Acupuncture long history of health and disease prevention 2

Ancient Overview
The earliest records of acupuncture prevention of ancient literature, the “Inner Canon of Huangdi Emperor.” It proposed the idea of acupuncture and disease prevention, who is always good doctor before the disease does not occur, or the early onset of acupuncture , it is a good doctor of attention to disease prevention is better than treatment of disease; Acupuncture has also stressed the role of physical health in some chapter, set out the specific methods of prevention, treatment of internal organs such as acute fever, the disease when it is not made up, often in different parts of the face first revealed red, pointed out that acupuncture should treatment before. Thus, to some extent, “Inner Canon” laid the theoretical foundation of acupuncture health care and disease prevention.

Eastern Han Dynasty, ZhangZhongJing inherited the “Inner Canon” the treatment of disease thought. Although he focuses on drugs Treating, but also related to acupuncture prevention, with emphasis on the usual attention to health and disease prevention, should also be invaded once Evils Prevention at an early stage.
Jin and Tang dynasty, the emphasis moxibustion. During this period of acupuncture care and disease prevention is greatly developed, especially moxibustion is widely used for the prevention, have a profound impact on future generations. The focus is the prevention of acute severe disease.