Acupuncture menstrual bleeding –

Ancient acupuncture literature , pay more attention to pregnancy taboos , made less than three months of pregnancy were less abdominal ban needle ; pregnant women, frail or have a history of habitual abortion , some reactions ; last three months more than the abdomen , lumbosacral ban on needle more sensitive and can cause uterine contractions strong points such as gu , Sanyinjiao, Taichong , Yam , Kunlun , should also be forbidden to light a needle or irritation. In this aspect of the accident , also reported clinically . For example, one case of 23 -year-old pregnant women , due to a cold acupuncture treatment , take gu , the wind pool , Ojo . After the needle immediately alleviate the symptoms , but in the afternoon that fall lower abdomen pain that is conscious , vaginal bleeding and discharge of a fetus in February about a [ 1 ] . As for whether the menstrual appropriate acupuncture rarely discussed .

[ Reason ] injury

Menstruation is a woman in the complex led by the cerebral cortex and coordinated physiological phenomenon , the relationship with the nervous system, endocrine system most closely. Due to a large number of menstrual blood discharge , relevant organs, meridians blood relative lack of resilience to external environmental decline , weakened resistance to external stimuli . Needle out of the acid , hemp , swelling , severe pain , comprehensive migration makes them feel it difficult to adapt , causing nervousness, emotional lability , breaking menstrual inner balance and normal physiological phenomenon laws , leading to menstrual disorders.

Clinical manifestations

Mainly so that normal menstruation disorders or menstrual cycle early January two to ; push back or menstrual cycle , two months and his party ; or menstrual cycle indefinite , sometimes ahead , sometimes delayed ; was now often dark purple color ; through quality multiple partial thick ; or less by volume , more than those that bleeding, less those that amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea. If a patient nearly forty years , has always been very regular menses . Two months ago , suffering from gastroptosis hospitalized acupuncture. Comes menstruation , doctors according to the needle not wrong, Suizhi menstrual closed ended .

[ Prevention ]

For suffering from other diseases need to make acupuncture young women, the menstrual cycle and if usually by color, by volume, by qualitative comparison of normal , it is best not to carry out acupuncture treatment during menstruation , inpatient acupuncture should be stopped . Rest 3 to 5 days . If the menstrual cycle , the color , the amount , quality should not have been normal , or suffering from amenorrhea , dysmenorrhea, uterine bleeding and other gynecological diseases , in order to recuperate menstruation, relieve pain. Menstruation can make acupuncture

[ Approach ]

For a variety of menstrual abnormalities occur after acupuncture , the same can also be adjusted with acupuncture method, corrected. The basic approach is acupuncture Guan Yuan , Sanyinjiao, Geshu Zusanli points, to govern the uterus , qi and blood , combined with the flexibility of different situations plus points. Early menstruation and menstrual volume, bleeding, and needle Taichong big London , too River Point liver qi ; pushed back and monthly menstruation , amenorrhea , and needle gu , Tianshu, return points qi and blood circulation ; menstruation has no fixed ( by random ) , plus air sea, a sea of blood and blood regulation ; for dysmenorrhea , plus machine, Ciliao seventeen vertebrae down by pain; both chest stuffiness , plus, the smell of mutton , customs, in the abdominal cavity accessible chest qi ; associated with back pain , plus, shenshu , Venezuela , Yaoyangguan meridian blood circulation back . General treatment of three , five times after to normal