The pediatric treatment method and traditional Chinese medicine dosage regimens of internal governance medication in children points

Pediatric physiological characteristics of the delicate organs, qi is not sufficient, the body is “in the body of the Zhi Yin Zhi Yang, pathology fever easily, rapidly changing, cold and heat conversion soon, a little attention to light lesions weight ill turn crises pediatric illness to gain time, prompt treatment can not be delayed.

Medication to find out the cause, identify the list of diseases, cold and heat, and the actual situation of the property, the extent of dysfunctional organs, only to master the law of syndrome differentiation, in order to give a correct and effective treatment Recipe pediatric dirty gas Qing Ling Yi trend rehabilitation, with timely, correct medication is often effective even speed. If the medication is slightly improper, it is extremely easy to damage internal organs function, and promotes the dramatic changes in condition. Doctors Qing Wu Ju Tong warm Diseases identified in particular: their medication, a little to stay the lag slightly heavier hurt slightly incorrect syndrome Mozhi in his village, to catch the wind caught the shadow turn save turn drama turn to take a turn away. “pediatric medicine, not only to timely, correct, should also be cautious. Cautious medication, not only to check against drug use, even if the cross-checks on the dosage and administration time, we must pay great attention to the excessive use will also lead to adverse reactions, ranging from vomiting Pan evil, while various drug reactions, the rhubarb will cause violent diarrhea, Aconitum affect heart function, tonkinensis will cause severe vomiting. The duration of drug, taking into account the children with their physical condition, especially chronic disease, long-term use of Chinese medicine, should identify the physical conditions, such as ferrite Yin, but need to take the herbs warm traditional Chinese medicine treatment of certain diseases, must be controlled The hot drug administration time, and strengthen the observation of symptoms,, or warm Drug certain amount Yangyin drugs, and prevent further damage Yin-chun.

[To the disease lasts]

This medication other characteristics of the children within the rule, weak body in children, such as vegetation Fang Meng, the reaction of the Chinese and Western medicine are very sensitive, the application must be based on the individual characteristics of children with disease severity of distinction, not dry articles shall be, in particular, great bitterness, Big Chill, Okara, heat and toxic, attack the product, the application must be prudent. The bitter cold medicine will cut the gas cutting germinal, if too long of righteousness can damage the spleen and stomach injuries, often dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration, sodium food sluggish, fraudulent claims vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal Leng Tong, and always ; pungent and hot Chinese medicine enough to wear and tear really overcast, the symptoms the damage fluid and blood, the light “lit”, such as throat dry pain, thirst, nose bleeding, large easy to knot, eyes, noses and dry weight there may be dizziness, insomnia, thirst, night sweats, afternoon hot flashes, scanty dark urine, etc.; Gongfa the agent used improper cause children Qiyin losses, or cause vomiting, diarrhea and more than qi deficiency liquid off cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Pediatric medication not only timely, correct, caution must also be the disease lasts. Such as the treatment of children with viral influenza, a high fever, sweat not, Xin Liang Xie table, bitter cold antidote treatment. Generally 2 to 3 days, the fever is a retreat, Fang divergence with the bitter cold medicines, should be reduced generally medication l ~ 2 days to withdrawal. Another example is the treatment of pediatric Indigestion, Malnutrition commonly the digestion Daozhi of goods, when the children stopped due to food stagnation, abdominal distention after consumer guide drug disappears, smooth stool, tongue tired of the net, appetite can be improved, this is food stagnation eliminate the performance, if it’s wrong to think that the of these digestion Daozhi drug can be used to open the appetite, and to continue the long service down, it would be counterproductive, not only appetite will turn to stay, but also lead to a weak stomach dysfunctional and Spleen symptoms.

