Coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease, coronary atherosclerosis refers to the blood vessel lumen narrowing.
Obstruction, leading to myocardial ischemia and anoxia caused by heart disease. Precordial pain to feel oppressed, even the shoulder wound, throat, and other parts of the inside of the left upper arm, was paroxysmal or persistent puzzled as the main clinical features. Puzzled by severe pain, often accompanied by sweating, cold extremities, pale lips a bruising, or heart palpitations, shortness of breath. Breathing can not lie, and even the sudden death. According to clinical features, points of primary cardiac arrest, angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias such as five types, including angina and myocardial infarction is the most typical clinical types of coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease in the elderly is a major disease groups, cell exposure to cold food, emotional excesses, and strenuous exercise, etc., and often the incentive for acute coronary heart disease. This disease is one of serious heart disease, often life-threatening. However, if timely diagnosis and treatment, and to take effective preventive measures can reduce and reduce morbidity, sick sickness. Coronary heart disease is a traditional Chinese medicine, “Chest”, “chest pain.” “Really sick”, “Jue heartache ‘and other areas.

[Etiology and pathology]
There are internal and external causes of coronary heart disease divided. Because within the old and feeble, heart, spleen and kidney yin and yang, qi and blood deficiencies; because of the chill outside intrusion, improper diet, emotional disorders, such as overwork, leading to efforts to run blocked, chest pulse Bizu chest pain.
Pathological changes of the old and feeble, kidney has been true, can not inspire the heart-yang, nourish heart vessel, or weary minds, Hao Shang blood, loss and the Heart, can make the heart Qi deficiency, efforts stasis. Chill invasion, containment within the chest-yang, qi Blockage, u Binge Eating Xinmaitong stagnate, stomach damage, transport disadvantage, phlegm obstruct the cold, Xinmaitong Bizu. Conditions fail to materialize, catharsis liver failure, blood stasis, Xinmaitong unreasonable. In short, the heart, spleen and kidney loss, lack of yin and yang qi is the intrinsic cause of coronary heart disease; chill, phlegm, qi stagnation, blood stasis and other Evils Bizu Xinmaitong, loss of chest-yang exhibition Xinmaitong unreasonable, not pain is the outward manifestation of coronary heart disease. Therefore, coronary heart disease is the vacuity of the syndromes.

[Diagnostic points
1 with typical angina pectoris or myocardial infarction without severe aortic valve disease, coronary thrombosis or evidence of heart disease and other diseases.
2 male 40 years old, female patients over the age of 45, resting ECG significantly the performance of myocardial ischemia, or ECG exercise test.
3.40 over the age of patients with cardiac enlargement or heart failure, or papillary muscle dysfunction, with obvious ischemic ECG at rest rather than using other reasons to explain the performance, and high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, two of which were .
4 if necessary with cardiac ultrasound, measurement of myocardial enzymes, radionuclide and coronary angiography and other tests confirm the diagnosis.

[Dialectical type]
1. Hanning Xinmaitong symptoms: heart wound back, each induced by exposure to cold, accompanied by chest tightness, palpitations, shortness of breath, aversion to cold. Dark tongue, white coating, pulse tension.
Syndromes: Zhu Yang disappointment in the chest and switch on the back, chill intrusion, chest-yang has been suppressed, Xinmaitong Blockage, so thorough back chest pain; chest-yang of appetite, air-blocked, so the chest tightness, palpitations, shortness of breath; yang insufficient, Hanning blood, so cold limbs, pale; dark tongue, white coating, pulse tension, are less than yang, chill stagnate waiting.
2, qi stagnation symptoms: pain, mind snapped at the door, looked depressed or Yunu. Partial qi stagnation, chest pain, channeling, pulling the shoulders and back; partial blood stasis, mind tingling, particularly at night or the night, restless heart palpitations. Dark tongue, see petechia or ecchymosis, pulse string or astringent.
Syndromes: emotions fail, liver failure catharsis, qi stagnation, depression, or look so see Yu Nu, the boredom and pain of mind; qi tribulations, the Xiongxie channeling pain, shoulder traction; stagnation, the mind tingling, blood is yin, the night is also negative, so the night Tong Shen; stasis, heart failure has raised, so restless heart palpitations. Dark tongue with stasis, or astringent pulse string for signs of blood stasis.
3 phlegm congestion symptoms: chest pain, shortness of breath, body fat, body weight, tired limbs, fatigue, Yumei; muddy greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse.
Syndrome analysis: spleen transport, spleen Tansheng, entrenched phlegm, chest Yang loss show, Blockage of qi, so chest pain, shortness of breath; spleen governs the muscles, the main l-ching, phlegm spleen, spleen loss of movement, Qing Yang does not rise, so the form of fat body weight, fatigue, tired limbs, Yumei; muddy greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse, are signs of phlegm dampness.
4. Qi and Yin Deficiency symptoms: chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, or dizziness, fatigue, night sweats or spontaneous, oropharyngeal drying; red, or scalloped edges, thin or less, pulse or knot generation.
Syndromes: Chest course of time, Qi, heart failure has raised systolic astringent stagnation, it is chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath; no deficiency in Circulation, the dizziness and fatigue; Qi lost photo is spontaneous; Yin heat the night sweats, oropharyngeal drying; red or scalloped edge, pulse or statement on behalf of, are the signs of Qi and Yin Deficiency.
5 spleen deficiency symptoms: chest pain, shortness of breath, cold, Shenpi backache, urine long, limb swelling or heart palpitations, chest pain while in thorough back, coma breathlessness, cold sweat limb Jue. Pale tongue, white coating, weak pulse or pulse micro-stricken.
Syndrome analysis: spleen deficiency, weak chest-yang, negative effort, showing that chest pain, shortness of breath, cold, Shenpi backache, urine long; Ling Yang and water vapor measurements see palpitations limb swelling heart; kidney failure exhausted, Yang want to de-gas, Xinmaitong Bi astringent, so thorough back chest pain, coma breathlessness, cold sweat limb Jue; pale tongue, white, weak pulse or pulse micro-stricken, both spleen and kidney yang or yang want off of bad like.

