The causes of aging

Here is to study and explore how various internal and external factors caused by changes within the body and the accelerated aging, which is of physiological and pathological mechanism of aging, understand the mechanisms of aging. Understand the Cause of Aging is the core theory of aging is way to explore the basis of longevity.

First, the seven emotions too

As the saying goes: “Wear a smile, a decade less; worry a worry, white head.” Here, “white head” is the Chinese said the impassioned (melancholy joy, anger, fear tragedy) in the wake of the human body caused by stimulation signs of aging. Visible, long-term mental stimulation, or sudden severe mental trauma, more than the body can adjust the range of physiological activities, it can cause body imbalance of yin and yang qi and blood, organs and meridians dysfunction, leading to diseases, to promote the coming of age. As the “Q thinning of five had” put it: “violent music violent bitter, bitter after the beginning of music, are injured essence. … … Results from the absolutely Wan, fear of joy, anger, sorrow, emptiness of the five internal organs, blood gas away from the keep.” This That is, over-emotional changes, so that blood loss of chaos, the physiological dysfunction of organs, lasting no longer, then easily into the realm of aging. “Sickness before Lingshu Health chapter,” also referred to: “section is not joy, anger, hurt dirty, dirty, sick from the injury is also in the shade”, and Chinese medicine, illness from more serious in the shade, it is difficult to cure. In short, emotional changes can affect internal organs and blood to run, so it can promote aging. As the “Lu” says: “Life was on the elderly, the non-short and too slow, the number of graduates also. Completed the number of care to victims. What is to harm? … … Overjoyed, great fear, great fear, furious, big sorrow, the five students who are victims of loss carry God.
Second, disease damage
This means the disease can accelerate aging and promote premature death and shorten life. Because of illness, may increase the imbalance of yin and yang, increasing blood loss in the spirit of organs, or even result in exhaust gas of God to fine powder, yin and yang from the decisions and death. Investigated 106 cases of people living over 90 years old, healthy and disease-free in 58, accounting for 54.7%, indicating that easy to be disease-free longevity of the injured. Visible, or accelerated aging disease is the leading one of the reasons.

Third, genetic factors

A large number of facts have proven that humans and animals closely related to aging and genetic. Due to different genetic characteristics, not the same old speed. As Wang “On balance, gas Life Chapters” said: “Strong Weak tender life, that is also intrinsic thin gas Ottawa. … Ottawa … husband endowment, its body strength, body strong, long life; Air thin, its body weak, frail life is short, sick life is short short life. ” “Inherent responsibility of their parents,” Congenital strong, physically strong Sheng, energetic, easy to grow old. Instead, the body weak Congenital haggard, apathetic, in advance or accelerated aging. According to a survey, of 372 centenarians in Sichuan province, three generations have longevity record of 13; Yao Bama 53 old birthday, a generation on which 31 people were also particularly longevity. Geneticists have tracked 1,600 elderly twins and found very close to their age, with the oviparous, the average life of only a thin 3 years, 6 years difference between the two oviparous. And many twins are among the diseases causing death are often similar. From the above we can see that aging is indeed closely related and genetic.

Fourth, sleep poorly.

This is because prolonged does not sleep, will inevitably lead to failure. Do not say do not sleep long, is long-term lack of sleep, there are a lot of damage to health. The damage, first expressed in the nervous system, fatigue, and even the possible nervous breakdown, decreased physical and mental efficiency, energy, memory loss, Touyunnaozhang, vertigo, tinnitus, malaise and other symptoms, the light can be restored, severe also affects the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system function, leading to organic disease or premature aging. Shows very poor sleep can induce senescence. No wonder the old saying: “Sleep eating regimen between the two priorities,” “who can sleep, to eat, to longevity.” Facts have proved that sleep can reduce fatigue, to pay off one day physical activity in the “oxygen debt” to regulate various physiological functions, stability, balance the nervous system is among the important part of life.

Fifth, the environment Shiyi.

