Ear infection

Since the fifties extensive auricular therapy , ear due to strict disinfection and other reasons, caused by infection of the acupuncture accidents have occurred at home and abroad are constantly due to poor blood supply to the ear , once the infection spread cartilage, very difficult to cure , can occur in severe cartilage necrosis, atrophy and deformity , should be vigilant.

[ Reason ] injury

First, the anatomical location of the superficial vascular causes of ear , blood circulation is poor , after being infected , their resilience is weak. Secondly, the ear skin thin, less subcutaneous tissue , so acupuncture , piercing the cartilage generally required , such as needles or point area strict disinfection , pathogenic microorganisms can be directly implanted cartilage or periosteum , causing inflammation . In addition, the ear cartilage for pus bacillus has a special affinity. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is generally not sensitive to antibiotics , to treat bring greater difficulties.
Second, strict disinfection operational reasons , ear or needles have not been disinfected. Needle buried a long time, especially in the summer , more vulnerable to infection . Ear pressure pills way too, with the implementation of Needle prick or cut conquer or overseas applications buried the needle gun , causing greater injury site , can increase the incidence of infection .

Clinical manifestations

Ear infections can be divided into superficial infection and cartilage ( film ) inflammation II .
A superficial infections due to sterilization is not strict, shallow buried the needle or needle due. Ear pressure pills , such as the pressure of the heavy , long duration , especially repeated twisting, can also lead . Performance at the eye of a needle or ear pressure pills at the epidermal damage, less pain , local swelling to varying degrees , the skin around the congestion , accompanied by small amounts of exudate and other symptoms of inflammation .
Second, the ear cartilage ( film ) inflammation in the ear acupuncture deep puncture , or buried the needle too long , because of the strict disinfection is not caused . Superficial infection not treated , can spread to the cartilage . In addition, disinfection is not completely Needle , cure ear prick or cut too deep , cartilage injuries . Partly obvious redness, swelling, heat, pain, severe swelling and redness of the entire outer ear , and finally abscess formation . Often more obvious symptoms, fever , headache, loss of appetite and increased white blood cell count .

[ Prevention ]

A strict disinfection which is the key to prevention . Auricular acupuncture needles ( including needles, press needles, lancets , etc. ) should be carried out high-pressure high-temperature sterilization . Before acupuncture , first with cotton balls dipped 2.5% iodine disinfection entire ear, then with 75% alcohol cotton ball iodothyronine , until the skin surface after drying , re- acupuncture .
Second, pay attention to the operation acupuncture , ear cartilage piercing is not appropriate . After burying the needle with a small tape securely buried needle time not too long, usually 2 to 3 days for a summer time interval should be shortened . If the needle buried after a day or two , a sense of local pain and discomfort , or pain, especially when pressed , you should ask your doctor promptly removed . Check whether red, swollen and so can not be mistaken for the more pain the better ear acupuncture stimulation , missing an opportunity . Needle prick knife or surgical treatment , in addition to pay attention to aseptic technique , but should not penetrate too deep , you can pierce the skin . Ear pressure pills , though it is a simple and secure method , such as rubbing turn pressed too long or way too heavy , can also damage the skin and cause irritation and should be avoided , we think that a simple rhythmic pressing better.

[ Approach ]

A superficial infection should immediately stop ear acupuncture treatment , partial erasure of 2.5% iodine, 2 to 3 times a day ; or local disinfection , coated with anti-inflammatory ointment. Can travel locally low power He – Ne laser irradiation , wavelength 6328 angstroms, day 1, every 3 ~ 5min, then rub with the outside fluocinolone acetonide ointment , some better results. Superficial infection , as long as the treatment time, usually 3 to 5 days to get cured.
Second, the ear cartilage ( film ) on the clinical inflammation in the ear perichondritis common, but more serious inflammation of the ear cartilage , treatment is more difficult .
Disease conditions are not too heavy , could try baking moxa therapy . To do the following : to ignite the moxa ( commercially available ) , grill directly at ear inflammation significantly from patient can tolerate the degree , every 15 ~ 20min, 2 to 3 times a day until all lesions liquid absorption , inflammation disappeared . Purulent lesions, then after disinfection , wound with forceps expand the pus discharge after the line all baked . When should this method , such as inflammation significantly , to be equipped with intramuscular injection of penicillin and streptomycin ; effusion more attention to disinfection in the case , may make a puncture fluid .
Severe disease conditions , or that this method can not be cured, require surgical treatment, including debridement, drainage and other laws . If using simple incision and drainage of the law, can not effectively prevent the development of inflammation , try squares ear surgery . Follows :
First with 1% procaine lines around the ear anesthesia ( injection , avoid the pus into healthy tissue ) . Cut with a knife and a small ear inflammation in the most obvious place , according to the extent of disease , not the relative position on the front of the ear and behind the ear , or the relative position of the skin were excised 2 to 3 small square mouth , each about 0.7 ~ 1.2cm . Where necrosis of cartilage around the mouth of those parties , together with the removal of skin square mouth , near the square in the mouth , with a curette . No necrosis of cartilage around 0.2cm possible to preventive removal .
After resection clean with sterile saline , and then another 0.1 to 0.2% gentamicin solution rinse , then wipe with alcohol, with several skin graft from one side toward the other side mouth mouth drainage , and to ensure drainage flow, prevent blood clots side port is solidified . Postoperative single gauze bandage to daily washing dressing , replace drainage strip once, until the swelling subsided , secretions control so far. If after another redness, inflammation continues to develop , according to the above line supplement square mouth resection.
In the application of the above procedure while with the application of appropriate antibiotics and herbal detoxification , or local laser irradiation .