Edema is fluid retention in the body of water, flooding the skin, causing the eyelids.
Head, face, limbs, front and even the whole body edema, severe cases can also be associated with pleural effusion. Ascites. Found in glomerular nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, liver disease, congestive heart failure, nutritional disorders, endocrine disorders and diseases.

Etiology and pathology
Second, internal and external causes of edema due. Feng Xie external factors are outside the passage, sore immersed, wet impregnation that may cause lung failure through tone, temper blocked; internal factors are hungry eat Laojuan, spleen and stomach injuries, or long-ward workers, injuring the nephron, resulting in loss of transfer card and kidney failure to open and close, from edema.
Feng Xie pathological changes of the external attack, the homes in the lung, lung failure declared down, channel barrier, which contain water, wind resistance, Feng Shui Xiang Bo, that it overflows the skin; skin ulcers due to carbuncle sore, unable to clear solution faded, sore in return Insufficiency, resulting in disruption of water metabolism, overflow in the skin; moisture of the air intrusion, or daily diet, eat cold, wet storm could make cards, missing the health movement, moisture transport and does not pan the skin; hot and humid for a long time restrain, or depression of the wet heat, in the stomach losing its focus Shengqingjiangzhuo it can, triple burner whom Yonge, waterways blocked, from edema;
Diet, Laojuan too, temper deficiency, loss of transportation of the Secretary, not the talented wet skin stopped together; room workers excessive depletion of kidney essence, kidney within the cutting, not of the gas line of water that may cause gas bladderSecretary of the loss, adversely opening and closing, water fluid stops, the formation of edema.

Diagnostic points
1. Light can only eyelids, head, face edema; severe back and generalized swelling of the limbs can be seen.
2. Functional edema usually no abnormal physical examination, with a corresponding organic signs of edema, such as cardiac edema, or heart murmur may have organic expansion; kidney may have significant lower extremity edema pitting pressure trace; hepatic edema may have abdominal shifting dullness and so on.
3. Organic edema generally have corresponding physical and chemical examination, can help diagnosis.

