What Cause Illnesses

Many medical books addressed the question “what caused the illnesses?” This question has been asked throughout the human history. The aging/lifestyle related health problems are different with infection and epidemic diseases that occurred in the past.

General speaking , the diseases can be divided into three categories. The first factor is the external threats (bacteria, virus and other external pathogen). The second factor is the internal wound caused by the life style and aging related factors. The last factor is related to the traumatic injuries and genetic mutations, etc,.

Decades ago, most diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, epidemic diseases, and surgical injury. After the discovery of anti-bacteria medicine and the improvement of our hygiene condition, the external threats became insignificant .

Now we often hear about the disease such as cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, back pain and skeletal injuries. All of these problems are not related to external factors directly, but instead, it’s more related to our life style or aging . Smoking, drinking, over-eating, over-working, stress contribute to the problem, our life-span is more longer then before, so we have lot of new problems with the aging. Those new kind of diseases often invade elders. The chance of getting prostate cancer will more likely to occur to someone who’s 50+. All of these factors will affect the Qi energy, resulting weakening of Qi energy, which may cause mutation within our DNA. Finally, our organs, joints, bones, tissues and cells lost control and nourishment.

It is difficult to imagine that if we swallow a tablet of medicine it will cure those diseases the life style and aging related. I believe that the right way for treating those diseases is not directly to annihilate external threats or only broke some place to stop pathogenic pathway, my strategy of therapy for treating this kind of diseases is designated to improve and regulates the Qi energy by the therapy methods of acupuncture, herbal medicine or some self exercises like Qigong and suitable life style. Then get the control of body systems such as the immune, nerve, metabolize and bone-muscle systems. It will eventually restore back the normal function by improving the environment of these pathological changes of cells and genes.

Also I believe that the most effective medicine is keeping body in health condition, which means prevention is the primary concern for us. It is the best way to do some thing before we get cancer or othre illness.Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

The Traditional Chinesel Mmedicine (TCM) has been around for more than 2000 years. It is a different medical system compare to the western medical systems. The TCM have a different history and ideology compared to the western modern medicines. For example, in the early stage of the TCM development, epidemic diseases were serious threat to human in west, while in China, the epidemic diseases are less of a treat. It might be the geographic factors that Chinese Empire was isolated from other empires. The peoples in that time are more aware in the importance of human body self.

From what I know , the TCM is a different theory that is very dissimilar from the western conventional medicine in the ways of understandings of diseases and health. The TCM’s basic treatment is to improve and regulate the Qi (pronounced chee) energy to offer better resistance against both the external and interior pathogenic factors. This will improve the body’s health condition. The therapy methods will include acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, Chinese therapy massage (Tuina), and self exercise methods like Qigong, Taiji and many more.

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