Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis

Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, biliary tract disease is more common. Cholecystitis can be divided into acute cholecystitis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic cholecystitis with acute exacerbation of three types. Cholelithiasis have gallstones, cystic duct stones, common bile duct stones, hepatic duct stones in the other.Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis often reinforce each other, exist. More often in women and obese. The main symptoms characteristic of acute onset of right upper quadrant or epigastric paroxysmal colic, right shoulder and back radiation, and there is tenderness, rebound tenderness and muscle tension, may be associated with fever, jaundice. Main features of chronic symptoms were epigastric discomfort, right upper quadrant pain, abdominal distension, heating gas, such as anorexia and greasy. Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis is a Chinese medicine “hypochondriac”, “knot chest,” “jaundice” and other areas.

[Etiology and pathology]
Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, gall bladder disease located in the bowel, and liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach and other organs related. “Gall bladder were, in essence the House” and its function will depend liver catharsis, store bile, spleen and stomach and contribute to reduced transfusion pass along.
Often due to emotional uncomfortable, eat Feigan, parasitic diseases, exogenous, etc., affect the liver and gallbladder catharsis and the spleen and stomach. Or stagnation of qi cause liver and gallbladder, bile leakage poor; spleen caused by loss of health or transport, damp, lack of suffering into a stone; or internal organs caused by stagnation of qi closed, poor blood, pus obstruct circulation, the formation of cholecystitis, gallstone disease.

[Diagnostic points
1 acute cholecystitis on the abdomen, often after a meal, right hypochondrium or epigastric pain, cramps, fever or yellow is characterized by colonization; chronic cholecystitis is often a lack of typical symptoms, or abdominal discomfort. Pain, bloating, gas heating, anorexia greasy and so on. Clinical manifestations of cholelithiasis on gallstones form.
Large and small parts and complications; acute attack mainly the right upper quadrant severe colic (biliary colic), chills, fever, or accompanied by jaundice, etc.; usually mostly asymptomatic, or only performance of indigestion.
2 acute WBC, neutrophils increased.
3. Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis diagnosed rely mainly on X-ray and B-examination can be found positive for stones or inflammation.
4. Fiberoptic duodenoscopy for cholangiopancreatography (ER-CP), percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PCT), CT of the B-X-ray and found no positive cases have a high diagnosis of cholelithiasis value.

[Dialectical type]
1 qi stagnation symptoms: right upper quadrant colic array for, pain radiation to the shoulder, each a result of changes in emotions intensified, eating less, or mouth pain, belching, nausea, vomiting, mild fever, aversion to cold can be pc . Little red tongue, greasy moss, pulse tension.
Syndrome analysis: emotional uncomfortable, lost in the section of liver, bile excretion, and therefore of right upper quadrant colic array for, pain radiation to the shoulder, each a result of changes in emotions intensified; Fan Wei qi, stomach disharmony down, may have eating less, mouth pain, belching, nausea, vomiting; bile stagnation of heat, may be accompanied by mild fever chills; thin greasy tongue fur, pulse tension signs of stagnation for the liver and gallbladder.
2. Suffocating heat symptoms: persistent right upper abdominal pain or cramps, shoulder pain cited, fever, chills, seizures, chest tightness, poor appetite, vomiting pan against evil, mouth pain in the throat. Greasy yellow tongue coating, pulse tension.
Syndrome analysis: hot and humid Accumulation in the liver and gallbladder, liver network disharmony, bile is not catharsis, it is a persistent right upper abdominal pain or cramps; bile in the body by the side of the line, so the lead shoulder pain; hot and humid inside the knot, evil flaming hot, so have a fever and chills; hot and humid in the resistance, trapped in the spleen and stomach, so see the chest, poor appetite, vomiting pan against evil, mouth and throat; greasy yellow tongue coating, pulse tension is like for the liver and gallbladder damp heat.
3 heat in the blood stasis symptoms: hypochondriac pain, such as thorns, continued difficulty, particularly at night, lead shoulder pain, the pain palpable plot block, abdominal fullness, jaundice, fever, chills and fever when the hair, constipation, urine . Dark purple tongue, tongue with ecchymosis, pulse a few strings.
Syndromes: qi heat in the course of time, poor blood, bleeding to stop the plot, the hypochondriac pain, such as thorns, continued difficulty, particularly at night; bile in the body by the side of the line, so the lead shoulder pain; bleeding visible Pain can reach parts of the plot measuring block; qi stagnation abdominal fullness; heat in the cold and heat when the hair; qi hot junction, the plot stops bleeding, bile obstruction, jaundice and therefore reclaim; evil under the heat forced the large intestine and bladder , there are constipation urine; dark purple tongue, tongue with ecchymosis, pulse a few strings for the bleeding of the card.
4. Sepsis Yongzhi symptoms: abdominal, flank colic refused to press, shoulder pain, lead, continue forever, and chest full of nausea, strong heat, chills, sweating, jaundice, delirium, coma and even then, constipation urinate yellow. Scarlet tongue, yellow rough fur, rapid pulse.
Syndromes: hot and humid the course of time, Yong Zhi hepatobiliary sepsis, air-blocked, so the abdominal, flank colic and rejected by, sustained forever, and abdominal fullness; bile in the body by the side of the line, so the lead shoulder pain; flaming hot sepsis evil, so strong hot chills, sweating; evil bile leak forced hot sepsis, then see jaundice; evil heat sepsis disturb the mind, the delirium, coma; evil under the heat forced the large intestine and bladder, may have constipation urinate yellow; scarlet tongue, yellow rough fur, rapid pulse is hot and humid sepsis Yongzhi of the levy.

