Habitual abortion

Continuous natural miscarriage more than three times (including three) called habitual abortion. Benbingfasheng in women of childbearing age, the etiology is complex and difficult to treat. Habitual abortion is equivalent to the “skidding” of Chinese medicine. The research focus in recent years.

[The cause of pathological
Doctors believe the cause of this disease are the following:
A chromosomal abnormality most common trisomy, polyploidy and X monomer. The article reported that the incidence of early pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, abnormal karyotype as high as 50% to 60%.
Uterine lesions ① congenital uterine abnormalities, such as double uterus, saddle-shaped uterus, uterine septum, cervical abnormalities; ② cervical or uterine adhesions, due to the number of abortion or curettage surgery can lead to cervical Palace cavity adhesion Erzhi repeated abortion; ③ the cervix, mouth slack, resulting in recurrent miscarriage; ④ uterine tumors.
3 luteal phase defect, such as luteal, luteal phase is short, the corpus luteum secretion of progesterone, luteal phase defect of 23% to 67% in women with recurrent spontaneous abortion.
4 more immune factors present study is a histocompatibility antigen and antiphospholipid antibodies: the ① histocompatibility antigen, the data indicate that HLA antigen loci similarity higher the frequency, the higher the abortion rate; ② antiphospholipid antibodies, a group of autoimmune antibodies, these antibodies can cause recurrent miscarriage.
(5) Some pathogens of infectious diseases and habitual abortion, such as cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, Chlamydia trachomatis.
Chinese medicine believes that habitual abortion is equivalent to “skidding”, a major cause of pathological kidney deficiency and qi.
A kidney qi deficiency, kidney deficiency or endowment of ferrite deficiencies, the male sperm is not strong, or weak female sperm, resulting in fetal development is not healthy, the fetus is not a real Erzhi skidding.
Qi usually blood or infirm, blood damage, can not raise the skidding of tires Erzhi.

Diagnostic points.
Three or more times of spontaneous abortion can be diagnosed as habitual abortion (skidding).
Diagnosis of the cause the ① nuclear chromosome; ② hysterosalpingography is a better diagnostic method to diagnose the type of uterine malformation, cervical abnormalities and uterine, cervical adhesions situation; ③ diagnosis of luteal phase defect experiments methods, such as measuring BBT, diagnostic curettage, determination of serum progesterone levels in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle; ④ immune factors diagnostic methods, such as a narrow region of memory in the sixth on the short arm of chromosome for chromosome in the HLA complex blood looking for antiphospholipid antibodies; ⑤ infectious disease diagnostic methods, such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay assay (ELISA) detection of CMV antibodies in the serum. Detected by indirect fluorescent rabbits infected antibody (IFAT), miscarriage or habitual abortion patients with a history of serum antibody-positive 27.8%, titer 1/64, while the normal obstetric history of positive rate of 11.8% titer of 1 / 16.
3 of TCM diagnosis: kidney deficiency and qi disease, pulse characteristics for diagnosis.

The dialectical type].
Kidney deficiency with recurrent miscarriage, backache soft knee, listlessness, frequent urination, dizziness, fatigue, often accompanied by menstrual disorders. Moss thin, light quality, pulse fine Shen.
2 the qi repeated abortion, Shenpi fatigue, heart palpitations, shortness of breath.
Looking gaze intently white or sallow complexion, dizziness, or with menstrual disorders. Moss, thin, pale tongue, weak pulse.

A kidney deficiency Governing Law: kidney Qi tocolysis.
Recipe: the Shoutai Pill.
Dodder 12 Kechuan off 12 15 grams 12 grams Sanger parasitic 9 g Woodwardia 12 grams astragalus the Yasar plastic for the 15 grams of Radix Codonopsis 12 9 g (molten red) Morinda officinalis Kedu Chung Agrimony
2 qi Governing Law: qi nourishing tocolysis.
Recipe: fetal decoction.
12 g 15 g Astragalus Codonopsis 12 grams Atractylodes white peony root 9 g 9 g 10 g Rehmannia 12 Kedu Chung dried tangerine peel 6 Yasar plastic (molten red) angelica 3 gram reduction of 9 g Dodder 12 g Zhigancao: qi deficiency and severe, Jia Jilin ginseng 6 grams (also fried), 2 times service; lower abdomen, a sense of falling, plus Cimicifuga 9 g; backache, Cabo Delgado Chung, 12 g 10 grams Woodwardia; bleeding and Agrimony 30 g.

[Proprietary Chinese medicine]
A weak constitution surplus prompted weak fetal activity and fetal heart rate, can be served Wild ginseng powder, 2 times a day, each 1 gram. More expensive due to the drug, the symptoms improved available Jilin ginseng powder, 2 times a day, each 1 gram.
(2) reference to the proprietary Chinese medicines of threatened abortion.

[Simple square
A. Pig kidneys, one pair of washed, chopped, seasoned with glutinous rice porridge. Applicable to weak kidney, pregnancy nursed back to health.

(2) Angelica 9 grams, 10 grams of Radix Codonopsis, dates of 10, 10 eggs, boiled angelica, Codonopsis, and dates. The concoction filter out abandoned dregs, cooked eggs into the concoction and eat eggs. Weakness for the blood is nursed back to health before pregnancy.

3 refer to the simple side of threatened abortion.

[Other therapies]

Reason of abortion, recurrent miscarriage should be identified due to treatment.
(2) a history of recurrent miscarriage, Chinese medicine, kidney and Qi, the key lies in modulating pre-pregnancy, the prevention of pregnancy after the abortion.
3 refer to the Note of threatened abortion.