Preventive medicine theory

The purpose of prevention, for the eradication of disease, protect their health. “Classic” in a very early reference to: “saint died has been ill for treating disease. Disease has become the drug of the latter, analogy still Keerchuanjing, fight and cast soldiers, do not have night almost.” In the “via” Prevention of thought, the growing awareness of disease prevention, the main points are as follows.
First, the emphasis on strengthening the body’s own righteousness and the coordination of the relationship between people and the environment. Chinese medicine, diseases, in addition to daily necessities of life is not Festival, and is closely related to natural climate change, and particularly their physical strength of the main factors. So stay healthy, we must first substantial effort, followed by the invasion of exogenous pathogens should be avoided.
Second, the Shanggong treatment of disease, that early prevention, recognizing that no disease prevention first, while early treatment, with half the effort times. Such as the “via” that “evil wind matter to lightning-fast storm, Gushan rulers rule fur, followed by treatment skin, followed by the rule tendons, followed by treatment Six Hollow Organs, followed by the rule five internal organs. Governing the five internal organs are half dead half.” This means that the body against exogenous pathogens, and more income from the table, the disease a priority rule in the fur that, delay will be gradually deepened, until the incoming organs, on the serious and difficult to treat disease.
Third, the “rule of its sprouting Shanggong” early in the disease be controlled, not to expand.Diseases, the development of the law have it, to master the conditions, there must be predictable. Such as “Golden Chamber”, said: “see Liver disease, known liver mass spleen, at the head Spleen.” Because the liver disease often affects the spleen, liver disease if the treatment time to take care of the spleen, the splenic not be damaged, then you can not to liver disease or transferred from easily cured. Chinese medicine attaches great importance to work in the Clinical Development of pathogenic factors, and stressed the need to control the change in time.

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