Aging and premature aging

Aging is a stage in the development of life, this stage is generally 50 to 60 years of age. Abroad will be 40 to 60 years, called the period of gradual decline, for the past 60 to 74 years old age, 75 to 89 years as old age, 90 years old is the longevity. China is generally believed that 50 to 65 years old, said as the beginning of old age or old early stage, more than 65 years as old age, senior citizens above the age of 80 stages. Of course, since people with different physical conditions and life expectancy, the aging stage by age alone is not enough science, but also to combine the characteristics of aging by aging stage, so that it more flexible, practical. In fact the body’s aging is a gradual process, not only people of different ages at the beginning of aging is not the same, and all organs of the same person’s age structure and function of degradation is also inconsistent. After the birth of the individual by a person to calculate the age of survival is called “timing age” or “s age”, “calendar age.” The anatomical structure and physiological function of the age of the general position is called the “biological age.” Biological age can be further divided into the age of Physiology and anatomy age. The timing of people between age and biological age for individual differences in 5 to 10 years old, or even greater. In other words, aging may be early, it may be delayed. Fluctuations in the timing age of the critical line there is a very common biological age of individual differences.
What is the aging of the international date, no uniform definition, in which a more user-friendly but more realistic to say is: “aging, but generally refers to the function of body organs, and gradually reduce the process.” Some people think that aging is a multi-link biological processes, is the body function in the degradation period of decline and disorder and overall performance. If an elderly compared with young people, the most important difference is that the general reduction of the organ. For example, if a 20-year-olds on the organ set at 100%, then, a year 70 years old, the cerebral blood flow reduced by about 20%, about 30% reduction in cardiac ejection, vital capacity reduced by about 40%. Can be seen, aging is not one or two organs, but includes almost all the organs of the body, which is reduced organ function and disease after the situation is different. For example, some have hepatitis, his liver function will be reduced, but other organ damage is not obvious. The people in the old, the organ of the lower body almost all of the organs involved.
Aging, there are two different cases, one is under normal circumstances, physiological aging occurs; other is a disease caused by pathological aging. Physiological process of aging is the inevitable outcome of life, pathological aging can be controlled with disease prevention. Pathological aging, it was known as premature aging. The so-called premature aging, is life in growth, development process, due to various causes disease, caused by the invasion from the external morphology and function changes, early appearance of degenerative changes in body organs, died en route in his life.
Existing studies have shown that animals (including humans) the rate of aging, and their length of life is closely related. In general, the faster the aging, life will be shorter; aging more slowly, the longer life expectancy. For example, the speed of aging rodents about 30 times faster than humans can be considered human life span 30 times longer than about rodents. Researchers at the speed of aging on the determination of older adults, also found that the speed of aging longevity than the average person a good argument. This tells us that slow aging, longevity may be that such a person be an important factor can not be ignored. Given the pace of aging significantly affects human life, then the determination of human aging rate becomes more important.
Determination of the rate of human aging, mainly by determining the function of some organs to obtain the necessary data.Determination of rate of human aging foreign scholars project, how to hundreds of species, but more commonly as a dozen to two dozen projects. For example, Gerontology Center in Baltimore to determine the speed of human aging a total of 24 projects. Chief among these is the following: forced expiratory volume in one second; systolic blood pressure; hemoglobin; serum albumin content; the serum globulin content; oral glucose two hours after the plasma glucose content; hearing; visual acuity; basal metabolism; Ⅹ Line determination of the case Shougu cortex; creatinine excretion; maximum operating efficiency; reaction time. Some of our geriatric investigators also speed was measured, and its main projects are: vital capacity reflects the lung function; reflect the ability of visual function as the regulator; reflect the hearing function of the audiometry; of renal function of the endogenous creatinine clearance rate; reflect neural function, nerve conduction velocity; reflect the sense of smell olfactory function; reflects the contractile function of muscle grip strength; reflect vascular function in blood pressure; reflect the movement frequency of neurological function; reflected in the ECG and other cardiac function.
According to the determination of the speed of aging, aging time to develop specific measures, this can delay aging, is conducive to longevity.

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