Chinese meridian theory in the role of acupuncture

Chinese acupuncture meridian theory – Meridian Theory is the basis of Chinese medicine theory, it yin and yang, five elements, like dirty, Ying and Wei Qi and blood, and other theories formed a complete theoretical system of China. Meridian is the elucidation and analysis of physiological function and pathological changes in doctrine, is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the main theoretical basis for the body. Meridian theory of acupuncture is not only the core, and the clinical departments of Chinese medicine have universal significance
Meridian is the meridian system of the human body through the OK distribution, physiological function, pathological changes and with the organs of one kind of mutual Guanxi theories. It is the Chinese traditional medical theories are an important component of the theory of acupuncture core. It is Doctors from the ancient medical practice in the long-term production and developed, many years, Meridian has been guiding the diagnosis and treatment of Chinese subjects, and the close relationship between the disciplines of acupuncture.
Meridians are meridians and collaterals in general. After that the path of Italy, is the trunk; contact, there is a network of meaning, collaterals are branching out meridians other than meridian small, criss-cross, the whole body. said: “Meridian is where those who support the cross for the contact, contact the other person as the Sun.” They are within the organs, outside the contact support section, communication between the organs and body surface, the contact of human organs tissues and organs to become an organic whole, and to line blood, yin and yang business, so that the functions of ministries of human activities to maintain coordination and relative balance. dialectical meridian acupuncture treatment, acupoints along meridians, acupuncture diarrhea, etc., are all to Meridian based on a theory. So wrote: “When a man who twelve meridians, one reason why students, the sick into the reason, why government people, the sick reason, the study of the beginning of the stop work also. “This shows that the meridian on the physiology, pathology, diagnosis, treatment, and so the importance of, and throughout history have attached great importance to physicians.
Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment is through the barbed acupoints to dredge qi, blood and viscera of the body to restore the functions of regulation, so as to achieve the purpose of medical treatment. The acupoints are the body organs and meridians of the body surface area in the gas infusion, explained that: “section at the turn of 365 will be those collaterals of infiltrating various sections are also.” to further clarify the meridians and acupoints are closely linked. acupoints are vested in the respective Meridian, and Meridian has attached to certain organs, thus making acupoints – Meridian – Organs mutual links become inseparable. acupoints acupuncture treated with this site, such as to correct use of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of disease, we must master the acupoints position, go through, attending a basic common sense. (acupoints has a lot of specific points, such as the Five Shu Points, the original point, contact point, shu points, Mu points, eight influential points, crossing points, etc., are not included Xiangjie ). acupuncture point selection, mostly on the basis of a clear differentiation, in addition to local acupoints used outside, usually to the main acupoints along meridians, or certain meridians or organs are sick, should use the via or the organs of their meridian or the corresponding meridian acupoints to treat. “四 total points” Song Li said: “The belly three years left, back and seeking Commission, the first item to find out short of closing the face and mouth gu.” is the best illustration of acupoints along meridians , a wide range of clinical applications.
Meridian not only have an important role in physiological and pathological changes of note is the clinical guide meridian syndrome and an important theoretical basis for acupuncture. As the treatments were, must have a minimum knowledge of Chinese medicine theory. Any common sense do not understand unknown syndrome, the consequences of random hands, will bring great suffering to patients. would like to use this as a warning.

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