with low salt, low fat, low cholesterol diet is appropriate, appropriate to eat more vegetables, fruits and soy products; refrain from smoking.