pediatric commonly Governing Law

[Shufeng solution table method]

Pediatric skin is tender and thin, Cou reason not close guard outside the function is not solid, the most easy to feel the evils and the onset of the invasion, the cult poison Yu in the muscular form, to compete with the righteousness can be high fever, aversion to wind or no sweat. Shufeng solution table, sweating sparse evil cult poison Ministry muscle table from sweat and solutions. Shufeng solution method is mainly used exogenous table card table, is generally divided into of Xin Wen relieving and Xin Liang Xie table. Xin Wen relieving cold table card commonly used The Jing anti sepsis bulk ephedra soup, onions drum soup, sweating stronger drugs the ephedra with the Gui, Notopterygium, sage followed, Jing anti weaker; Sim cool solution table for the prima facie evidence of wind-heat, commonly Sang Ju Yin Yinqiaosan Sang Ju Yin is mainly used for heating light and cough the heavier card Yinqiaosan mainly for cough mild fever weight of card.


The performance of the children with the five internal organs, lungs delicate lung skin and hair evil Yu in the lung, the most susceptible to heat of evil Yu Lian-chun as sputum, phlegm pulmonary collaterals, lung failure Xuan Su, cough. The common certificate asthma, lung
And inflammation Chuansouyin. Asthma cold and heat, and the the Han Tan within volt often cold evil beam in the lung due to warm the lung the cold, Zhikepingchuan method available treatment Xiaoqinglongtang three bend soup common side; thermal sputum intrinsic often the evil Fanfei wind-heat, or cold depression of heat due to need heat phlegm, cough and asthma, the Maxinshigan soup, Dingchuantang common side. The pneumonia Chuansouyin cold and heat, but the pathogenesis of lung obstruction, so the use of cough and asthma, need to take into account the open Xuanfei gas.


Mainly apply dry the evil heat flaming heat syndromes. Clearing heat and can be divided into Gan Hanqing heat, bitter cold Qingre, the bitter cold Xiere, salty cold Qingre evil heat in the table should be in the inside, is a gas, the case of the blood and into the dirty, into the internal organs, such as the Diagnosis and Prescription. Evils table evil entirely from the table into solution available Gardenia drum soup, Coptis soup Pueraria skullcap, Qingrejiedu thoroughly evil; evidence is the Yangming inside with heat, the main heat fluid available white tiger soup; damp heat of the fire or heat nostalgia available Pulsatilla Decoction YCHT,, nectar disinfection the Dan qingrejiedu dampness; warm the evil into the camp blood, hair as Shenhun, rash, available Qingyingtang Xijiaodihuang soup Qingrejiedu cool blood; When the hepatobiliary Huowang, Long Dan Xie Gan Qingrejiedu Xiehuo, available.

【Liangxue hemostasis

Mainly used for bleeding syndromes, such as epistaxis, teeth bleed, blood in the urine, blood in the stool, purpura. Blood syndromes due to blood heat Wang Xing, the blood is not followed by the cause, but the blood syndromes in children often can Qi, Yin, spleen, resulting in the disease complex and changeable, so with the qi, Yin cooling bleeding Recipe spleen drugs with. The common cooling bleeding prescriptions yellow soup, Xijiaodihuang Yu Nvjian, Qingyingtang of spots soup. The single herb effective hemostasis traditional Chinese medicine, such as ginseng Panax, white, Agrimony, as well as proprietary Chinese medicines Yunnanbaiyao with the Liangxue hemostatic prescription with strengthen hemostatic effect.

