What acupuncture can cure diseases?

Although acupuncture has been popular in the United States four decades, but still often someone ask this question, in China, acupuncture has been the presence of thousands of years, people still ask same question. And this also is not a easy question to answer, because acupuncture can cure many diseases, but not cure all disease. Acupuncture has a good effect on pain, which we already know, acupuncture for stree, fatigue, infertility, insomnia, etc., also has a good effect, which many people already know. But for health, enhance immunity, diabetes, high blood pressure etc, it is not a moment to see the benifits that have to do long-term treatment, in order to see some results, and sometimes can not see the positive effects, but to prevent or avoid the further deterioration of the condition. There are some individual cases, it can not be generalized, for example, there was a 92-year-old Russian woman, eye pain, eye doctor to check that the intraocular pressure is too high, in general, need surgery, but 92-year-old patient, surgery is not considered, so there is no special treatment. But only the first acupuncture treatment, then eyes it does not hurt anymore, then there is no relapse, the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine for high intraocular pressure is considered necessary to clear the meridians, the pressure come down naturally. Of course, this is only an individual case, do not pass on. So, perhaps it is more appropriate to ask, ” I did such a disease can be treated with acupuncture?”