Threatened abortion

Early pregnancy have a small amount of vaginal bleeding or with mild lower abdominal pain.
Gynecological examination when the cervix is not open, enlarged uterus and pregnancy, consistent with the month as threatened abortion surplus examination showed a gestational sac or fetus, the fetal heart, fetal reflection. The disease prognosis, there are two possibilities, one successful tocolysis, to the normal pregnancy progress; another failed tocolysis, fetal death, turned to the inevitable abortion, and then complete abortion or incomplete abortion (see the abortion process diagram). Of the disease seen in women of childbearing age. Threatened abortion is equivalent to Chinese medicine Tailou, fetal irritability.

[The cause of pathological
A kidney hormone the body kidney, or pregnancy after intercourse carelessly, the kidney Haoshang, fetal loss of solid, Department Erzhi.
Qi deficiency and pregnant women ferrite Qi, so that in the gas shortage, red any strength is not solid, not about the system of blood caused.
Exogenous Heat or liver Wang blood heat of the blood heat, causing the heat in the blood extravasation injury fetal gas Tailou the next blood.
Trauma after pregnancy fell blink frustration or excessive labor, damage Chong and Ren, blood loss and fetal solid Erzhi Tailou.

Diagnostic points.
History of previous normal menstruation, the history of menopause.
(2) symptoms of menopause, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and other early response, accompanied by a small amount of vaginal bleeding, backache, or abdominal pain.
Gynecological vaginal small amount of blood or blood stained, with or without blood. Cervix closed. Match the size of the Palace month of menopause, normal attachment.
4 HCG-positive urine tests. Blood beta-HCG> 3.lμg/L5 pelvic B super-measured uterine size consistent with the pregnant months, and measured fetal heart rate, fetal movement and good. Doppler ultrasound can sometimes hear the fetal heart beat sound.
(6) identification of the late period, ectopic pregnancy, inevitable abortion, missed abortion differentiated.

The dialectical type].
A kidney during pregnancy a small amount of vaginal bleeding, backache soft knee, belly fall or pain, dizziness, tinnitus, frequent urination. Pale tongue, thready pulse Shen and slippery.
2 qi deficiency during pregnancy vaginal bleeding less pale, Shenpi fatigue, lower abdomen empty fall, shortness of breath lazy language. Pale tongue, weak pulse and slippery.
Heat in the blood during pregnancy vaginal bleeding red, upset, anxiety, dry mouth and throat, constipation, red urine. Thin yellow tongue coating, red tongue, slippery pulse.
The trauma of pregnancy vaginal bleeding, sometimes, has been uneven, abdominal bulge. Tongue or purple, slippery pulse.

A. Kidney Governing Law: kidney solid tires.
Recipe: the Shoutai Pill.
Dodder 12 g dipsacus the Sanger parasitic 9 g, 9 Yasar plastic (molten red) Atractylodes Kedu Chung 12 Zac leaves three grams
2 qi deficiency Governing Law: Qi tocolysis.
Recipe: Taishan rock San addition and subtraction. Codonopsis 9 grams astragalus, 9 grams cohosh 3 grams Angelica 9 g Bupleurum 3 g amomum 3 grams () skullcap 9 grams Rehmannia 12 grams fried white peony 10 grams Atractylodes 9 Kechuan off 9 g 12 g the Dodder 9 Yasar plastic (molten red) addition and subtraction: bleeding more than 15 grams, plus Agrimony; lower abdomen empty fall, plus ramie root 15 g.
Blood heat treatment method: Liangxue tocolysis.
Recipe: Paul Yin fried addition and subtraction.
9 grams of 30 grams of raw land yam and medicine students peony root 10 Kechuan off 10 grams skullcap 10 g 9 g 9 g Eclipta Cork 12 oats winter Yasar plastic (molten red) liquorice 3 grams
Trauma Governing Law: nourishing Qi tocolysis.
Recipe: Bazhen Decoction.
Codonopsis 10 grams 12 grams astragalus, 10 grams Atractylodes Poria 9 g 9 g of Angelica peony root 9 g 15 g Rehmannia 12 Yasar plastic (molten red) Dodder 12 grams Chuanxiong 4.5 g

[Proprietary Chinese medicine]
A. Buzhongyiqi pills 3 times a day, 3 g each swallow. Qi or trauma Qi.
2 Zuoguiwan (YouguiWan) 3 times a day, 3 g each, swallow. The partial kidney were ZuoguiWan and partial deficiency who use YouguiWan.
3 Dabuyin pill 3 times a day, 3 g each, swallow. For blood heat.

[Simple square
Glutinous rice, red dates, porridge, daily bowl. For deficiency of qi or kidney.

2 beg hemp root 30 g, 10 longan, decoct. For deficiency of qi or kidney with a sense of falling.

Radix powder (or yam powder) of open water into a soup paste service. Constipation should be serving Radix soup, liver or kidney, intestines role due to Radix. Yam and medicine spleen effects, it will be the performers’ clothing than straight.

[Other therapies]

A pregnant women with symptoms of threatened abortion should rest in bed, prohibition of sexual life. Avoid running and wading rising, emotional stability, not ideological tension.
If bleeding slightly, with mild abdominal pain, tocolysis before the first clear whether fetal survival possible for B, their serum β-HCG, the diagnosis of fetal miscarriage of available traditional Chinese medicine, when necessary, can be added in the progesterone and promote hair membrane gonadotropin collaborative tocolysis. Tocolysis treatment process and pay attention to the general condition of pregnant women, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, and the early response. Abdominal pain disappeared after treatment, nausea, vomiting, bleeding only, HCG increases super prompt month of fetal size and gestational fetal heart rate, fetal movement activity is good, this tocolysis a sign of success, contrary abortion may.
Tocolysis treatment process, such as vaginal dripping bleeding, enlarged uterus, obviously, must convince patients to B-ultrasound and blood test beta-HCG to rule out the mole.
Repeated. Period of early pregnancy vaginal bleeding, with abdominal pain or without abdominal pain, should rule out ectopic pregnancy.
5 for normal menstrual abnormal, but also older, eager to fertility, and sometimes nausea Pan spit and other symptoms of early response period has expired, and sometimes vaginal bleeding, you must first check the urine HCG and B-to clear whether the pregnancy, necessary to exclude false pregnancy.