Refers vertigo dizziness vertigo, light turn a blind eye basis, in serious cases such as car shipping, can not stand, with nausea, vomiting, fainting and other symptoms even then. The disease can occur in a variety of medical diseases, common in high blood pressure, anemia, Meniere’s syndrome (Meniere’s disease) and other disease.

Etiology and pathology
Cause of vertigo is divided into virtual and the virtual real categories. The virtual often by the yin and blood deficiency, lack of marrow Erzhi dizziness; the virtual standard, mostly liver and deficiency, anger on the interference, or the spleen and stomach, phlegm in the resistance Erzhi vertigo.
Pathological changes of the liver yang to yin deficiency, liver wind stirring, the clear interference, made for the Vertigo; Qi is the development of clear yang, deficiency of blood loss by raising the brain, can all had vertigo; kidney essence depletion can not bemarrow, marrow deficiencies, up and down all virtual, the occurrence of dizziness; or eat Feigan, hunger and eat Laojuan, injured in the stomach, loss of health transport Division, which is not of the subtle Mizutani, together wet into the illness, phlegm in the resistance, is clear Yang does not rise, not fall cloud overcast, causing dizziness.

Diagnostic points
1. Have high blood pressure, anemia and other medical history.
2. Dizziness flower head, light eyes closed basis, in serious cases such as car shipping, can not stand, can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and even then fainted.
3. Examination may have high blood pressure or anemia appearance, but also no positive signs.
4. Blood test may have reduced the number of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

1. Hyperactivity symptoms: vertigo, tinnitus, headache and swelling, each of the troubles, or angry because of the dizziness, headache intensified, faces flushing, irritability, sleep soundly little more than a dream, bitter mouth. See red moss yellow, pulse string.
Syndrome analysis: hyperactivity, on the take clear, so dizziness and headache;
Workers is injured kidney, liver injury is anger, can make the liver yang flourished, so dizziness, headache, and even added; Yangsheng the facial flushing; liver wang is irritability; anger disturbed mind, it is little more than a dream sleep soundly; mouthbitter, red tongue yellow, pulse string, all the signs are hyperactivity.
2. Qi and blood deficiency symptoms: dizziness moving the worsening fatigue that is made, looking? S white, lips and a non-Chinese, hair color does not taek, palpitations less sleep soundly, Shenpi lazy words, eating less.
Pale tongue, weak pulse.
Syndrome analysis: Qing Yang Qi is not Fair, blood loss by raising the brain, so the case of Lao Jia dizziness and weight; Heart blood, the Chinese in the face of white blood Virtual Vision is looking, lips are not a Chinese; blood does not Yang Xin, restlessness, heart palpitations so little sleep soundly; Qi is Shenpi lazy words, eating less; pale tongue, weak pulse are signs of blood deficiency.
3. Kidney essence deficiency symptoms: dizziness and dejected spirits, less sleep soundly and dreaminess, forgetfulness, weak waist, spermatogenesis, tinnitus. Those who indulge in Yin, five upset hot, red tongue, pulse string breakdown; who indulge in yang, limbs not warm, cold mood of cold, pale tongue, thin weak pulse.
Syndrome analysis: the essence is not enough on the charge in the brain, so the dizziness, mental dejected; kidney, heart and kidney do not pay, so little sleep soundly and more dreams, forgetfulness; back to the House of kidney, kidney is Yaoxisuanruan; kidney opens in the ear, it is always ringing in the ears kidney; fine off is not solid, then see the emission; partial deficiency is raw heat, so the five upset hot, red tongue, pulse string breakdown; partial Yang and the raw cold outside, it is not warm extremities , cold mood of cold, pale tongue, thin weak pulse.
4. Phlegm obstructing symptoms: dizziness, vertigo and see, such as Mongolia, chest tightness, nausea, eat less and more soundly. Greasy fur, slippery pulse moisten.
Syndrome analysis: phlegm blinded Qing Yang Qing Yang does not rise, then the vertigo head as heavy as Mongolia; phlegm in the resistance, overcast cloud did not fall, air-negative, so the chest tightness, nausea; Spleen weak, then Eat more sleep soundly; moss greasy, slippery pulse How are the intrinsic result of phlegm.