[And Treatment]
1. Hanning Xinmaitong rule is: cold yang, blood numbness.
Recipe: Modified Decoction melon wilt shallot.
Trichosanthes Paper 12 g Allium Monkshood 9 g 6 g 9 g Gui sandalwood 6 Kdan reference 15 grams 6 grams of saffron Asarum 3 g subtraction with the disease: severe chest pain endless, not breathing supine, is a very chill Sheng re Permit to Aconitum Chi Shizhi pills (Shu Jiao, Aconitum, monkshood, ginger, etc.) combined Soviet Union combined Pill to warm casual Tongbizhitong.
2. Qi stagnation rule is: qi stagnation, blood circulation and relieve pain.
Recipe: Xuefuzhuyutang.
Bupleurum Radix 12 g Fructus 9 g 9 g 9 g Chuan Xiong Angelica 9 grams 12 grams peach kernel 9 grams habitat safflower 6 Ke Chuan Achyranthes 9 g Campanulaceae 3 g dl 9 g 3 grams of licorice subtraction with the disease: channeling Xiongxie pain, plus Cyperus rotundus 9 grams, 9 grams turmeric to enhance qi stagnation; mind tingling who choose notoginseng powder 2 to 3 grams, or frankincense, myrrh 6 to 9 grams, with blood and pain; palpitations, restlessness, when premature hair who Salviae 15 grams, 30 grams dragon’s teeth, to the heart rather be scared.
3 phlegm congestion rule is: phlegm Xiezhuo, numbness yang.
Recipe: melon wilt Xiebai decoction.
Whole melon wilt Xiebai 6 g 15 g 9 g Citrus Pinellia 15 9 g Poria 15 g Amomum Kdan reference 3 grams subtraction with the disease: moss tired, poor appetite, plus herb 9 grams, to transport card dampness; sputum See hot cloud Ikuhisa dry mouth, mouth pain, red tongue, yellow greasy number of persons, plus berberine 3 grams, 9 grams Jhuru to phlegm; fatigue Yumei who choose 15 to 30 grams of astragalus, party Ref 15 grams, 12 grams Atractylodes, iris 9 grams, the spleen qi, phlegm and refreshing; high cholesterol who choose Puhuang 20 grams (including fry), safflower 6 to 9 grams, 15 to 30 grams of hawthorn to blood lipid-lowering.
4. Qiyinliangxu rule: Qi Yin, nourishing Tongmai.
Recipe: Shengmaisan flavored.
30 grams of astragalus Codonopsis 15 Winter oats 15 g Schisandra odoratum 9 g 6 g 9 g Chuan Xiong Angelica 9 Kdan Ref 15 grams Zhigancao 9 grams jujube 5 subtraction with the disease: heart palpitations, insomnia, plus 12 g Semen , by God, 12 grams, with Anshen; spontaneous perspiration, add glutinous rice root 12 grams, floating wheat 15 grams, the tonic sweating; night sweats, plus Anemarrhena 12 grams to heat antiperspirant; chest pain were gradually drama , the election Corydalis 9 grams, Sichuan?? sub 9 grams, qi and blood circulation to relieve pain.
5 spleen deficiency rule is: Warming spleen, Huoxuetongmai.
Recipe: Pill, Sijunzitang Salvia decoction.
Monkshood 9 g Gui 9 grams 9 grams 12 grams yam Rehmannia Cornus 9 g Poria 15 Keze diarrhea 15 g 30 g Radix Codonopsis Astragalus Atractylodes 15 g 15 g 15 Kdan reference sandalwood 6 g subtraction with the disease: chest pain, back by Toru , plus the system Aconitum 9 grams, 6 grams galangal, Cyperus rotundus 9 grams, to warm the qi and relieve pain; coma breathlessness, cold sweat, limbs Juezhe to Shen Fu Tang (Ginseng 6 to 12 grams, with a film 9 30 grams) to participate in the rescue.

[Chinese medicine]
1. CSDP every 10, 3 times a day.
2 heart-protecting musk pill every 1 to 2 tablets, sublingual attack.
3. Guanxinsuhe Pill each one, severe chest pain, sweating, cold glue technology services.

[Side] is simple
1 30 grams of astragalus, red sage root IS grams, 6 grams of saffron, Corydalis 12 g, 1 day, 2 times service. Supplements for coronary heart disease.

2. Notoginseng powder capsules, each 2 to 4 tablets, 3 times a day. For angina repeatedly made.

[] Other therapies
Plaster Point Application method: in lieu of moxa cream or ointment Hong Gui blood, deposited Xinyu, Jue Yin Yu medium or throttle points.
Foot France: angelica root, red peony, safflower, Millettia, frankincense, myrrh, hematoxylin, Gui other Jianshui, enough for about 30 minutes every night dip.
Food therapy: hawthorn, lotus leaf, Coix seed, 30 grams of rice, porridge, often eaten. Lipid-lowering diet for patients with coronary heart disease.

1 angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, acute onset, especially the latter, dangerous, inappropriate treatment, often life-threatening. Acute onset, should stop the activity, promptly take emergency medicine, and medical attention immediately.
(2) to avoid acute coronary heart disease and factors such as exposure to cold, fatigue, emotional excesses, overeating, etc.
3 active treatment of hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes, adhere to proper exercise, choose low-cholesterol diet, avoiding smoking and drinking tea.