Aplastic anemia

Aplastic anemia is due to bone marrow dysfunction or failure, all to reduce the growth of blood cells caused by the syndrome.Apart from the clinical anemia, but may have bleeding tendencies, recurrent infections. Causes more clear, about 67% of primary, only a small part of the secondary, certain serious infections, bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins suppress bone marrow function can also lead to the disease. Situation according to its onset, blood and bone marrow of different types can be divided into acute and chronic type categories. The disease mostly young adults. Aplastic anemia, poor prognosis acute and chronic aplastic anemia, such as timely diagnosis and treatment, the prognosis is still good. Aplastic anemia is a traditional Chinese medicine, “Consumption,” “Blood” and other areas.

[Etiology and pathology]
Aplastic anemia patients as exerting internal injuries, feelings of anger is not correct, injury or drug toxic blood Killing, the course of time is not complex, caused by spleen deficiency, insufficient essence and blood biochemistry.
Pathological changes of the innate endowment, complex because of Six Exogenous, drug poison Killing cutting blood, or other factors exerting internal injuries, resulting in loss of temper, not biochemical blood, lack of blood; spleen and kidney, due to virtual-induced damage, kidney essence loss of bone marrow test is not sufficient, then the marrow and blood can not be true to life. Often see the disease related to the five internal organs: spleen lost in the Blood, a guilty conscience can not be the main blood, liver failure in virtual possession of the blood, kidney and blood loss, internal organs can not be transferred outside the Camp David Chen can not sprinkle the meridians, health and lack of external power Exogenous easy to suffer heat.

[Diagnostic points
1 The main clinical manifestations of anemia, bleeding and recurrent infections three syndrome.
(2) acute aplastic anemia of rapid onset, progress rapidly, often to the surface and internal bleeding, infection, fever, led from the main performance. Onset of chronic aplastic anemia and progress are slow, mainly for the symptoms of anemia, bleeding and infection, mild fever.
3 Physical examination can be found in anemia, skin and mucous membrane petechiae, ecchymosis, etc.; severe anemia with enlargement of the heart, the apex could be heard and systolic murmur hair samples. Liver, spleen, lymph nodes generally do not.
4 peripheral blood cells was (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets) reduced the absolute reticulocyte decrease.
5 Bone marrow examination showed that at least in part to reduce the proliferation or severe reduction; or giant cells decreased or disappeared; bone marrow hematopoietic cells Africa ingredients.

[Type] dialectical
1 blood deficiency symptoms: slow onset, looking Shaohua, dizziness, short breath, fatigue, poor appetite. Tongue pale, thin, empty pulse string. Occasional muscle bleed at the nose.
Syndrome analysis; temper deficiency, loss of operation of the Division, Water Valley, not subtle metaplasia, lack of qi and blood source, blood deficiencies, not on the wing head, face, and therefore meet the color Shaohua, dizziness; not sufficient to support the body, so short Gas fatigue; spleen lost in the health movement, sodium gastrointestinal dysfunction Valley and mass-based, so poor appetite;
Tongue pale and thin, empty string for the deficiency of blood pulse less of the levy.
(2) liver and kidney symptoms: pale, dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, waist and legs and knees, throat dry mouth, Nvxue, bleeding more common. Red tongue, thin coating, pulse string breakdown.
Syndromes: liver and kidney deficiency, Yin and Blood are not students, Yin and both small, not on the wing in the head, face, so pale and dizzy; Yin raw heat, virtual fire disturbance, the upset throat; Lumbar kidney House, kidney dystrophy, it Yaotuisuanruan; kidney yin deficiency lack, lack of marrow, brain loss of support, the tinnitus; liver and kidney, virtual contact burns caused by Nvxue, bleeding. Tongue red pulse string breakdown are the signs of liver and kidney.
3 spleen deficiency symptoms: pale or sallow complexion and dark dark and minimalist, a pale lips, dizziness, head flowers, Shenpi fatigue, tinnitus, palpitations, eating less pond, aversion to cold. Tongue pale, bitter self, pulse.
Syndromes: Spleen deficiency, can not be shipped cereal essence, lack the source of qi and blood, caused by lack of blood, so to meet the color pale or sallow complexion and dark, a pale lip; blood deficiency can not be on the wing, the dizziness, head flowers, ringing in the ears; kidney shortage, lost in the warmth, it chills; spleen deficiency, Qing Yang does not show, do not fire immature soil, so eat less, loose stools; blood does not raise the heart, the palpitations array for;
Pale tongue, white fur, thin pulse are signs of yang deficiency.
4 yin and yang deficiency symptoms: both five upset hot, sweating, thirst, disease, etc. See Yin, another white face, chills, face swollen limb superficial as they keep out other Yang performance.
Syndromes: spleen and kidney, due to virtual-induced damage, loss, and yin-yang, so the yin and yang, yin and thus may have less, easy to move virtual fire performance: five upset hot, sweating, thirst; have kidney is less than , chill to be filled, lost in the warmth of the performance: white face, chills, swollen face for limb superficial, loose stools and so on.
5 hot business of blood poisoning symptoms: pale white, dizziness or headache, coma, strong heat reclaim, Nvxue or vomiting blood, blood in the stool, purpura, more common than menstrual leave out. Pale tongue, yellow greasy or rough, large number of virtual clock.
Syndromes: Congenital deficiency, but also feel the errors of the gas, blood cult poison Killing injury, caused by Yin Deficiency, it is to meet white, dizziness, or pain on the tongue yellow rough, large number of virtual clock; evil into the camp blood, so the strong heat to subside; evil trap pericardium is coma delirium; long restrain evil heat, Hao Shang Zhen Yin, consumption of blood moving blood and see vomiting, blood in the stool, purpura, uterine bleeding and so on.