1. Hyperactivity Therapeutic: Liver and yang, nourish liver and kidney.
Recipe: TGD addition and subtraction.
Gastrodia Uncaria 15 g 12 g 30 Kechuan Health abalone 12 Sanger parasitic Achyranthes 12 g 12 Kedu Chung Shan masts Huangyangshan 12 g 9 g 9 g Chrysanthemum addition and subtraction with the disease: excessive anger, plus gentian 9 g , moutan 12 grams, in order to enhance the power of Liver Xiere; constipation, increased yellow 9 g (later), berberine 3 grams, to heat Tongfu; dizziness rapid, the pan vomiting, numbness, and even then the tremor, Ti tendon meat visions, there are positive and powerful action of the wind, the keel can add 30 grams, male Dayton 30 grams, 30 grams mother of pearl to Zhenganxifeng, necessary, to add antelope horn, to enhance the heat Pinggan Xifeng of force.
2. Qi and blood deficiency Therapeutic principle: Replenishing qi and blood, spleen and stomach health transport.
Recipe: Spleen Decoction.
Codonopsis Astragalus 15 grams 12 grams 12 grams Atractylodes be God Angelica 12 grams 12 grams 10 grams Suanzaoren longan wood 9 g 9 g 6 g Polygala jujube 7 licorice 6 grams plus or minus with the disease: cold limbs, belly pain, Guizhi 9 grams, ginger 6 grams, to warming yang; deficiency worse, can be added Rehmannia 12 g, 9 g gelatin (molten red), Placenta powder 9 g (another blunt), both seedlings with reference to qi and blood; as little white face with God, then clear fall, to an additional 9 g Cimicifuga, Bupleurum 9 grams, 9 grams of dried tangerine peel to Shengqingjiangzhuo.
3. Kidney essence loss rule is: partial deficiency who rule in the kidney yin; partial Yang who rule in the kidney yang.
Recipe: Kidney Yin Pill should be the main parties, there should be normalized kidney yang nine main square.
Pill: Rehmannia Cornus 12 grams 9 grams 12 grams yam medicine Dodder 12 Kechuan bidentata 12 grams 9 grams of antler glue turtle version 9 grams 12 grams medlar.
Gui Nine: Rehmannia 12 grams 9 Ke Du Zhong Cornus Cuscuta 12 g cinnamon 12 g 3 g tuber 9 g (Xian Jian) Lujiaojiao Angelica 12 grams 9 grams 12 grams medlar drug yam 12 grams.
Addition and subtraction with the disease: Yin heat worse, see the five upset hot, red tongue, pulse string breakdown, you can add Zuoguiwan Sunburn turtle shell on the basis of 9 grams, Anemarrhena 12 grams, moutan 9 grams, chrysanthemum 9grams, Digupi 12 grams, so as to Ziyinqingre; dizziness than worse, float yin yang, two sides were added keel 30 grams, 30 grams oyster, so as to potential floating yang.
4. Phlegm obstructing governance are: dampness phlegm, Pinggan Xifeng.
Recipe: Decoction Banxiabaizhutianma.
Pinellia Atractylodes 15 g 9 g 6 g of dried tangerine peel Gastrodia 12 g Poria 12 g 6 g licorice addition and subtraction with the disease: vertigo more even, the frequency of vomiting, plus Daizhe Dan 15 grams, Zhuru 9 grams, ginger, 3, to Jiangni vomiting ; abdominal doors do not eat those, plus Amomum 3 grams, Kou-jen 3 grams, the aromatic and stomach; tinnitus, hard of hearing persons, plus two light blue, turmeric 12 grams, Shichangpu 12 grams, the yang and wise; with leaders pain, upset mouth wait, can add 3 grams berberine, baicalin 12 grams, to Xiere phlegm.

1. Second, each 6 g Chen pills 3 times a day, swallow. For phlegm in the resistance-type vertigo.
2. Go every 12 Pai Gow 3 times a day swallow. Vertigo for qi and blood deficiency.

Tianma 10 grams, 30 grams raw abalone, Shuijianbi, 2 times a day. Vertigo for hyperactivity.

Ligustrum lucidum 12 g, 15 g Eclipta prostrata, chrysanthemum 9 grams, water to cook the eye, 2 times a day.Insufficient liver and kidney for vertigo.

Other therapies
Acupuncture: Acupuncture wind pool, Sanyinjiao, Hong Leong, Taichong, too river, leaving needles for 15 minutes every other day 1.
Sticking Method: Cassia 60 grams, abalone 10 grams, Yan Mo, the tea juice into a paste, apply to both sides of the temple can be Pinggan yang. Applicable to the liver yang vertigo.
Food therapy: Shouwu simmer chicken: broiler 1, Shouwu 20 grams, will be put into the chicken abdominal Shouwu, into the sauce simmer slow fire cooked food, function Bugan kidney, Qi and complement elements. Liver and kidney qi deficiency for vertigo.
Bee sting therapy. Take the wind pool, the customs, Yifeng, Zusanli and other points, with the bee sting Shi Tian is a course of treatment. Inner ear vertigo can be cured.

1. Pay attention to rest, proper physical exercise, and rest.
2. Adjustment emotions, avoid mental stimulation.
3. Phlegm on the disturbing those diet should light.