Male, 30 years old, were in a few days ago, eating lunch, noodles, that hiccup appeared, its potential and even opera, can not be controlled, so that at night, very painful. Ritalin has been oral and intramuscular injection, stability and other drugs is invalid. Consultation see: sturdy body of patients, suffering expression, frequent hiccups, loud and powerful, shortness of breath and promote around the clock. Epigastric abdominal swelling of the liver, nausea, anti-vinegar heart, head and body ache Xiong Xie pumping valve. Thin white tongue coating, slippery pulse string. Card is Stomach Shangni. Governance in order and Heweijiangni.
Recipe: Zhong Wan, Neiguan, Zushanli, Tangzhong, Geshu.
After treatment: the above points, with strong thorns on the 28th re-spilled needles, needle retention half-hour, 3 minutes twisting a lift and thrust. Tangzhong. Geshu, after the needle cupping Zhongwan to skin and purple for the degree. 10 minutes after the needle significantly reduced playing uh, half-hour stop the attack. 10 hours of sleep that night. Again the needle once a day. Observation week. Without recurrence, cured and discharged.
[By] more than hiccups by the diet, stomach hurt, air-against the chaos, the Dao Xuan red walls have often able to relieve itself, or the use of certain civil law to take effect. But in this case 11 days of onset, hiccups continued to attack, had no effect over the Chinese and Western medicine services, it is uncommon.”Acupuncture funded students. Typhoid hiccup of “Cloud:” moxibustion in the abdominal, Guan Yuan hundred strong. “Medical Checklist” Yun; “hiccup medication is invalid, moxibustion in the abdominal. Tangzhong, on the door will be effective. Select the stomach and raise Zhongwan, compatibility full three years, the width of the Jiangni related to vomiting. Tangzhong for the sea air, Geshu for the blood of the Council, two points of communication of yin and yang, qi and blood circulation, to “reconcile”, hit by the disease, it is effective.

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