Constipation Constipation refers unreasonable, prolonged defecation or stool and incomprehensible like a poor condition.Constipation caused by intestinal organic disease, but most are simple constipation. Lack of food debris, emergency intestinal loss, lack of defecation power, intestinal obstruction, or other neuropsychiatric diseases can cause constipation.

Etiology and pathology
Cause of constipation within a hot junction, lack of body fluid, emotional disharmony.
Qi stagnation, and Laojuan internal injuries, ill health, lack of qi and blood, resulting in the large intestine conduction disorders, which cause constipation.
Pathological changes of the voxel yang, gastrointestinal accumulated heat, resulting in body fluid Hao Shang, intestinal loss of profit, so the stool dry and difficult to discharge; Concerned over, the situation go rather Shu, or sedentary, each caused by qi stagnation , not propaganda, then pass down disorders, conduction dereliction of duty, the dross within the stop, not down; Laojuan internal injuries or illness, postpartum, physically weak elderly person, two blood loss, Qi is unable to send large intestine, blood is subsidized not moisten dry intestine, even under the focus of essence and blood loss, and that the yuan by the loss, a loss really overcast, intestinal loss of profit and more by dry rotten; really positive one loss, you can not steaming fluid, gentle bowel, are sodefecate difficult, secret knot barrier. In addition, Yang and frail, chill the students to stay in the stomach, so yang blocked, fluid can not, it is difficult to transmit intestinal, causing constipation.

Diagnostic points
1. Defecation poor, dry and hard fecal matter.
2. Bowel movements less often, every 2 to 3 days or more 1, no regularity.
3. May be associated with abdominal distension, abdominal pain and sickness.
4. General physical examination was normal.

l. Hot Secretary symptoms: dry stool, urine short red, the red hot body, or a combination of abdominal pain, bloating, dry mouth, bad breath. Yellow or yellow dry red tongue, slippery pulse.
Signs Analysis: Valley of the sea for water stomach, intestines for the conduction of the officer, if the intestine is the accumulated heat, Hao Shang body fluid, dry stool; hot V on the inside, the heat fumigation in the stomach, so see dry mouth, bad breath, hot naked face : Hot Product stomach, bowel gas barrier, so bloating abdominal pain; heat transfer bladder, the urine short red; moss dry yellow of disability allowance for the heat is dry; clock slip in the number of false sign.
2. Air Secretary symptoms: constipation, they may not want to, warm air frequency for, Xiong Xie fullness, rather then the belly pain, satisfied eating less. Moss thin and greasy string.
Syndrome analysis: emotional disharmony, liver and spleen qi stagnation, leading to conduction disorders, it is constipation, it may not want to; bowel gas barrier, the gas is not down and Shangni, so the frequency for heating gas, Xiong Xie fullness , dross within the stop, qi stagnation, the belly of flatulence; stomach air resistance is not measured temper shipped, so eat less sodium; moss thin greasy string for the Liver and, there are signs of hysteresis.
Case II above for the constipation.
3. Deficiency symptoms: Although it is intended, temporary toilet efforts earned weakness, sweating to earn the short breath, and after fatigue, does not dry hard stool, looking? S white, Shenpi gas scared.
Pale tongue, tender, thin moss, empty pulse.
Syndrome analysis: Qi is impaired lung and spleen, lung and Large Intestine, Lung Qi is unable to send large intestine, although it is intended, the Pro closet shall be utmost efforts to earn, and the stool is not hard; lung health is not solid, Cou loose, it earned the sweating short gas; spleen is shipped right to health, lack of sources, it is looking? s white, Shenpi gas cowardly; pale tongue, thin, empty pulse, and after fatigue, are the signs of deficiency.
4. Deficiency symptoms: constipation, looking minimalist, dizziness, palpitations, a pale lips. Pale tongue, thin pulse astringent.
Syndrome analysis: Tianjin less deficiency can not be run under the large intestine, it is constipation; deficiency can not be on the wing, so looking minimalist, a pale lips; heart failure has raised the palpitations; Zi Rong deficiency in the brain can not, so headdazzling halo; pale tongue, thin pulse as astringent as the Yin and Blood deficiency.
5. Cold Secretary symptoms: stool incomprehensible, discharge difficulties, urine long, pale? S white, limbs not warm, hi, hot cold, belly Leng Tong, or back acid cold. Pale tongue, white coating, the pulse was late.
Syndrome analysis: Yang Qi bad, cold from the endogenous intestinal transfer weakness, it is incomprehensible stool, discharge difficulties; chill filled, air-block, so the belly Leng Tong, hi heat cold; Yang and inviting non- Right, so the limbs not warm, waist and knee acid cold, urine clear long; face gaze intently, pale tongue, white coating, pulse delay, are signs of yang deficiency in the cold.
Deficiency of the above three types of constipation.

