Hypertension refers to arterial blood pressure caused by circulation of a syndrome, is essential hypertension, hypertension accounted for the vast majority of the number. Secondary to certain diseases caused by hypertension is secondary hypertension, also known as symptoms of hypertension. Hypertension with blood pressure above the normal standard, commonly dizziness, headache, chest tightness, fatigue embolism as the main clinical features, can be complicated organs such as heart, brain and kidney damage in varying degrees of organic. The incidence of hypertension, and genetics, age, occupation, environment, diet and lifestyle habits such as the impact of various factors are closely related. As the main disease in the elderly population, mental stress and strenuous activities often cause a sudden increase in blood pressure. With severe hypertension, heart, brain and kidney damage, the prognosis is poor. Hypertension is a traditional Chinese medicine’s “Vertigo,” “headache” and other areas.

[Etiology and pathology]
The main cause of hypertension or angry for long-term mental stress anxiety, caused by stagnation of the fire; pleases food Feigan or excessive drinking, caused by phlegm endogenous;
Workers want to over or old and feeble, cause liver and kidney loss, in short, the cause of the liver and kidney yin and yang imbalance, evil in the orifices fat-based disease.
Pathological changes of liver qi stagnation, Ikuhisa fire, hyperactivity, Fengyang l move, on the interference orifices, and see headache, dizziness, irritability, mouth pain embolism. Diet, stomach damage, poly wet phlegm, phlegm resistance, Qing Yang does not rise, not fall turbid yin, yang chest does not show, and see dizziness, heavy head, chest tightness embolism. Workers want to renal injury or old age impotence, kidney essence depletion, liver and kidney, yin yang is not convergence, virtual sun on the disturbance, but see the head pain, dizziness, tinnitus, backache embolism. Prolonged course, long patient contact, bleeding within the stop, block context, blood stasis, showing a headache, such as acupuncture, or chest tightness, tingling, numbness, tongue cyanosis, pulse astringent. Sinister and yang, kidney yin and yang is true, does not nourish yin, yang of the loss of temperature measurements have dizziness, weight loss, malaise, fatigue, nocturia embolism. If the liver-yang Zhang storm, the wind with the sun moving, the blood with the gas counter, cross-channeling of qi and disturbance of mind, blind orifices, then see the stroke, syncope re-license.

[Diagnostic points
According to the 1999 World Health Organization (WHO) revised criteria to determine.
Class I hypertension (mild hypertension) systolic blood pressure: 18.67 ~ 21.20kPa (140 ~ 159mmHg) diastolic blood pressure: 12.00 ~ 13.20kPa (90 ~ 99mmHg) borderline hypertension: systolic blood pressure: 18.67 ~ 19.87 kPa (140 ~ 149mmHg) diastolic blood pressure: 12.00 ~ 12.53 kPa (90 ~ 94mmHg) Ⅱ grade hypertension (moderate hypertension) systolic blood pressure: 21.33 ~ 23.87 kPa (160 ~ 179mmHg) diastolic blood pressure: 13.33 ~ 14.53 kPa (100 ~ 109mmHg) Ⅲ grade hypertension (severe hypertension) systolic blood pressure ≥ 24.00 kPa (180mmHg) diastolic blood pressure ≥ 14.67 kPa (110mmHg)

[Dialectical type]
1. Hyperactivity symptoms: headache and swelling, dizziness, irritability, restless night of sleep, or part hypochondriac pain, red face, mouth pain. Red tongue, thin yellow, strong pulse string.
Syndrome analysis: all the wind out dizzy, all belonging to the liver. Of liver failure, liver yang, yang wind, on the interference orifices, it is a headache, and swelling, dizziness; anger Kang Sheng, disturb the mind, the irritability, restless sleep the night; liver and gallbladder qi, inflammation of the fire, the hypochondriac pain, red face accent; red tongue, thin yellow coating, pulse string and powerful are the signs of liver-yang hyperactivity.
2 liver and kidney symptoms: head pain, dizziness, tinnitus, five upset hot, Yaotuisuanruan. Red tongue, little coating, thready pulse or breakdown.
Syndrome analysis: liver and kidney, yin yang is not convergence, virtual sun on the interference, so the head pain, dizziness, ringing in the ears; deficiency heat, the five upset hot; back to the House of kidney, renal bone, impotence is back leg weakness; red tongue, little pain, pulse, are signs of liver and kidney yin deficiency, rapid pulse, compared with deficiency heat signs.
3 phlegm resistance symptoms: headache, heavy, dizziness, chest tightness, nausea, eat less, and more sleep soundly.
Greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse moisten.
Syndromes: phlegm resistance, on the Mongolian-yang, the headache and heavy, dizziness and more sleep soundly; in air resistance, then the chest; cloud overcast, do not drop the nausea; stomach while wasting less food; greasy tongue coating, pulse Confucianism slip, the signs are filled with phlegm.
4. Stop bleeding within symptoms: dizziness, headache, pain such as acupuncture, or chest tightness, tingling; purple tongue or tongue with petechia petechiae, small veins or astringent.
Syndrome analysis: chronic illness into the network, the stopping bleeding, poor context, the dizziness, headache, pain such as acupuncture, or chest tightness, tingling; purple tongue or tongue with petechia petechiae, small veins or astringent, are bleeding within the stop signs.
5. Yin and yang deficiency symptoms: dizziness, forgetfulness, weight loss, dry mouth, five upset hot, Shenpi fatigue, less gas lazy words, or nocturia for, Yaotuisuanruan. Pink tongue, thin, thin weak pulse.
Syndrome analysis: kidney essence, is nothing to charge the brain, orifices empty, so dizziness, forgetfulness; not to support the body, the weight loss; nothing to fluid, the dry mouth; deficiency heat, the five upset hot; sinister and Yang , yang gradually decline measured Shenpi fatigue, less gas lazy words; gasification negative, then for nocturia; kidney in the next, then Yaotuisuanruan; Pink tongue, thin, thin weak pulse, for the yin and yang the like.