[And Treatment]
1 qi stagnation Therapeutic: Shugan. Qi pain.
Recipe: Big Chai Hu Tang San Jia Wei Reiko alloy.
Bupleurum 6 grams peony root 9 g Fructus 15 grams 9 grams of rhubarb skullcap Pinellia 9 g 9 g 9 g turmeric 30 g Money Grass Cyperus rotundus 9 Kechuan?? Sub 9 g dl 9 grams 6 grams of licorice subtraction with the disease : eating less, plus Gallus gallus domesticus 6 grams, to appetizers; have mouth pain, heating, nausea, vomiting, sickness, plus Zuojinwan 9 grams to Acrid bitter drop, Heweijiangni; with fever, plus 30 grams of dandelion, honeysuckle 9 g, 9 g Forsythia, to detoxify.
2. Suffocating heat treatment are: clearing liver and gallbladder, dampness row of stone.
Recipe: Three-gin combined Artemisia decoction.
Money Grass 30 Ridge Jinsha Gallus gallus 9 g 12 g turmeric 15 g 6 g Herba Scutellaria Gardenia 9 g 9 g 9 g Fructus cuspidatum root woody 9 g 9 g 9 g dl 6 grams of licorice subtraction with the disease: fever, chills, plus Bupleurum 9 grams, 30 grams of dandelion to heat; nausea, vomiting, accent throat, plus Zuojinwan 9 grams to Jiangni vomiting; stool unhappy or constipation, plus rhubarb 9 grams, Glauber’s salt 15 grams to Xiehuo catharsis.
3. Qi hot junction, bleeding to stop the plot.
Therapeutic: blood circulation, heat capture.
Recipe: Decoction for Restoration combined Pai Shi decoction.
Peach kernel 9 grams 6 grams of saffron pangolin 9 grams of rhubarb 9 g 9 g Bupleurum Glauber’s salt 15 g turmeric 15 g 9 g Fructus woody capillaris 12 g 9 g 9 g Scutellaria root 9 g cuspidatum money grass 30 grams of licorice 6 grams of subtraction with the disease: abdominal distension Tong Shen, plus fumarate, Sichuan?? child of 9 grams to qi and relieve pain; fever, plus 9 grams of honeysuckle, forsythia 9 grams, 30 grams of dandelion, to enhance the heat power.
4. Humid sepsis, liver and gallbladder Yongzhi.
Therapeutic: heat through pus, stasis.
Recipe: HJD combined Artemisia decoction.
Scutellaria 9 grams berberine 6 grams Treats capillaris 9 g 9 g 9 g rhubarb 6 grams gardenia pangolin 15 g Money Grass 30 Ridge Jinsha 12 g turmeric 9 grams 30 grams of dandelion honeysuckle 9 grams 6 grams of licorice subtraction with the disease: sweating pulse, plus heterophylla 30 g, Radix 9 grams, 6 grams of Schisandra to Qi sweating Fumai; coma and delirium, urgently medroxyprogesterone cattle Huanglong a swallow, to making life easier.

[Chinese medicine]
1. Danning tablets every 5, 3 times a day.
2 tablets every 4 gall gold, 3 times a day.
3. Xiaoyanlidan tablets every 4, 3 times a day.
4 gall capsules 3 capsules each time 3 times a day.

[Side] is simple
1. Cuspidatum root 15 grams, 9 grams skullcap, wood 6 g, Fructus 9 grams, 6 grams of licorice, Shuijianbi day one.

2 Money Grass 30 grams, Lygodium 12 grams, 9 grams turmeric, capillaris, Gardenia, 6 grams of licorice, Shuijianbi day one.

[] Other therapies
Acupuncture: acupoints Yu liver, gallbladder Yu, sun and moon, tributary, or gallbladder Yanglingquan points (singular points), with reducing method.
Acute cholecystitis, acute exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis, biliary colic are:
(1) Gallus gallus (not drowning person) 5, scrubbed, baked crisp on the new tile, research very fine, with skim milk (Method: milk boiling, cooled to the floating clothes) delivery service, 1, after a meal with.
(2) cement 100 grams, to mud, wash, add water, high heat to boil, simmer for 15 minutes, drink juice.
(3) green beans 150 grams, washed, high heat to boil, simmer and boiled, then into the egg white one, into a little seasoning. Day 1.
Chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis by:
(4), wild rice, 250 grams, washed and shredded, Corn 100 grams, washed, soup, drink, day one.
(5) chicken 1 black female, to intestinal mixed into the raw chicken gizzard skin 30 grams of white radish 250 grams, add water, cook until a total bad. To chicken gizzard skin, Dayton sub, sub-day, smaller meals with.
(6) loach 250 grams, beans 100 grams. Loach to the gills and internal organs first, washed, and beans with the wok, fried to a rotten, sub-Dayton take.
Other treatments: endoscopic stone removal, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, surgery.

1 note and rest, to change bad eating habits, prevent acute attacks.
2. Acute hair, should be fasting, the condition improved gradually increase after the liquid, semi liquid and light food.
3 chronic patients, diet should be light, strictly limit the intake of animal fat cholesterol. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, fungus, to intestinal absorption of bile acids, inhibit the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, reducing inflammation. 1500 milliliters of the need to ensure daily water intake to prevent stone formation.Fasting spicy, fried foods, obesity should be a diet to reduce weight.
4. Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis general prognosis is good.