[Ann roundworm drive by the law]

Children during the most vulnerable to contact with unclean thing, and often contaminated eggs into the mouth caused by infection. On roundworm deworming method is mainly applied in ascariasis ascariasis in the highest incidence of childhood, and a variety of complications can occur. Second the pinworm, comprehensive insect also need timely insecticide treatment. The common roundworm the complications of ascariasis and roundworm obstruction. Occurrence of these complications, violent anthelmintic, but cause manic scrambling parasites, aggravate the condition, should security roundworm relieve pain main square with ebony balls the be sick moderated, re piperazine citrate. Get rid of intestinal parasites, such as get rid of roundworm, commonly chasing insects pill under insect balls, single herbs gentleman bitter Building root bark piperazine citrate pills are effective; drive pinworm commonly used to make a gentleman with rhubarb, with the one hundred the decoction enema; taeniafuge commonly used pumpkin seeds, betel nut.

【The digestion Daozhi Law】

Mainly applicable to pediatric diet is not adjusted, the stagnation of milk food certificates, such as infant diarrhea, Indigestion, Malnutrition, anorexia. Pediatric stomach weak, easily injured by drinking milk, the diet section, unbridled food excesses, the spleen and stomach of dereliction of duty, ranging from vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, abdominal pain, weight, compared with the plot as rickets, the impact of growth and development. Commonly used the digestion Daozhi prescriptions, such as factoring and nine the consumer milk pill, the right to the real Daozhi balls, single herbs Gallus gallus domesticus, malt, hawthorn, six, the radish seed have digestion Daozhi the efficacy. Such as malt can eliminate milk food toxins, hawthorn can eliminate meat greasy the six the Shanhua Valley food toxins, radish seed can eliminate wheat flour plot, Gallus gallus domesticus is able to eliminate all kinds of food product, there are appetizers role. Use the digestion Daozhi law, often by adding spleen qi, heat the drug to improve the efficacy of maintenance stomach.

[Zhenjingpian Kaiqiao]

Mainly applies to children with convulsions, panic pain permits, such as febrile seizures, epilepsy, summer temperature certificates, violence by panic. Pediatric delicate organs, air cowardly feelings Evils, every evil heat Yi Xiao Zhang, hot polar wind, liver wind convulsions; or phlegm-heat dampness on the Mongolian orifices caused the panic carbuncle. The pediatric storm by panic, disturbed consciousness, available cinnabar sedative nine the magnetic Zhu balls soothe the nerves Zhenjingpian; The hot polar wind and Corroborator of due convulsions, available Lingjiao Uncaria soup Anticonvulsant-bearing wind; heat penetrating the blood, God faint convulsions available Angongniuhuang, Po Dan, Zixue. Anticonvulsant resuscitation, Qingrejiedu; Mongolia on the phlegm, coma, convulsions, can be used Su Pill Phlegm resuscitation of pediatric rejuvenation Dan and other. Use Anticonvulsant-bearing wind drugs in addition to the abalone, magnets, mother of pearl, insect drugs are also commonly used, such as the silkworm, scorpion, centipede.

【Lee the water swelling Law]

Mainly applied to wet stop together, urine deficient cause edema in children. For wet evil connotation, spleen lost health movement, wet Pan in skin compared with Yousui; If spleen deficiency, not of water, gas lines, wet cohesive swollen, compared to the “yin water . ” Commonly used prescriptions, ‘”Yang water” available Wulingsan the five skin drink more servant plus intraoperative soup, etc.; and cloudy water to available Fangjihuangqi soup, Spleen drink, etc.. The benefits of water swelling, in addition to use Poria, Polyporus, Plantago Shenshi Lee urine drug, also depending on condition, and Tong Yang of gas drugs (such as Guizhi), qi drugs such as astragalus, spleen drugs (such Atractylodes), Onyang drugs (such as monkshood) equivalent. In addition, the herbal medicine the good swelling diuretic effect, such as plantain, yi ren root, shepherd’s purse flower.