1. Feng Shui flood symptoms: swollen eyelid, following the limbs and body were swollen, oncoming rapid, more aversion to cold, fever, limb sorrow and grief, urine negative embolism. Those who indulge in wind-heat, swelling and pain associated with sore throat, red tongue, the number of clock Fuhua; those who indulge in the cold, and aversion to cold, cough, thin white tongue fur, pulse Fuhua or tight. Such as edema and even more, we can see deep pulse.
Syndrome analysis: Feng Xie hit the table, lung failure declared down, not water passage, lost under the bladder, so see the evil wind, fever, limb sorrow and grief, dysuria, general edema, embolism; wind is positive evil, the nature of Qing Yang, Feng Shui Xiang Bo, waves, since it is edema in the face of rapid and general; if pathogenic wind and hot painful swelling of the throat, red tongue, the number of clock Fuhua; if pathogenic wind and cold, evil in the muscle sheet, Wei Yang is suppressed, lung undeclared, so see aversion to cold, fever, cough and asthma; if swelling potential than the very, yang within the containment, then see the sunken pulse, or sink a few slip, or sink tight.
2. Poisoning caused by damp invasion of prostitution symptoms: eyelid edema, extended and generalized, negative urine, body fat traumata, fraudulent claims fester, the evil wind heat. Red tongue, thin yellow tongue coating, floating pulse, or slippery.
Syndrome analysis: Lord of the skin is the domain of the lung and spleen, poisoning caused by damp invasion of prostitution, so the skin traumata; poisoning caused by damp clear solution failed to disperse, internal organs go, so the focus can not be shipped wet stomach, missing the lower Shengqing cloud of energy, so the lung can not water passage and urination; wind is riddled with long, so early disease, more and Feng Xie, is swollen eyelids, fast, and the body, like an evil wind Fever; tongue Red thin yellow fur, floating and rapid pulse, or slippery, folder poisoning caused by damp is caused by pathogenic wind.
3. Wet impregnation symptoms: edema, by the no means, short of urine, body weight difficulties, chest tightness, poor appetite, Pan evil. Greasy moss, pulse Chenhuan. Slow onset, longer course.
Syndrome analysis: evil moisture, soaking the skin, Yongzhi No, that body swelling subside; wet cohesion, triple burner Secretary must read loss, bladder disorders gasification, so the urine shortage, increasing moisture and no way out Smirnov skin, so the potential at very swollen, not by the means; license to wet storm, yang can not stretch, so see Shenpi body weight, chest tightness, poor appetite, Pan evil embolism; greasy moss, pulse Chen Huan, also the signs of wet spleen wins; wet sticky evil is not easy at first, so they longer course.
4. Humid dampness symptoms: edema over the body, the skin stretched emergency light, chest abdominal swelling of the liver, nausea, Fanre thirst, scanty dark urine, or dry stool. Yellow greasy moss, pulse a few, or moisten a few.
Syndrome analysis: moisture evil, Yu and heat, or damp heat evil through the tunnel between the stasis of the skin, swelling and skin stretched so Bianshen acute light; the hot and humid Yongzhi triple burner, air-lift disorders, so see the chest Abdominal swelling of the liver nausea; if evil emphasis on those hot, body fluid is consumed, so see the thirst, scanty dark urine, large easy to knot; yellow greasy moss, pulse a few, or moisten the number of symptoms are hot and humid.
These four types of water for the swelling of the yang.
5 Spleen virtual failure symptoms: swollen body, particularly at night below the waist, according to the depression is not easy recovery, the hospital asked bloating, satisfied by loose stools, pale complexion, Shen Juan cold extremities, urine deficient. Pale tongue, greasy moss or white slip, or sink pulse Chenhuan weak.
Syndrome analysis: in the weak sun, loss of health transport Secretary of gas is not water, so that water under the evil proliferation of coke, so the body swelling, particularly below the waist, according to the depression can not afford; spleen operation of weakness, it is satisfied by abdominal door, abdominal distension and sugar; spleen biochemical right, Yang is not very inviting, so pale complexion, Shenpi cold extremities; yang of gas, not wet, and see urine deficient; pale tongue, greasy moss or white slip, the pulse Slow or weak is the spleen yang deficiency Shen bad, wet cohesion of the sign.
6. Yang decline symptoms: swollen body floating face, particularly below the waist, can not afford to by the depression, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, waist Leng Tong acid weight, urine output decreased or increased, limb Jueleng, cowardly cold Shenpi, pale gray delay or? s white. Pale tongue, white coating, pulse Shen Chi Shen thin or weak.
Syndrome analysis: waist and below the main of kidney, kidney virtual failure, not of Yang Qi, moisture under the poly, so see below the waist is very swollen, according to the depression can not afford;
Ling cardiopulmonary water vapor on, so see palpitations shortness of breath; back to the House of kidney, kidney and filled with moisture, so the weight back pain acid; kidney and bladder relative to table, insufficient kidney, bladder gasification negative, so the urine reduced, or because under the more urine is not solid. so it is swelling with polyuria and see; yang deficiency, Vital Huoshuai, not temperature dependent, so the limbs Jueleng, cowardly cold Shenpi; yang can not be very inviting on Wing, Grey Lag, or gaze intently looking so white; tongue pale, tongue white, thin or Shen Chi Shen pulse weak, Yang Qi are bad, filled with the wet climate.
II for the edema than cloudy water.