[Type] treatment
A blood deficiency rule is: BNI.
Recipe: Modified Ba Zhen Tang.
3 grams of ginseng Astragalus Atractylodes 12 grams 12 grams 12 grams angelica peony root 9 g Chuanxiong 6 grams Rehmannia 15 g Poria 12 grams 6 grams of licorice jujube 15 grams subtraction with the disease: a guilty conscience fright, plus Schisandra 6 grams, keel 30 grams, by Anshen; muscle bleed at the nose, plus Agrimony 15 grams, 12 grams of Eclipta to perturbation of blood to stop bleeding.
(2) treatment of liver and kidney are: nourishing liver and kidney.
Recipe: Da Bu Yuan Jian addition and subtraction.
Ginseng Rehmannia 12 g 3 g 9 Kedu Chung Cornus medlar 12 grams 12 grams angelica peony root 12 g Radix 9 g 9 g 12 g yam medicine Sunburn turtle version 9 grams 6 grams of licorice subtraction with the disease: see signs of bleeding, could to Angelica, Eucommia; purpura, plus Eclipta 12 grams, Ligustrum lucidum 12 grams, 15 grams Agrimony to kidney Liver, cooling blood to stop bleeding; epistaxis, add Rhizoma Imperatae 15 g, 12 Oriental Arborvitae grams, cooling to stop bleeding; if fever, can be added Artemisia annua 9 grams. Digupi 12 grams, Dan 12 grams, with heat and cooling blood.
3 spleen deficiency rule is: Warming Spleen, BNI Recipe: Yougui Pill Astragalus Codonopsis 15 grams 15 grams 12 grams Atractylodes Poria Rehmannia 12 g 12 g 15 g yam medicine mountain Grammy 9 g 12 grams medlar antler 9 g Dodder 12 Kedu Chung 12 g Angelica 9 grams cooked with block 9 grams of cinnamon 2 g jujube 15 grams of licorice 6 grams subtraction with the disease: chills, loose stools, can be added psoralen 9 g , Epimedium 12 grams, to Warming yang.
4 yin and yang rule is: make Yin Yiyang Recipe: deficiency were mainly to YouguiWan; kidney were to Zuoguiwan based.
Rehmannia 9 g 12 g yam dogwood 9 Kedu drug Chung medlar 9 g 12 g 15 g Dodder turtle version of antler pieces 12 g 12 g Achyranthes 9 grams Angelica 9 grams subtraction with the disease: partial deficiency, plus 12 g Radix , Cistanche nourishing yin; partial Yang, plus cinnamon 2 g tuber 9 g Warming kidney.
5 toxic heat-blood rule is: cooling blood detoxification.
Recipe: Decoction rhino horn to yellow.
Ginseng 9 g habitat 15 grams 15 grams peony Scrophularia 12 Kedan Pi 9 grams of rhino horn powder 2 grams (swallow) Folium 15 grams forsythia 9 grams subtraction with the disease: If bleeding severe, plus ten gray pill 30 g (including fry) cooling blood to stop bleeding; coma and delirium, plus Angongniuhuang a pill, water mill feeding, or Zixue 4 g (swallow), the pure heart resuscitation.

[Chinese medicine]
1 piece every 4 compound placenta, 3 times a day 2 pills each time the river Da-4 grams, 2 times a day

[Simple] side
1 3 grams of ginseng decoction delivery service, Placenta powder 6 grams, 2 times a day can make Qi Yuan, fill fine marrow.

2 Astragalus 12 grams, Codonopsis 9 grams, Angelica 9 grams, jujube 7, Shuijianbi day 1 fried, 2 service. For blood deficiency anemia.

[Other therapies]
Acupuncture: Ojo acupoints, Zusanli, absolutely bone, moxibustion to the rule of law, with a strong role in blood.
Water treatment:
Shenqi mutton soup: Ginseng 30 grams, 50 grams of astragalus, lamb 500 grams of food into the sauce after cooking together can be Wenshen spleen, nourishing Qi.

1 should be a clear cause, symptomatic treatment immediately.
2 according to its deficiency, bleeding and infection performance in three areas should follow the “acute symptoms, slow the cure” principle.
3 diet conditioning, avoid spicy foods, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
4 shelter from the wind cold, anti-cold, to prevent infection.