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The causes of aging

Here is to study and explore how various internal and external factors caused by changes within the body and the accelerated aging, which is of physiological and pathological mechanism of aging, understand the mechanisms of aging. Understand the Cause of Aging is the core theory of aging is way to explore the basis of longevity. […]

Aging and premature aging

Aging is a stage in the development of life, this stage is generally 50 to 60 years of age. Abroad will be 40 to 60 years, called the period of gradual decline, for the past 60 to 74 years old age, 75 to 89 years as old age, 90 years old is the longevity. China […]


Male, 30 years old, were in a few days ago, eating lunch, noodles, that hiccup appeared, its potential and even opera, can not be controlled, so that at night, very painful. Ritalin has been oral and intramuscular injection, stability and other drugs is invalid. Consultation see: sturdy body of patients, suffering expression, frequent hiccups, loud […]

Tinnitus and deafness

In order to tinggong,tinghui,Yifeng the main points, with zhongzhu zuqiaoyin points, kidney deficiency add taixi points,and some ear points, such as yifeng,tinghui,tinggong points,to be transmitted to the ear canal so that a sense pin. Remote points such as zhongzhu,zuqiaoyin are obtained needle felt based on the application of acupuncture techniques, so that acupuncture meridian to […]