1. Feng Shui is the proliferation of governance: San wind heat, Xuanfei line water.
Recipe: Decoction more surgery plus tick.
Ephedra 9 grams gypsum 30 g (Xian Jian) 15 grams Atractylodes diarrhea 12 g Poria 12, Klose 12 g ginger 3 duckweed jujube 7 licorice 3 grams plus or minus with the disease: those who sore throat, add Radix 15 g, Platycodon 6 grams, 9 grams of forsythia to Qingyan Sanjie detoxification; thermogravimetric oliguria who added 30 grams of fresh Chine to heat diuretic; cold Piansheng who, to gypsum, soda leaves 9 grams, 9 grams of wind, Guizhi 9 grams of ephedrine Xin Wen solutions to help the power of the table;
Cough more worse, plus Peucedanum 9 grams, 12 grams almonds, gas Zhichuan dynasty.
2. Therapeutic poisoning caused by damp invasion of prostitution: Xuanfeijiedu, dampness swelling.
Recipe: ephedrine disinfected Forsythia Chixiaodou Tang drink flavors.
Ephedra 9 g 12 g almonds 12 Sanger White Chixiaodou 15 g 9 g Forsythia Honeysuckle Chrysanthemum 9 g 9 g 15 g Viola Dandelion 15 g 15 g Gynura addition and subtraction with the disease: sepsis fraudulent claims , reuse dandelion to 30 grams, the small purple to 30 grams; wet Sheng and erosion, plus Sophora 9 g, Poria 12 g soil to heat dampness; wind Sheng and itching, plus fresh white skin 12 grams, Kochia scoparia sub-12 grams, to relieve itching Qufeng dampness; constipation were to increase yellow 9 g (later), Glauber’s salt 9 g (red) to heat Tongfu.
3. Wet impregnation treatment is: Spleen dampness, yang diuresis.
Recipe: Five Weiling Yin combined leather soup.
9 grams of dried tangerine peel 12 g Cortex Mori Da Fupi Paper 12 g Poria 12 grams 3 grams of ginger skin Poria Atractylodes 12 grams 9 grams 12 grams herb Magnolia 9 grams Polyporus Guizhi 15 Klose 15 grams 9 grams of diarrhea disease with addition and subtraction : swollen very Erchuan, could add ephedra 9 grams, 12 grams almonds, radish seed 15 grams of water spilled to Xuanfei asthma; chest Abdominal disease ask those poor appetite, Almond 12 g, Amomum 3 grams, Kou Ren 3 grams, the Vision of Qi.
4. Humid dampness rule is: heat and dampness, water consumption evil points.
Recipe: Yin Zi Shu chisel subtraction.
Notopterygium 6 g 9 g Da Fupi Gentiana Paper 12 g Poria 12 g ginger, leather 3 Klose diarrhea Akebia 3 grams 12 grams 6 grams of red bean zanthoxylum Phytolacca 6 grams 30 grams 9 grams of betel nut with the disease subtraction: Fu Man, stoolbarrier, could increase the yellow 9 g (later), anti has 9 grams, 12 grams Tinglizi to assist the power vent, and drain the water from the stool.
5. Spleen virtual bad governance are: temperature operation Spleen, to facilitate the wet.
Recipe: Real spleen decoction.
Fuzi 9 grams (Xian Jian) Ginger grass and fruit 6 g 3 g 12 g Poria Atractylodes Da Fupi 9 grams 12 grams 9 grams of papaya Magnolia sinensis 9 g 6 g licorice jujube seven plus or minus 3 grams with the disease: deficiency fatigue, could add 12 grams of Astragalus, Codonopsis 12 grams, the spleen qi; urine deficient, could Guizhi 9 grams, 15 grams Polyporus, Alisma 15 grams, to help the bladder of the gas line water.
6. Yang is the decline of governance: Warming yang, of the gas line water.
Recipe: Ji Sheng Shen Qi Pills Zhen Wu decoction.
Rehmannia 12 g 12 g yam medicine dogwood 9 Kedan Pi 9 g Poria 12 Klose diarrhea aconite 9 g 15 g 3 g of cinnamon front Achyranthes 12 g 15 g (Pack fried) 12 grams Atractylodes white peony root 12 g 3 slices ginger addition and subtraction with the disease: more than the amount of urine long who to Alisma, Plantago, psoralen plus 12 g, dodder seed 12 g, the temperature of solid Xiayuan; palpitations, lip cyanosis, pulse or statement on behalf of the imaginary, evil water Shangni Ling heart, bleeding resistance were advised to re-tuber, Guizhi 9 grams, 15 grams of Salvia, 9 grams Zhigancao to Onyang circulation; breathlessness, sweating, and several superficial veins, water evil Ling lung, kidney qi are not advised to add 9 grams of ginseng, Schisandra 9 grams, 30 grams of oysters, Qi sodium intake to prevent the collapse of the change.

1. Ji Sheng Shen Qi Wan: 9 grams each time, 3 times a day.For kidney edema.
2. Spleen Pill: Each 12 grams, 3 times a day. For the Spleen edema.

Easy side
1. Chixiaodou 30 grams, 12 grams corn, Shuijianbi day 1, 2 times, service, functionality and Water back swollen.

2. Melon skin 15 grams, plantain 15 grams, Shuijianbi day 1, 2 times, serving for a variety of edema.

Other therapies
Thermal bath: take ephedra, Notopterygium, herb, Bupleurum, Nepeta, wind, basil stems, switchgrass, the same amount of light blue, Jiantang hot bath, so that sweating. Function Shufeng heat, dampness line of water for edema true card.
Food Therapy:
(1) Chixiaodou carp soup: red bean 100 grams, 1 carp (about 250 grams), add spices eaten with the soup. Functional spleen Qi, benefits of water swelling.
(2) kidney stew Astragalus: Astragalus 100 grams, kidney 2, into the sauce after eating a stew. Bu Yao kidney function, diuresis back swollen.

1. Edema as a clear cause, timely treatment, and this is the fundamental key to solve the edema.
2. Diet photo transfer. Edema early, avoid salt, gradually swelling potential back, and gradually changed to low salt; not eat spicy food.
3. Note regimen, careful living, shelter from the wind cold, quit room workers.