[To seize the disease essentially correct syndrome]

In the treatment of children with diseases, drug treatment for a major cause, and should learn to grasp the nature of the disease. To do this, we must be good with the means of the four diagnostic methods, collecting dialectical information, a comprehensive understanding of the causes of the disease, analysis of the clear onset mechanism to grasp the nature of the disease, to vote to check against drugs. Such as infant diarrhea, can be hot and humid, fresh wounds, spleen and other causes, a far cry from the actual situation of cold and heat, must therefore be carefully dialectical to follow due chasing source. If it is hot and humid, with the digestion Daozhi Recipe as consumer milk pills, security and pills; while spleen caused when using health when the Recipe with heat and dampness, such as Pueraria Scutellaria Coptis soup; fresh injury caused when spleen antidiarrheal herbs, such as Shenling Atractylodes scattered. Treatment of such diseases is to seize the main contradiction, Chinese often stressed that the treatment will seek the “this” refers to the main contradiction of the disease. Of course, sometimes based on the specific circumstances of contradictions transformation should be treated with flexibility Malnutrition in children is a chronic nutritional disorders need to spleen qi-based, but caught a cold, it should be thoroughly heat relieving the cold Governance good conditioning, and then go to this is the “acute treat the symptoms, slow then treat the” rule. Some diseases long course of treatment, but not intermittent treatment, such as leukemia, skin infections, skin infections, is the “standard” leukemia this, when the treatment necessary to “solve the problem” in order to be effective.

【Medication needs to take into account the pediatric infuriating]

In children, such as vegetation Fang Meng, temperament tender, and viability. Treatment of disease, we must pay attention to helping pediatric infuriating the medication not make improper Gongfa. The so-called children infuriating both yang, Yin-chun on the organs is concerned, and also involving the liver, spleen lung and kidney five internal organs of gas. Safeguard children infuriating, is an important factor to promote disease improvement, If we blindly Gongfa, despite infuriating unnecessary damage to the gas consumption Shangyin loss Yang, scattered blood can be generated, it is unlikely the primary disease recovered. Attack evil sure can not hurt being significantly Tixu evil sick children, physically weak children with colds, the divergence among supplemented righting parameters Su drink is typical prescription treatment of such cold. Even healthy children suffering from a cold, nor high-dose use of the divergent Chinese medicine, such as ephedra, Guizhi, Notopterygium gas with sweat vent, Khan Shangyin little attention can cause Qiyin Haoshang. In addition, the weakness of the card using the fill method, we should pay attention to complement rather than stagnation, delicate organs in children, “The spleen is often insufficient, Jun fill excessive can easily lead to damage the gas machine Yongzhi, stomach function appears poor appetite, abdominal distension Oue, chest tightness, so instead damage the spleen and stomach, affecting transport and functions, g-generation pediatric infuriating. Thus usually linked to children taking tonic to tune up the body, it must be noted to Do more medication, do not take medication. Drug rectify the goods, there are partial Yuan Dynasty physicians Zhu Dan said: “Although the parameters of the generation of the stilbene for sex also partial” pediatric disease is not more clothes tonic, the sick can not be indiscriminately drugs. In order to achieve the health-care purposes, the drugs make up less Sibu, usually pay attention to food conditioning can also make children healthy.

【Conditioning emphasis on pediatric disease]

Pediatric illness, especially in acute infection of sexually transmitted diseases, often there will be a series of virtual loss symptoms, where to qi deficiency or Qiyin the two losses most can also be expressed as blood deficiency or gas yang deficiency. To the the organs belonging analysis, lung deficiency, beer imaginary, kidney. Healed digestive diseases such as respiratory diseases healed, often there may be lung deficiency, such as low-grade fever, fatigue, surface white shortness of breath, such as moving the sweating, the then should the lungs Yangyin, take some time Shenmai drink; spleen can often appear qi is weak, such as the less satisfied Fruit Fresh, Shenpi fatigue, the stool is not solid, spontaneous sweating, then taking Yupingfengsan six sub Xiangsha pill spleen qi; urinary tract disease and central nervous system diseases, often kidney, such as backache, fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, urine clear long, weakness, memory loss, restless sleep last night, the application of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan Pui kidney qi.

These are just examples of pediatric disease can also occur after a guilty conscience, liver deficiency, heart and spleen, liver and kidney, are required. Pediatric disease after conditioning, the TCM special attention to the spleen and stomach, because not only children with growth and development, thanks to the spleen and stomach subtle sufficient to support, and the recovery of the disease, but also depends on the stomach and fit, transportation and strong, in order to ensure plenty of righteousness, Royal evil cured evil. Five internal organs performance in children, spleen often insufficient, so after conditioning in pediatric disease, should everywhere take into account the stomach, spleen and stomach, physical strength can be restored quickly. Spleen and Stomach, your health movement, rather than obstruct complement and consumer guide.