Mainly applied to the spleen and stomach, Qi in children, such as infant diarrhea, Malnutrition and weak after the illness. Stomach the main receiving Mizutani, spleen governs the transportation subtle, if the spleen dysfunction, biochemical source will affect the growth and development of children. Qi deficiency and spleen are closely related, governance qi deficiency proceed more from the spleen, multi With qi spleen, the spleen and qi is often with the use of. Commonly used prescriptions such as Liu Wei Di Atractylodes scattered Sijunzitang Buzhongyiqitang Shenling Atractylodes Powder. Single taste of yam powder transfer service, good Jianpizhixie role. Spleen qi is weak Sichuan due to transport and dereliction of duty, often a loss of appetite, Amomum, dried tangerine peel, bergamot, Valley Malt, Gallus gallus domesticus qi, Gu Chang the Spleen Qi Fang accompanied, of the goods of the consumer guide.

Peiyuan, kidney Act]

Mainly applies to children tire intrinsic kidney weakness and renal satisfied air of the card, such as de-cranial and five late, five soft, enuresis, such as asthma. Delicate organs in children, the form of gas has not been charged, the performance of the organs kidney is often imaginary, kidney and main bone marrow, for the birth of this. Congenital parents fine blood loss, or The Evils lingering acquired nursing Shiyi, can lead to kidney
The loss of gas, under no weakness. Pediatric newborn kidney is not filled, it is cranial fontanelle do not meet, the teeth are not out, weak bones, kidney age gradually Chong Sheng, this is the normal growth and development of the law. The common kidney prescription Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, the gold plaque kidney pills, the Senate clams scattered ZuoguiWan Yougui balls. When used with period common in children with liver and kidney disease, the same with the spleen and kidney disease or kidney disease, treatment, Liver, spleen, lungs.

[Blood circulation method]

Mainly applicable to a variety of blood stasis of the card, such as pneumonia, purpura, epilepsy carbuncle, viral myocarditis. Common purple lips, skin ecchymosis, petechiae, chest, tingling, the tongue purple color, as well as abdominal pain, such as acupuncture, pain has given place. Commonly used prescription for such as pink Siwutang blood Xuefuzhuyutang, soup of Shaofuzhuyu, peach kernel Cheng Qi Tang. Based on the “Qi is the commander of blood, blood line” gas line, blood circulation is Fangzhong, often supplemented by gas line drugs.

【Yang deficiency Act]

Mainly applicable to pediatric the Yuanyang ring off due to critical illness certificate. The clinically visible looking Koushi white the, Shenpi limb dedication, sweat dripping, pulse slightly stricken, at this time must Recipe Wenbu Yang and gas, to treat. Pediatric Zhi Yin Zhi Yang “body pathology incidence easy, and mass change rapidly, once the disease, if not treated in time, the evil and easy real easy to empty and righteousness empirical quickly turned deficiency, even yang decline appears off or Yin off exhaust Yang, the climate crisis. Commonly used prescriptions such as SND, Shenfu Longmu soup.


Mainly applicable to pediatric Qi and Yin losses caused due to the weak or sick after. Pediatric body is weak, rapid growth and development, and if improper feeding or eating less, each Yi cause Qiyin losses appear Xingshou. Pay less, night sweats, fever, they dry, fatigue and so on. Furthermore, children susceptible of evils, when the line of the high incidence of disease, fever each consumable gas Shangyin. So Yiqiyangyin law is the Paediatric a common treatment method. Commonly used prescriptions such as the San, Stomach soup, Radix Ophiopogon soup. Available Zhigancao soup of heart yin deficiency.

【Dampness qi law]

Mainly suitable for children because of the dampness block coke Syndrome. Weak spleen and stomach function in children, dampness blockade stomach, usually manifested shipped Shiyi visible anorexia, poor appetite, chest tightness, abdominal distension, loose stool, nausea, vomiting, limb fatigue, tongue thick and greasy. Common in diarrhea, loss of appetite, Indigestion, Malnutrition, Summer Fever Syndrome. The wet sticky Zhongzhuo of evil, the elected with aromatic, bitter temperatures drug commonly used prescriptions such as San Ren Tang, Pingwei Erchen, Weiling soup on.