Environment mentioned here, both the natural environment, but also the social environment. The former, such as air, sunlight, water, geology, forests, vegetation, astronomy, meteorology, ionizing radiation, etc.; the latter, such as economic and political structures of society. Working conditions, family, culture, education and so on. These environmental factors not only complex, but is constantly changing, the human body through the internal regulation and control mechanisms, and various environmental factors remained relatively balanced, showing the ability to adapt to the environment. But this adaptation is limited, when the long-term harmful effects of environmental factors in the human body, or more than a certain limit, it is necessary hazardous to health, causing disease and promote premature aging. Not only people are like, biology, too, many species in the ancient and modern could not find out, because the creatures can not adapt to the changed environment with no way out species. The environment on human life and the close relationship between the “Yellow Emperor” in the early clearly states: “the higher life of its gas, the next by the gas prematurely.” High, is the fresh air, cold weather mountain areas; under is plain. Because “the higher gas cold,” plant growth, growing season length, life will long; and “those under the gas heat” faster plant growth, life expectancy for the corresponding short. This can be from the horse people and the sun were the Eskimos to get confirmed. Eskimos living in the coldest regions in the world, for many years to run around in the snow, ice, catering to meat-based, but their blood is not high, over 50 years old also has the adolescent face and vitality. Horse living in Africa, although their way of life drying tribe (a nomadic life) and with the Eskimo diet is very similar, but their average life span is very short, life is limited to the lower world one nation. It can be seen, the human aging or not, does the environment and the people closely related to their own survival. Similarly, good or bad social environment has a direct impact on human health. First, different times, human life is different. According to archaeologists identified the death of the Chinese ape-man age 14 years of age accounted for 69.2%, 15 to 30 years of age accounted for 11.7%, 40 to 50 years old accounted for 14%, 50 years old and only 5 .1%, we can see, when most of the Chinese ape minors to death. And in recent decades, the average human life span was prolonged. Continued to extend its life expectancy are many reasons, but the social and economic development is an important factor.

Sixth, lack of exercise.

“Life is movement.” Exposed the secret of life revealed a law of life activities. Facts have proved that exercise can improve the body metabolism, so that all organs of vitality, especially on the cardiovascular system, it is extremely useful to delay the aging changes in various organs. One pathologist autopsy by thousands, and found the incidence of mental atherosclerosis was 14.5%, manual workers is only 1.3%, a difference of 11 times. Zoologists found that elephants in the wild can live to 200 years old, once captured, locked up in zoos, although living conditions are much better than in the wild, they live less than 80 years of age. Rabbits can live 15 years on average, while raising his childhood living in a cage “superior” life in rabbits, the average life expectancy was only 4 to 5 years old. In addition, the life of wild boar pig than twice as long. Why, then, domestic animals, wildlife than life long? Important one is to feed wild animals, self-defense, evade enemies, get rid of bad weather the abuse, often go here, the body has been good exercise. Country medicine is also considered “action is not bad.”Such as “Lu”, said: “Sweep your own door, moving also. Qi no different, the shape is not fixed then fine stream fine if qi does not flow.” There is a door hinge with water and cases to illustrate the benefits of exercise, and from the shape, the relationship between gas, clearly pointed out the dangers of non-movement. Is clear, which illustrates a truth: moving the body and health, fixed the decay.

Seventh, the diet section.

As early as 30 years, Cornell University nutritionist UK Clyde McCarty’ve done it test: a set of limited energy intake of mice, but to ensure that other essential nutrients; free to take another group of mice food. Result, free diet in mice 175 days after the bone to stop growing, restricted diet in mice 300 days, 500 days and even 1,000 days after the bone is still slowly growing in; free diet of mice all died less than two and a half , restricted diet in mice live 3 to 4 years, the limited set of tumor incidence of mice free diet group than less, the most common renal hardware changes almost completely disappeared. After repeated tests, the results are the same, this is the most amazing of Ageing Studies, the “McCartney effect.”

Discovered in recent years a number of long-lived people, among other reasons, generally have control of eating habits. Shows that diet restriction can delay aging and achieve longevity. Why is proper diet restriction can delay aging it? U.S. scientists Ao Fuer infected rabbits that: diet restriction on aging immune system when the body can remain strong, the central immune organs – the thymus disorder to delay time, thus delaying the aging process.Kyushu University School of Medicine, Professor Yu Omura found: fullness after eating, the brain called “fibroblast growth factor” than the material increase in the number of times before eating. This substance can capillary endothelial cells and fat cell proliferation and can induce cerebral atherosclerosis, premature aging is caused by the brain’s main material. Omura, Professor Yu said, at present, although no effective drug to control the time of fullness, “fibroblast growth factor” in the brain formation, but delayed cerebral vascular sclerosis and brain aging, it is entirely possible.

The above discussion tells us that people must pay attention to diet, otherwise it will lead to premature aging. On this point, the discussion of many ancient books such as “pipe” said: “diet section … … is tired of the life form of loss.” “East Valley verbosity” had repeatedly stressed the harm eat, the book said: “more people eat five patients, a number of those stool, urine both the number of sleep disturbances among the four who bear the body weight training, five were suffering from eating more than indigestion.” Where the euphemistically described diet, can damage organs, clusters of various diseases, life shortened by loss of life. Therefore, “Shou Shi Bao Yuan,” stressed that: “Food CD half full and no taste, the wine to the third source is the frequency.

