Cushing’s syndrome

Cushing’s syndrome, also known as Cushing’s syndrome, is due to adrenal tumors, pituitary tumors, or ectopic tumors of different causes, resulting in the adrenal cortex to secrete glucocorticoids (mainly cortisol) over the formation of the clinical syndrome. To central obesity, moon face, skin, acne, purple striae, hirsutism, diabetes tendency, hypertension syndrome, sexual dysfunction and female masculinity as the main clinical features. The disease is more common in female, male to female ratio of 1:2 ~ 1:3, age 20 to 40 majority. Prognosis of this disease due to different causes quite different, adrenal cancer or ectopic tumor metastasis, as well as with heart failure, cerebrovascular accident, uremia, or severe infection, the prognosis is poor. Cushing’s syndrome is a traditional Chinese medicine “liver-yang,” “phlegm” and other areas.

[Etiology and pathology]
The cause of Cushing’s syndrome by the emotions fail, Laojuan injured spleen, liver and spleen, caused by endogenous heat, or because of exogenous six evils, heat together evil, however, then-fire Shangyin, ultimately sinister and yang, yin and yang. Those who have ferrite Yinxue.
Pathological changes of the angry liver damage, liver failure be reached, wood insult soil, or Laojuan spleen injury are caused by temper wasting. Spleen middle earth, the main transport of moisture. Liver depression and spleen dam u wet depression of heat, hot and humid to be filled, so see the thoracodorsal obesity, moon face, acne skin. Heat of the fire, suffering fluid and blood, both fluid and blood loss, and the spleen limbs, loss of transportation spleen, and blood is not sufficient to support the limb, the limb weakness weight loss. Qi and blood stagnation, falling into stasis, excess skin you see in purple lines. Disease for a long time can cause liver and kidney yin deficiency, yin is made vertigo. Ultimately sinister and positive, caused by yin and yang, two bad form and spirit.

[Diagnostic points
1 central obesity, moon face, skin, acne, purple striae, hirsutism, hypertension syndrome, masculine and female sexual dysfunction and so on.
(2) reduction of blood eosinophils, hypokalemia, impaired glucose tolerance, high blood sugar, plasma cortisol (F) increased, and the loss of circadian rhythm, low-dose dexamethasone suppression test was positive.
3.X-ray examination showed sellar expansion, osteoporosis, spinal compression deformities may have.

[Type] dialectical
1 liver and spleen damp heat symptoms: thoracodorsal obesity, moon face, facial shine, acne-prone skin purple stripes, thin limbs, fatigue, impatience irritability, mouth pain, dry mouth, Ambassador viscosity unhappy, yellow urine. Red tongue, yellow greasy, slippery pulse string.
Syndrome analysis: spleen center soil, the main transport of moisture. Liver qi stagnation, wood insult on injury temper, spleen damp depression, phlegm inner product, then the chest and back fat; wet depression of heat, hot and humid to be filled, then see the full moon face, facial shine, acne-prone; heat of the fire,suffering and blood, and blood all loss, loss of limbs and blood sufficient to support the measure in weight loss and fatigue; blood deficiency and blood stasis, the skin purple lines; anger on the inflammation, the impatient irritability, dry mouth, mouth pain; hot and humid the next trend, the stool viscosity unhappy, yellow urine; red, yellow and greasy fur, slippery pulse string, both liver and spleen disharmony, heat filled the levy.
(2) qi and blood stasis symptoms: depression, chest tightness like Tai Xi, dark complexion stagnation, skin ecchymosis purple stripes, and no rules to reduce menstruation. Dark red tongue or ecchymosis, thin white fur, wiry pulse, or astringent.
Syndromes: liver qi stagnation, poor emotional catharsis too, so depressed, chest tightness like Tai Xi; qi and blood stagnation, falling into stasis, the blood is difficult on the wing, the dark complexion stagnation; stasis skin, the skin ecchymosis purple pattern; Blood uterus and no rules to reduce the measurement period; dark red tongue or ecchymosis, thin white fur, wiry pulse, or astringent, both qi and blood stasis of the levy.
3 hyperactivity symptoms: headache, dizziness or vertigo, and even then the muscle vibration, irritability, facial flushing, palpitations, insomnia, dreaminess spermatogenesis, waist and knees, menstrual disorders. Tongue red, less pain, pulse string breakdown.
Syndromes: liver and kidney, liver yang, the measured interference curettage or dizziness headache; virtual wind dynamic test muscle vibration; anger on the inflammation, the irritability, facial flushing; fire disturbance of mind test palpitationsInsomnia;
Fire disturbance fine room, is spermatogenesis; back to the House of kidney, renal bone, kidney, then the waist and knees; liver and kidney deficiency, Chong and Ren disorders measured menstrual disorders; red, less pain, pulse string breakdown, are the yin of the levy.
4 yin and yang deficiency symptoms: dizziness, tinnitus, backache limb soft, bone is not strong, dry mouth and not think of drinking, lower extremity edema, amenorrhea, infertility, women’s, men’s impotence and premature ejaculation. Nenhong tongue or tongue body fat, thin white or slightly greasy moss, pulse.
Syndromes: kidney essence marrow filling the brain, Yin falling, kidney essence deficiency, no dizziness, ringing in the ears measured more than sufficient; the waist of the internal organs as the kidney, kidney bone, kidney backache limb soft, not strong bone ; renal water-based officials, Yin and yang, yang is not enough liquid water transpiration gasification, the mouth does not think of drinking, lower extremity edema; less true essence, Vital Huoshuai, the woman heard by infertility, man impotence premature ejaculation; tongue Nenhong or tongue body fat, thin white or slightly greasy moss, pulse small, are yin and yang of the levy.

