Postpartum rectal prolapse

Postpartum anal canal, rectum shift to the remote, called “postpartum rectal prolapse.
Western equivalent of the anal canal, rectum prolapse. The disease is more common in childbirth premature to Beng gas, caused the increased abdominal pressure. Can also be seen in the production process is too long, and pregnant women exhausted, gas Haoshang in the plus Beng gas Erzhi. Postpartum constipation-induced causes of the disease. Treated early, the prognosis is good.

Etiology, Pathology
Qi deficiency and maternal ferrite weak in the air, when childbirth Beng gas, forcing the anal canal, rectum down because of qi deficiency, postpartum postpartum rectal prolapse caused the camera can not be satisfied.
2. Kidney ferrite insufficient kidney, kidney after pregnancy or after childbirth, especially virtual, anorectal Erzhi not astringent.
Hot and humid eating unclean feel the damp heat evil, causing diarrhea Jiu Li, anal prolapse.
4 dry bowel intrapartum blood loss, postpartum lactation, Haoshang fluid and blood, intestinal dry, it is difficult, efforts to select a very cause anal prolapse.

Diagnostic points
Postpartum defecation, rectal prolapse can be diagnosed, associated with anal bulge, or constipation.
2 rectal examination can understand the situation of the anus, rectum prolapse.

[Dialectical type]
Qi deficiency and maternal defecation, rectal prolapse, worse cough, road or standing for a long time, will emerge a little harder urination, often accompanied by malaise, fatigue, shortness of breath, low voice, dizziness, palpitations. Thin white fur, pale, with teeth marks. Weak pulse.
Kidney postpartum rectal prolapse falling not accept Yaotuisuanruan, dizziness, frequent urination, nocturia, particularly. Thin white fur, pale, thin pulse.
Hot and humid postpartum abdominal pain or diarrhea, urgent diarrhea, fecal color Yellow Peril and smelly, anal burning under off upset thirst, red urine. Yellow greasy moss, red tongue, pulse number.
4. Intestinal dryness postpartum dry stool, or a few days puzzled, anal prolapse, abdominal pain, zygomatic red throat, five upset hot, abdominal fullness, bloating discomfort. Yellow moss or thin yellow pulse.

„ÄźGenotyping treatment]
1. Qi deficiency Governing Law: Buzhongyiqi the the liter trap solid off.
Recipe: Buzhongyiqitang addition and subtraction.
Health Astragalus 30 grams Codonopsis 12 grams 12 grams Atractylodes Citrus aurantium 12 grams 6 grams of Cimicifuga Bupleurum 6 grams Angelica 9 grams Zhigancao 5 grams of red dates 9 subtraction: constipation, plus Bozi 9 grams, 10 grams melon wilt (cut); abdominal nausea pay less, plus wood 6 grams, Amomum 3 grams (rear), 9 grams of Citrus aurantium; associated with backache, plus Dodder 12 grams.
2. Kidney Governing Law: kidney Qi solid off.
Recipe: kidney the solid off soup (prescription).
Mountain Laimo 12, Rehmannia 12 grams, 12 grams, Kedu Chung-yam and medicine 15 grams of raw Astragalus 20 the restraint Shouwu 12 grams raspberry the 12 grams Jinyingzi 12 grams of Schisandra 5 grams
3. Of damp heat governance law: heat dampness, antidiarrheal off prevention.
Recipe the: Gegenqinlian subtraction.
The 3 g Coptis 3 grams, 12 grams of skullcap Fern Gegen 12 g 15 g betel 9 g Pulsatilla 10 g cohosh 9 g Burnet 12 grams of coke Hawthorn 10 grams Zhigancao 4. Intestinal dry Governing Law: clearing Runchang solid off.
Recipe: both Decoction Maren subtraction.
Habitat the 15 grams Digupi 10 grams Scrophulariaceae 12 grams of white peony winter of 12 oats 12 Yasar glue 9 g (molten Chong) stole 6 g 10 g cohosh Bupleurum 5 g Maren 9 9 g (sub swallow) Anemarrhena, 9 grams medlar 10 grams

[Chinese patent medicines]
1. Maren 2 times a day, 4.5 g each swallow. For intestinal dry constipation.
2 Buzhongyiqi pills three times a day, 3 grams each time, to swallow. For qi deficiency rectal prolapse.
3 of Zuoguiwan 3 times a day, each 3 grams swallow. For kidney were.

[Easy ways]
Ginseng Lo into powder, water delivery service, a daily.

2 Sheng qi 15 grams, 9 grams of Cimicifuga, gall 10 grams, Shuijianbi 4 to 5, and even served. Qi subsidence of rectal prolapse.

3. Cohosh 9 grams, 6 grams of ebony, the two drugs fried charcoal, and purple polyrrhiza 5 grams of research to fine, rectal prolapse wrap the affected area.

4. Granatum 30 grams alum 15 grams, decoction Bath.

[Other therapies]
1. Strengthen prenatal nutrition and exercise to enhance physical fitness, and aggressive treatment of various diseases, so as not to cause postpartum maternal physically weak, easily lead to this disease.
Correctly handle the birth process to avoid production process is too long. Guidance Maternal and correctly applying abdominal pressure intake can prevent Benbingfasheng.
3. Maternal attention should be paid to food hygiene, to prevent the occurrence of diarrhea.
The postpartum To maintain smooth stool, to avoid cough and cold, to avoid premature use of abdominal pressure activities and long-established long station, so as not to induce Benbingfasheng.