[And Treatment]
1. Hyperactivity Therapeutic: Liver and yang.
Recipe: TGD addition and subtraction.
Gastrodia Uncaria 9 g 15 g (later) Abalone shell 30 grams (down) Scutellaria Gardenia 9 g 9 g 9 Kedu Chung Achyranthes 12 g 9 Sanger parasitic Caulis 30 g Fu Shen 12 grams mother of pearl 30 g (down) subtraction with the disease: headaches and even drama, hypochondriac pain, mouth pain, red face, constipation and urinate red is anger partial Wang, plus gentian 6 grams, Prunella 12 grams, 9 grams turmeric to Qing Xie anger.
2 liver and kidney Therapeutic: nourish liver and kidney.
Recipe: Da Bu Yuan Jian addition and subtraction.
Rehmannia 12 grams 12 grams yam Cornus 9 grams 12 grams medlar heterophylla 15 grams, 9 grams of Angelica 9 Kedu Chung Achyranthes 9 grams Tribulus terrestris 9 g chrysanthemum 9 grams subtraction with the disease: Fanre night sweats, plus Cork 9 grams, known Female 9 grams, to Yin Xiehuo.
3 phlegm resistance rule is: phlegm dampness.
Recipe: Banxiabaizhutianma Decoction.
Gastrodia 9 grams 12 grams Atractylodes Pinellia 9 g Poria 12 grams dried tangerine peel 6 Keze diarrhea 15 g Ruddle 30 grams (fry) ginger 5 grams subtraction with the disease: abdominal doors do not eat those, plus Bai Kou Ren 3 g (after below), Amomum 3 g (later) to aromatic stomach qi; tinnitus and hearing loss, plus turmeric 9 grams, 9 grams iris to yang resuscitation; if upset with mouth pain, thirst who do not want to drink, plus berberine 3 grams of skullcap 12 grams, the Thanh Hoa hot phlegm.
Therapeutic bleeding stopped within 4: blood circulation.
Recipe: Tongqiaohuoxue Decoction.
Peach kernel 9 grams 6 grams of safflower 9 g Chuan Xiong Radix 15 g light blue 5 grams ginger 5 grams 0.3 grams 3 grams of licorice musk turmeric iris 9 g 9 g 9 g Bai Mang Asarum 3 g subtraction with the disease: head pain, high blood pressure who increased Ma 9 grams, 15 grams of Ur, Abalone shell 30 grams (down), land turtle worms 9 grams to Pinggan meridians; combined stroke sequelae to BYHWD (Astragalus 30 grams, Angelica 9 grams, Chuanxiong 9 g, red peony 15 grams, 9 grams earthworm) based flavored, Qi Huoxuetongluo Qufeng; chest tightness, tingling, plus dl 9 g state; River?? sub 9 grams, qi and blood circulation to relieve pain.
5. Yin and yang rule is: tune up of yin and yang.
Recipe: Modified Pill.
Rehmannia 15 grams 15 grams of yam Cornus 10 Kedan Pi 10 Keze diarrhea 12 g Poria 12 grams 3 grams of cinnamon (later) attached to piece 10 grams medlar 12 Sanger 12 Kedu Chung Rosa laevigata 12 g 12 g parasitic disease increases with Less: tinnitus and hearing loss, plus magnet 30 grams (down), Schisandra 6 grams, to the potential drop Fuyang; have proteinuria, plus 30 grams of astragalus, psoralen 12 grams, deer grass title 15 grams to kidney Qi, eliminate proteinuria.

[Chinese medicine]
1. Longdanxiegn 6 grams each time, 3 times a day.
2. Qijudihuang nine 6 grams each time, 3 times a day.
3 ZJ each one three times a day.

[Side] is simple
1 lettuce sub-25 grams, boiling crushed to break open after the service, several times a day.

2 fresh white neck 15 live worms, cut open wash the soil, add 100 grams of sugar, half an hour later to be earthworm into liquid serving Dayton, sooner or later, the 1st day, 5 days a course of treatment. For hypertension high blood pressure, dizziness, headache, red face, who upset.

[] Other therapies
Acupuncture: Acupuncture wind pool, Taichong Point. With severe headache, head swelling red face, plus stab temple; filled with hot red face, plus Hoku. With reducing method, the needle 20 minutes, 1 day, 7 days a course of treatment.
Pillow: take wild chrysanthemum, mulberry leaf, plaster, white peony root, Chuan Xiong, magnets, Vitex, green wood, sand and other drugs silkworm amount, made pillow every day and night with no less than 6 hours.
Foot Method: Ur 30 grams (including fry), add a little borneol, before going to bed at night into the basin, heated water Foot Wash, 30 minutes, 10 days for a course of treatment.
Food therapy: celery 250 grams of boiling water for 2 minutes, a small amount of oil, salt and other spices mixed with food for common obesity hypertension.

1 Hypertension is a common disease, such as poor control will gradually involving the heart, brain and kidney and other organs, leading to serious complications, it should be timely diagnosis and treatment.
(2) regular testing of blood pressure, adhere to long-term effective treatment of Chinese and Western medicine to maintain blood pressure stabilized at a satisfactory level.