[Type] treatment
1 liver and spleen heat treatment: Liver and spleen, heat and dampness.
Recipe: Long Dan Xie Gan Xiaoyaosan combined addition and subtraction.
Bupleurum 9 grams Angelica 9 grams Atractylodes 9 grams peony root 9 g Poria 12 grams habitat 12 Keze diarrhea Akebia 6 g 12 g 9 g Scutellaria Coptis 3 g mte masts 9 g gentian 6 grams subtraction with the disease: Nights disturbed sleep soundly, mental excitement, plus the dragon teeth 30 grams (fry), magnet 30 grams, in order to calm the nerves; purpura were evident, Salvia miltiorrhiza 15 g, Radix 15 grams, with heat circulation; skin acne HSV who the soil Poria 30 grams, Viola 30 grams, to detoxify.
(2) qi and blood stasis treatment: Liver qi, promoting blood circulation.
Recipe: Chaihushugan San Taohongsiwutang addition and subtraction.
Bupleurum Radix 15 g 9 g 9 g Xiang Fu Citrus aurantium Chuanxiong 9 g 9 g 9 g peach kernel 9 grams of Angelica 6 Kdan parameters safflower Lithospermum 15 g 15 g 15 g 3 grams of licorice Motherwort subtraction with the disease: Xiongxie thorn pain who Kagawa?? sub 9 grams, Corydalis 9 grams, 9 grams turmeric to help Shugan Qi, circulation and pain relief; stagnation of the fire damage to Yin, see accent constipation, dry mouth, Jiadan Pi 9 grams, gardenia 9 grams, 15 grams of raw land, to Liver Xiehuo, Yin intestines; upset, insomnia, plus Suanzaoren 12 grams, 30 grams Caulis, Albizia 15 grams of heart to liver Ning.
3 yin rule is: Yin and Yang, Pingganxifeng.
Recipe: TGD addition and subtraction.
Gastrodia Uncaria 9 g 15 g (later) Abalone shell 15 Kedu 12 sec 12 g Achyranthes parasitic Sanger Fu Shen 12 g 12 g 30 g keel Caulis Gardenia 9 g 30 g 12 g turtle version of Rehmannia 15 g subtraction with the disease: headache, irritability, high blood pressure, plus Prunella 1 g, antelope powder 0.3 g (red) to heat Pinggan buck; five upset 8, plus Anemarrhena 9 grams, Dan 9 g , turtle shell 12 grams, compared to Ziyinqingre fire frivolous, nocturnal emission frequency of the author, plus Cork 9 grams, 15 grams aspartame help people Ziyin Xiehuo.
4 yin and yang rule is: Warming Yin.
Recipe: Ji Sheng Shen Qi Pill.
Rehmannia 15 grams 15 grams of yam dogwood 10 Keze diarrhea 108 10 Kedan Pi Poria 10 grams of cinnamon powder 2 grams (versus service) with a piece Plantago Achyranthes 10 grams 10 grams 15 grams (including fry) Cuscuta 12 g Epimedium 12 g subtraction with the disease: weak limbs soft, easy to cold, add 15 grams of astragalus, Codonopsis 12 grams or combined Yu Ping Feng San, Qi group to the table; edema worse, plus Polyporus 15 grams, 15 grams of melon skin , red bean 30 grams, to help facilitate water swelling; bone is not strong who Zhuojia Drynaria 12 grams, 12 grams Loranthaceae to Bushenzhuanggu; impotence election plus Placenta powder 3 grams (versus service) , Curculigo 9 grams, to kidney yang.

[Chinese medicine]
1 Longdanxiegn 6 grams each time, 3 times a day.
2 Zhibai yellow nine 6 grams each time, 3 times a day.

[Simple] side
Habitat 30 grams, Scrophulariaceae 10 grams, Anemarrhena 10 grams, Treats 10 grams, Shuijianbi Beverage Service 2 times a day for Cushing’s syndrome is a Yin Huo-wang.

[Other therapies]
External: Lithospermum, Smilax, 30 grams, Coptis 10 grams, Jianshui after cooling, with a sterile gauze dressing acne sores blisters.
Auricular needles buried: alternate use of endocrine, stomach, spleen, kidney point, each time taking each hole, buried the needle 3 to 5 days.
Water treatment:
(1) green beans 30 grams, Yiyiren 50 grams, 50 grams of rice, porridge eat it regularly for the disease, dry mouth, mouth pain, see the liver and spleen damp moss greasy.
(2) Huang Jing, medlar 20 grams, 150 grams of lean pork, add appropriate amount of rice wine, salt, fried onions, applies to this disease wang see dry mouth drink, dizziness backache were.

1 Cushing’s syndrome is adrenal hyperactivity is the most common type, duration of diabetes tend to have complicated and prone to electrolyte imbalance should be noted. Due to adrenal tumors or adrenal hyperplasia after surgical removal later, acute risk of adrenal insufficiency, should be properly handled.
(2) should not be tired, catch cold, as warm and prevent colds.
3 diet should be low-fat, low sugar, rich in vitamins, protein, and digestible.