Acupuncture long history of health and disease prevention 1

Disease prevention, health promotion is an important part in medicine. Eight to seventh century BC, the “Book of Changes” had referred to “preventive medicine”, which is “preventive medicine” first appeared in ancient books. Thereafter, in a book of the Western Han Dynasty, “Huai” more clearly pointed out: “good doctor, and often before the disease treatment.” Indicates the ancients had recognized that prevention of disease is a primary means of health care. Modern, with progress to improve material civilization, science and technology and social thought, preventive medicine has developed into a prevent disease, improve health, improve the ability to extend the human life span disciplines. It is for the whole of medical science and human quality of life produced a profound impact. Preventive health care and medical thought accumulated rich experience, not only by the great attention at home and abroad prevention workers, and is constantly in progress.
Acupuncture is an integral part of health and disease prevention preventive medicine is a very important learning in China two thousand years of history. Especially from the mid-20th century, China’s wider application of acupuncture practitioners of acupuncture in subjects prevention. For nearly three decades, the application of acupuncture conducted care, can be said to be sweeping the world. Ancient physicians summarize this experience, revealing the laws of acupuncture care and disease prevention, to promote the formation of acupuncture school prevention, content-rich modern prevention science for the benefit of all mankind, will be boundless.