◆ pediatric commonly used external treatment

[Fumigation Law]

This is a treatment method of Chinese medicine the liquid and vapor Fumigation human appearance. Such as the measles rash early, order to achieve Touzhen purposes, with a raw ephedra, duckweed, coriander seed, tamarisk Jianshui, add rice wine scrub head and limbs, and the liquid on the indoor boiling evaporation, moist air , the body is able to contact the drug gas, favorable Touzhen. In children suffering from nephrotic syndrome, edema and even more, available river Pennisetum Jiantang Fumigation body, role of swelling sweating. Suffering from urticaria, of common camphor wood, humulus Xanthium grass decoction fumigation, the efficacy of anti-itch retire rash.

Coating method

This is added to the water or vinegar and mix thoroughly with fresh smashed the traditional Chinese medicine or drugs into powder coating on the surface of the external treatment, such as the selection of fresh purslane, fresh the Wu Lian plum, fresh hibiscus leaves, fresh gourd leaves and smashed external gills, treatment Mumps (mumps), accelerate the role cheek swelling subsided. Another example is with the Mustard Seed powder, plus an equal amount of flour into a paste with warm water, wrapped with gauze, spreads in the back of the spine on both sides in the early morning, and for the treatment of pneumonia convalescent auscultation poorly absorbed by. Children during the night sweats as a common card, the effect is not significant within the governance, after available gallnut research powder, into a paste with vinegar, Fuyu umbilical bedtime topical gauze to cover the fixed astringent antiperspirant effect.

Application methods

Is drugs made ointment, drugs cake, or some aromatic walking channeling drugs Caesar ordinary plaster applicator at a local treatment. Such as cloves, cinnamon, musk powder, sprinkle the ordinary plaster on the dam G umbilical for the treatment of infants with chronic diarrhea, from the temperature in the antidiarrheal, adjust gastrointestinal function role. Another example is the dog days of summer asthma Acupoint Application Act, each 1 to 2 volts applicator, a total of 3 to 6 times, once every three years, the clinical efficacy significant role to mitigate and prevent asthma attacks, commonly prescribed Zhang ‘s medical pass “Mustard Seed coating method set out of Corydalis, Mustard Seed, euphorbia, Asarum, powdered with ginger juice the modulation into six drug cake, cake, put a little musk (or cloves), spreads Feishu , cream Blind, the hundred workers den, can also be used ionization method for importing, shorten the the applicator time, strengthen the intensity of penetration.

[Foment package Law]

This is placed in the local skin drugs and bandaging an external treatment. Such as improper diet, food plot within or Indigestion certificate, bloating Fu Man, warm rot sour when Oue, thick and greasy tongue coating, available skin nitrate dressing umbilical to the inner product food stagnation elimination This law has been in the civil use of a long time. Another example is chronic diarrhea, with the right amount of garlic, smashed bandaged foot heart and umbilical warm through diarrhea. Easy febrile seizures in infants and young children, end of available Shan mast, the peach kernel mud, flour, eggs and mix thoroughly, the foment package in Zuxin, reduced to alleviate occurred.

[Hot iron law]

This drug is sizzling wrapped with a cloth, to iron a muscular form of external treatment. Such as the treatment of cold abdominal pain, bursts of attack, was warmer than comfortable, cold case aggravated available salt sizzling, with cloth after ironing abdomen, may have analgesic effect in the temperature. Another example anuria available raw onions, salt with sizzling with a cloth after ironing less abdominal Tom Lee urine effect. The also useful rusty iron filings, and Chuan Wu, Aconitum, Notopterygium, independent living, Guizhi medicine go-mixing, the amount of vinegar added appropriate wet and dry, into a bag, and iron in the affected area after the fever, the treatment of rheumatoid Arthralgia . Also available the Angelica research into the thick end, with a cloth or cloth after sizzling after steaming hot iron umbilical abdomen, for the treatment of abdominal pain, hernia, intestinal cramps.

back method]

