Heavy bleeding –

Pierce the body’s major artery or its branches , causing heavy bleeding , acupuncture accidents are not uncommon. Ancient lack of effective measures to stop bleeding , often due to bleeding and death. If “Q ban on gill ” reads: ” thorn Yin shares veins , the blood of more than death” , ” sun thorn arm veins , bleeding Doorly dead .” Modern , with improvements of needles , bleeding and maturing technologies to add volume , due to bleeding and serious consequences are often limited. However, at home and abroad have reported significant arterial needle injury (especially visceral arteries ) , died a death cases occurred . So, for such incidents , nor taken lightly. In addition, some muscular lucrative points, its deep stab bleeding vessels are often misdiagnosed , more attention should be identified .

[ Reason ] injury

Vivo larger vessels , especially arteries , dense wall , easy to damage . The reason acupuncture accidents caused by bleeding in the following.
First, acupuncture causes: deep hole area in or near major blood vessels through the points , there is bleeding accidental injury may occur . Has appeared on clinical off , the limbs have the full three years , Venezuela , ring jump ; Lian Quan Department neck , chest and abdomen portion of the cloth such points more, such as Zhang door , acupuncture inadvertently cause intercostal artery rupture ; abdomen middle point ( either Maixue ) , abdominal aortic injuries can also lead to serious consequences .
Second, the operational reasons : as the main reason , and more concerned with the following .
( A ) select the needle is too thick or too sharp , easily punctured blood vessels, especially the important blood vessels , causing bleeding. This phenomenon occurred in the application of Needle . If a case , from the back tenderness area with Needle midpoint point piercing the skin , the needle up and down the line , after the clearance operation for about 1min right subcutaneous hematoma size as a duck .
( Two ) , acupuncture too deep , lifting and thrusting too much, some doctors who , in the buttocks acupoints acupuncture needles to get a sense of radiation , often revisit thrusting , but also an important vascular injury prone hip , serious consequences . Or because of acupoints allowed, resulting in accidental injury of blood vessels . As an example of thyroid tumors , due to the improper acupuncture , loss and thyroid artery main branches , the results of bleeding, have been recovered by the rescue operation began .
Third, pathological reasons: There are two kinds .
( A ) , vascular disease itself after such atherosclerosis, the artery walls elastic layer and muscular damage and the wall thinning , susceptible to damage rupture.
(B ) certain bleeding disorders , acupuncture process often bleeding . One case of hemophilia patients, because clotting dysfunction, resulting in subcutaneous heavy bleeding after acupuncture .

Clinical manifestations

Acupuncture and degree of injury , site of the blood vessel in which the types and different clinical symptoms vary .
First, the superficial vascular injury , bleeding in the skin , can be acute local swelling bruising .
Second, the thin muscle layer located vascular injury , there may be local mass ; such as coarse needles ( such as lancets , etc. ) , punctured artery until the major blood vessels , the blood may be from the pinhole outflow or jet -like form .
Third, the muscles located deep vascular injury , hematoma can occur . The more important blood vessels rupture more serious , the more obvious the extent of hematoma , and can produce symptoms of oppression . As in the limbs , limb swelling deformation can occur ; such as occurred in the tongue , neck, due to compression of the trachea and breathing difficulties ; such as the hips , can cause difficulties in walking ; such as occurred in the popliteal , popliteal artery bleeding, fascia pressure gradually increased the gap , causing ischemic right leg muscle injury , leading to iatrogenic fascial space right leg syndrome.
Fourth, thoracic and abdominal vascular injury, after the rupture of blood flow into the abdominal cavity , causing internal bleeding symptoms. Among them, hemothorax see ” pneumothorax ” intra-abdominal hemorrhage , manifested as abdominal pain , tenderness , muscle stiffness and other symptoms of acute peritonitis , and was due to excessive bleeding and dizziness, thirst, irritability , sweating , palpitations, pale, difficulty breathing , blood pressure and even shock .

[ Prevention ]

A strictly medical history : to have vascular lesions, should be minimal choice might hurt the major blood vessels of the points. Patients with severe bleeding disorders such as coagulation dysfunction , should persuade them to take the other in western therapy.
Second, pay attention to the operation of acupuncture : Needle prick only for casual or superficial muscular form of cluster spines, which prohibits single needle deep puncture . Other long or coarse needles ( eg needle , needle Mans , etc.) should also be used with caution , using mm needle , needle slower delivery . Should be familiar with local anatomical points , there is a large blood vessel distribution in the city , but must carefully understand the feeling, such as the tip has encountered tough resistance smooth feeling , or the patient complained of pain , that should change the direction of the needle back .
Third, before acupuncture , if the conditions or to patients with bleeding tendencies should be possible to detect the coagulation time . Sometimes, because patients do not know they are not normal clotting mechanism , often unexpected . As an example of 67 -year-old male patient with a small left leg pain due to epilepsy , flexion and extension negative , to acupuncture treatment , after examination election ipsilateral Chengshan other points, acupuncture needles with silver 26mm , once a day , patients have to go to IR irradiation . Three p.m. private prosecution outpatient pain worsened again , stiff muscles . Calf skin examination is normal, there is a small mark on the cupping Chengshan caves can be hard to touch the calf muscles , no significant mass, after income hospital for observation , after consultation to determine the deep hematoma . For the treatment of blood circulation , local magnesium sulfate wet . After testing confirmed: clotting time 3min above [ 1 ] .

[ Approach ]

Superficial bleeding : Available sterile cotton ball strongly pushed a few minutes , usually can be stopped . Local apparent bruising larger , it can be cold , until the blood stopped , switch to moist heat , about every 20min, to promote dissipate absorption.
Deep bleeding: the more significant bleeding or vascular injury gap is large, when the method does not work with the general hemostasis can transfer surgical ligation or surgical repair . Such as abdominal bleeding , causing acute abdomen , should be taken in combination therapy , surgery when necessary. When excessive bleeding, shock symptoms , the first anti-shock ( such as add volume ) treatment.
It is worth mentioning that some of the limitations of deep bleeding , they often misdiagnosed , when the diagnosis of these patients should be particularly careful .