1. Heat treatment is secret: heat intestines.
Recipe: Ma Ren-Pill.
9 grams of rhubarb (post below), 9 grams of citrus aurantium, Magnolia 6 grams, 20 grams of hemp seed (to play), almond 12 grams, 10 grams of white peony addition and subtraction with the disease: severe heat plot, plus 3 grams berberine , 9 grams of Glauber’s salt (red) to heat Tongfu; if the fluid has been injured, those who want to drink dry mouth, plus 12 grams of raw land, Scrophulariaceae 15 grams, 12 grams Ophiopogon to YangYinShengJin; Yu Nu liver injury, and easy those angry red, plus aloe 3 grams, gardenia 12 grams, in order to purge Liver; thermal injury blood network, bleeding, additional Sophora japonica 12 g, Burnet 15 grams, the heat and cooling blood.
2. Gas secret rule is: Shun Qi Jieyu, OK delay bowel movement.
Recipe: Decoction six mill.
Woody 10 grams, aggregata 12 grams, incense 3 grams (swallowing), rhubarb 9 g (later), betel nuts 12 grams, the right solid 12 grams, Cyperus rotundus 12 grams, plus or minus with the disease Bupleurum 9 g: gas Yu falling into the fire, bitter mouth, dry throat, yellow moss, pulse a few strings, processors skullcap 12 g, 9 g Shan masts to heat purging fire; phlegm gas closed, the stems were throat, add 12 g whole melon wilt , Glauber’s salt 9 g (red) to phlegm Tongfu.
3. Therapeutic Qi: Qi intestines.
Recipe: Scutellaria Decoction.
20 grams of Astragalus, Codonopsis 12 grams, 9 grams of dried tangerine peel, 20 grams of hemp seed, Baimi 12 g (red), 15 grams Atractylodes addition and subtraction with the disease: Qi subsidence prolapse who added 12 grams of Cimicifuga, Bupleurum 9 grams, Campanulaceae 6 grams to Qi lifting; Qi and Yin deficiency, accompanied by mouth in, red, could Jiamai winter and 12 grams, Schisandra 9 grams, 12 grams heterophylla to Yiqiyangyin.
4. Deficiency Therapeutic principle: Nourishing yin, moistening catharsis.
Recipe: Runchang nine addition and subtraction.
Habitat 12 grams, angelica 12 grams, hemp seed 20g, peach kernel 10 grams, Citrus aurantium 9 grams, students Shouwu 15 grams, 12 grams Scrophulariaceae addition and subtraction with the disease: less blood and yin deficiency heat, there Fanre mouthdry, red tongue, those less-chun, plus Zhimu 12 grams, 9 grams of rhubarb to heat; yin worse, Jiamai winter, Polygonatum each 12 grams, the Yin and moistening; loss of intestinal dry-chun, worse, Canada Baimi 15 g (red), Yuli Ren 15 grams to Runzao catharsis.
5. Cold secret rule is: Onyang catharsis.
Recipe: fried cinnamon Jichuan.
Cistanche 12 g, Achyranthes 12 g, angelica 12 grams, Cimicifuga 3 grams, cinnamon 3 g, 9 g Citrus aurantium addition and subtraction with the disease: Qi, who Shenpi fatigue, plus Codonopsis 12 grams, 15 grams Atractylodes, to benefit Gas spleen; kidney qi deficiency with obvious, plus Rehmannia 12 grams, 9 grams of dogwood, Eucommia 12 grams, 12 grams medlar to Bushenyijing;
Vital Huoshuai, see the waist and knee Leng Tong, vaginal discharge, Hua Jing, impotent persons, plus a half pills 9 grams of sulfur, to fill the Gate of Life, Tung Yin and Yang, the line of Cold, descending the turbid catharsis.

Easy side
1. Senna 6 grams of boiled water service, 1 day for hot constipation.

2. Fried Radish Seed 6 g, 1.5 g of acacia (Yan Mo), open blisters service, day 1 for qi stagnation Tanyong constipation.

Other therapies
Acupuncture: take the full three years, Tianshu, tributary, according to the sea cave, accompanied by giant empty, air sea cave, needle retention for 20 minutes, 1 day, function laxative.
Umbilical law: take the skin Sodium 9 grams, dissolved in water, and 1.5 grams of Gleditsia reconcile Umbilicus end, daily dressing 1, suitable for hot secretary.
Food therapy: black sesame, walnut meat, melon seeds equal parts, small study, a little blunt Baimi, functional Yin nourishing, laxative.
Physical therapy: a daily morning as light exercise, such as tai chi. Jogging, etc., is conducive to speeding up bowel movements and improve symptoms.
Moroccan belly method: the navel as the center, both hands around the navel, small to large, clockwise spiral turn Mount 36 laps, 36 laps and then counter-clockwise turn Mount for habitual constipation have good effect.

1. To maintain the overall smooth stool is part of the treatment of many diseases, and sometimes is an important measures, such as stroke, severe hypertension, myocardial infarction.
2. Food Vision light, eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
3. To keep emotions at ease, to develop regular bowel habits.