Lower back pain

Lower back pain is a very common disease, the vast majority of people had experienced back pain in life, more or less, light or heavy. But also a variety of reasons, acute sprains, chronic low back pain, low back pain have accompanied the menstrual period, kidney stones and other caused by urinary system diseases, and even cause by cancer. But the most common is acute lumbar sprain, it is because improper force, or chronic back pain, there is obesity, sedentary, lack of exercise and other causes. Many patients prior to acupuncture treatment, have tried painkillers, massage, chiropractor, freezing cold, etc., according to my opinion, acupuncture treatment is the preferred and most effective, and without any side effects, especially in some early back pain, Once or twice treatment can solve the problem. For some chronic low back pain syndrome, do some regular acupuncture treatment on year, will be necessary to avoid or reduce the onset of back pain.