Gargle with liquid, treatment of oral and throat diseases a therapy. Pediatric oral mucosa soft and easy to damage caused by the inflammation of the mouth, or smoked due to heart and stomach heat buildup, causing oral thrush, mouth sores, mouth porridge in the use of governance medication, often must be compatible with the external treatment, coated mouthpiece drugs before mouthwash disinfection is a common method, Yinhua, licorice decoction, or wild chrysanthemum, goldenrod Jiantang mouthwash treatment of mouth sores, mouth Mi; using wild Qiang is the nectar toilet oral treatment of thrush. Selection of Yinhua, chrysanthemum, bamboo leaves, Houttuynia, goldenrod, raw licorice the Jianshui gargle, pediatric health, prevention of oral disease. Solidago liquid, has become one of the traditional Chinese medicine oral care routine disinfectant.

【Blowing day law]

Mainly used to treat oral mucosa and throat diseases. Oral mucosal disease thrush, herpes the day inflammation and acute pneumococcal mouth, etc., and the latter two stomatitis Traditional Chinese Medicine, said mouth sores and mouth Mi. Treatment of stomatitis, in addition to the dialectical taking Chinese medicine decoction needed with the mouthpiece drugs outside the rule, in order to accelerate the wound healed. The clinical treatment of aphthous mouthpiece drug Xileisan the beads yellow powder, ice boron indigo powder. The mouthpiece drug, because most contain borneol, the aromatic mint like Chinese medicine, applied to the wound, cool and comfortable, can reduce local pain. Mild head sore, just a little ulcers, simply to to selection Bingpeng or beads yellow powder; fester heavier, or even one, and systemic symptoms, the available the indigo powder Xileisan, ulceration improved, then switch beads yellow powder. If the sore throat, available Bingpeng, the laryngomalacia bulk.

[Blowing nose and ear method]

The method of blowing the nose is a the late blowing nostrils medication to stimulate the nasal to sneeze purpose conquer. Take sneeze clearance scattered blowing the nose, such as the use of to cure stuffy nose, fainting wake. Blowing nose method also used in the treatment of nasal disorders, such as Xanthium research to fine, magnolia flowers, each a little blow intranasal to cure sinusitis. The eardrops law is an external treatment medication droplets into the ear to cure ear diseases, such as fresh saxifrage or fresh creeper grass, smashed take meter eardrops or garlic right amount, and peeled pound rotten add cold water a little, twisted take sap ear drops to cure otitis media.

【Vapor and aerosol inhalation method]

This steam inhaler or ultrasonic nebulizer, water vapor or Chinese medicine chemical aerosol inhaled a nose and mouth by a sick child therapy. Steam inhalation with vapor inhalation, mainly from moist role of the mucous membrane of the throat, sputum viscosity thinning can be easily spit up, also can reduce the laryngeal edema, commonly used in the measles and laryngitis. Ultrasonic atomizing water or combined with aromatic Chinese medicine decoction, rugosa, Perrin, mint, Nepeta, commonly used in the cold, to use this method to cure pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis measured the dialectical Oral drugs used some of the main drug decoction filtered for atomization inhalation. Ultrasonic nebulizer droplet diameter only 3 to 6μm, about 80% to 90% up to the levels of the bronchi and alveolar better.

Cupping therapy

Bamboo tank as a tool cupping treatment of children with diseases are more secure. This method is the use of the fuel heat, drain in which air, negative pressure, sucking the skin, causing the area of skin to be pulling blood pooling in order to achieve a therapeutic purposes. Pediatric use bamboo tank diameter of 4 to 5 cm, about every five minutes. This method can promote blood flow, camp guard running, expelling wind, cold, pain, apply to pneumonia, abdominal pain, asthma, enuresis, rheumatism. Delicate baby skin, does not apply to this method. Convulsions, skin allergies, edema, skin infections, bleeding tendency, are taboo. Take cans to the index finger presses the skin of the tank side, the bamboo pot is tilted to the other side, so that the air into the tank, the tank i.e. shedding.