Acupuncture long history of health and disease prevention 4

After the Song Dynasty, acupuncture health and disease prevention are particularly significant progress on acupuncture health care, which is characterized as follows:
First, moxibustion become a major health law. According to TCM theory, moxibustion help consolidate the power element, acupuncture combined with moxibustion easy to get cheaper prices, moxibustion simple self operation, which makes moxibustion popularized become cost-effective means of longevity . In order to verify the actual clinical effect of acupuncture care, and some doctors have been personally tested. Operation on health moxibustion, moxibustion appeared variety, including simple moxibustion (moxibustion directly or partitioned moxibustion), smoked moxibustion (similar to modern moxa) and so on. There is also a smaller size like a rice moxibustion. “Zhuang”the number of moxibustion generally considered age-related, such as “man to be thirty years old should be moxibustion 300 Zhuang once thirty years, fifty years old to three hundred strong moxibustion every two years below the belly button; sixty years old to every year below the belly button of a three hundred strong moxibustion. The selection of points on health moxibustion to Shenque, air sea, Guan Yuan, Zusanli, Gaohuangshu other points most commonly used.