Acupuncture long history of health and disease prevention 3

Early treatment, but also is one content of prevention. In addition to the usual medical was advocating prevention, but also pay attention to before the onset of the beginning of symptoms revealed, truncated illness with acupuncture method, destroy it in the bud. Early prevention, not only effect is obvious, the prognosis is also should be noted that during this period, although the emphasis on disease prevention and moxibustion, but also mentioned acupuncture, or acupuncture combined with medicine. In acupuncture care, although more relevant health literature Jin and Tang Dynasties, but the content is still less acupuncture. “Old Tang book” Liu had set brisk walking even eighty years old, the art of health also use moxa Qihai point. “Emergency preparedness Prescriptions” mentioned moxibustion Gaohuangshu points can be achieved by life health effects: “This moxibustion finished, feel Yangqi rise.” “Waitai Miyao” also describes moxibustion Zusanli prevent presbyopia .