Eighth, the workers injured over.

Injured workers, is causing disease in terms of over-exertion, “Su asked to cite the pain of” Lane said: “Labour is gas consumption”, pointed out that excessive physical harm to the body’s main upright Laojuan. “Su asked Elder naive theory” in Yiyun: “to act at regular, … … so the fifties and the decline is also” very clearly pointed out as if to make any rash act at the normal patterns of life had only lived to be 50 years old appeared to be very senile. The so-called make any rash, rash, is the wrong way of life, which includes a wide range, such as excessive labor and other injuries.
Ninth, excessive labor room.

Excessive premature labor room was aroused because the transfer of as many injured tendons, Shi Jing Xie as many injuries.Reinforcement of liver and kidney stores the essence, sex will not damage the liver and kidney sections, in the Chinese anti-aging theory, insurance and kidney essence is a very important basic measures. This is because the essence of life is not only a source of human reproduction, but also the activities of human life is the most important material basis. Jian Jing and kidney filling or not, is to decide whether human health and longevity of the important factors that, once the essence deficiency renal failure, can cause the body decreased functional activity of various organs or obstacles, leading to the occurrence of disease and aging.Therefore, the ancients repeatedly stressed that “good health who will treasure its fine”; and to treasure its fine one of the key is to control sexual life, especially the elderly, should pay attention to this issue. Such as the “Ministry of Health and compile training,” said: “High-person, flesh weak, things Zhe Yang Sheng, Shen and the suppression of the will. Was not to vent, once fire is out, once by the oil. If the system while satisfying, is the cream the fire will be extinguished, even to its oil. ” This is the emphasis on indulgence can lead to aging and shorten life. “Su asked Elder naive theory” in the clear: “to liquor slurry, into the room … … drunk in order to want to exhaust its essence, in order to dissipate its true … … so the fifties and the bad of it.” Here the fifties and the decline is drunk Sixing intercourse, and indulge in lust caused.

Tenth, smoking alcoholics.

World Health Organization, in the industrial developed countries, the deaths of about 20% are directly or indirectly caused by smoking, because smoking and the number of dead car crash death of more than 3 times. Still life shortened by smoking, 40-year-old’s lungs with smoke for many years 75 to 80 years is almost non-smoker human lung. In addition, smoking can induce a variety of diseases, such as myocardial infarction, lung cancer, gastric ulcer, and even to whole body may suffer. But it is the wide dissemination of popular but throughout all corners of the world, no wonder a lot of smoke known as the “20th-century plague.” Is true, tobacco only have 20 kinds of toxic substances, such as nicotine, tobacco tar, nitrosamines, arsenic, carbon monoxide and a series of poison. Especially lit cigarette tobacco fog formed cells contain more irritating and toxic substances, the number as high as more than 780 kinds, and great concentration. Tobacco smoke contains even less air pollution to meet the strong carcinogenic substances, such as tobacco leaf wax of the layer of combustion released four aromatics alkylation and aromatic rings. Nicotine is one of the most powerful plant toxins, acute poisoning and died quickly, and cyanide similar, so is the deadly poison of the principal tobacco.Can be seen that the aging caused by smoking is significantly

Smoking can cause premature aging, excessive alcohol can also lead to aging. Wine of the active ingredient is alcohol, alcohol is harmful substances, excessive drinking can cause acute and chronic alcoholism, devastating the human body.

First, the long-term drinking large quantities, can promote the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver, the blood cholesterol and triglyceride concentration, leading to atherosclerosis and vascular overflow, the fat can cause deformation of the heart, decreased heart function .
Second, when the stomach more than 20% alcohol, then the stomach of gastric acid secretion and inhibition of digestive function to play. Long-term result of chronic alcoholism drinking large amounts, can cause esophagitis, chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, and vitamin deficiency disorders such and will increase the burden of the liver, degeneration of the liver cell damage, cirrhosis of the liver of fatty liver mouth .

Also, excessive alcohol can cause the depth of the central nervous system depression, paralysis and finally death due to respiratory center.

Medical motherland excessive drinking also recognize the harm caused to the people. “Eat a meal was about,” said: “better to drink less, drink more injury-shaped kills, changed hands nature, its toxicity is also even. Excessive drinking, loss of life and the source.” Li in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” in Yiyun: “and blood is drink less gas, strong God, Yufeng, Xiaochou Qianxing; swig while distracting consumption of blood, loss of the stomach of the essence, phlegm Hot”; “do not have to drink festival, killing a moment.” These ancients told, are fully described people drinking too much can reduce the function of each system, leading to aging.

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